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Wilks Checkov

Contractual Corporate Peace Accords {CCPA}

Contractual Corporate Peace Agreement {CCPA}  

66 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you and your associated members and or groups agree to not participate in open hostilities during the alpha. The time of early awakening or {Alpha} will be used to test features as released.

    • Yes - {I/We support this motion}
    • No - {I/We do not plan on supporting this motion}

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Personally I will NOT be doing pvp ! My main goal in the game is NOT to be a big PvP player in DU , but I will fight in defense or when needed to protect my assets ! On the other side of that coin I plan on testing out the make up and  build of weapons and weapon systems.


I was a big pvp person long ago but my taste have changed and I enjoy build and commerce aspects of games a lot more !


"Commerce Is The Key To Everything"   GALACTIC EMPORIUM  

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4 hours ago, Mod-Merwyn said:

NQ has stated several times that PVP won't be available during alpha pre-alpha so I guess that the subject is now pointless?

In which case I suggest to lock the subject.


~ Merwyn

You are correct and I almost said "silly me", but in theory one could apply other hostile measures not solely dependent on in-game PvP mechanics. But since that would be rather between the lines or a more wide interpretation to what's also explicitly stated (actual war and combat), long story short:


Lock it. If the need for this rises, it can be promoted in a new form or under a new name again. 

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On ‎28‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 8:18 AM, CoreVamore said:

U could still drop a tonne of material on someone and burry them..... there is more than one way to attack someone  ;)

 I agree. @Kael almost managed to lock me within four cramped walls while I was AFK.

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