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  1. NQ doesn't really have any choice. Law just forbid you to use copyrighted materials and trademark companies usually see reproduction as a very bad idea (even if it is free publicity for them... but that's another discussion). See some recent input from Nyzaltar here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/14481-warhammer-40k-themed-clan/&tab=comments#comment-98467 . ~ Merwyn
  2. Mod-Merwyn

    [IC] Iridium Cartel

    Someone cleaned this before me, but just to make it clear: if your message does not add to the initial discussion (in one way or the other), it probably shouldn't be here. Let's be honest: no one will ever agrees with everyone else. But you can live with it. Starting a fight every time won't lead anywhere. Peace and love 😉 (or... at least love) ~ Merwyn
  3. Mod-Merwyn

    Bacterium, Medicine

    Hi @Bagra4u, For clarification: you can talk about idea or any publicly known features. You must not say in public anything you learned from accessing the game or in private NDA channels. On a side note: we are on a forum, not SMS. It is a lot easier for everyone if you can write complete words instead of abbreviations (think about someone who is not a native English speaker and may not understand them). ~ Merwyn
  4. Mod-Merwyn

    I'm a real person !

    Hi @Rasmusfidus, We approved you previous profile updates, no need to post a forum thread about it (but you can if you want to). Any post made by a new forum account are put into a wait list until they are approved by a moderator. Once this is done, you can post freely (the posts make in-between still need to be validated one by one so though). It's a classical protection against spam. ~ Merwyn
  5. Mod-Merwyn

    Can't log in on main site

    Hi @Pattmaster, For payment issues, I suggest to send a ticket on https://support.dualthegame.com. PS: thread moved to general discussions. ~ Merwyn
  6. Mod-Merwyn

    Public Discord Auth Bot [WIP]

    You already have community moderators on the forums . There is no much difference with Discord. I'm assuming that NQ now has management rights and that they can react if they don't like moderators work (as they have being working on moderation for quite some time now, so it's not like they gave the keys to anonymous players). As for the bot, I'm a bit worried about giving information to unknown players, but making the server official doesn't change anything: everyone was already doing it before and you are still free to not use it. ~ Merwyn
  7. Mod-Merwyn

    Prices are shown in pounds?

    @NQ-Nomad / @NQ-Nyzaltar: this bug is comming back. @Ryzrix: I suggest you to log a ticket on https://support.dualthegame.com too, you may have a quicker answer. ~ Merwyn
  8. Mod-Merwyn

    LUA Synth Module

    Back to subject guys (and please, for our sake, don't quote videos which are taller than the page). ~ Merwyn
  9. Mod-Merwyn

    Day 0 - First Impression

    Hi @Exoman, welcome on board. ~ Merwyn
  10. Mod-Merwyn

    A salute to humanity !

    Hi @Elias Villd and welcome. I hope you will like the game as much as us and your English is not bad at all 😉. ~ Merwyn
  11. Here is the official reference: Yes, you should have access to the "Pre-alpha Feedback" sub-forum and you should see a "Downlaod the game" button here: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile. If not, please contact support at https://support.dualthegame.com. As shown above, sponsors will have access to alpha, which is not started yet (planned for the end of the year). So it is normal that you cannot download the game. @yamisniper, @Kuritho you don't understand each other because you are mixing contexts: @Cutlass72 has access, @Polemisch does not. That's why it is better to start a new thread by the way ;). ~ Merwyn
  12. Mod-Merwyn

    Quick question

    This has never been confirmed by NQ. ~ Merwyn
  13. Mod-Merwyn

    Forum bug?

    Could you elaborate on what was causing the issue and how you fixed it? I'm pretty sure you're not the only one encountering this problem. ~ Merwyn
  14. Mod-Merwyn

    Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O

    If NQ follows current rules (currently define for pre-alpha), you won't be able to share videos recorded before the lift of the NDA. Remember that the main NDA objective is to make sure that public videos will show current gameplay. Nothing prevent you from doing so as long as you send the video securely (like, on the support website). I bet NQ will even be happy about it if the video has good quality. Just remember to not flood them. ~ Merwyn
  15. Mod-Merwyn

    Upgrade Silver Founder

    To clarify: If you have a silver pack and want to buy a founder pack, you will pay the full pack price. However, silver packs get most rewards of the contributor packs (as depicted in my previous link). ~Merwyn