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Any fun speculation on the potential content of the August 16th, 2022 livestream?


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1 hour ago, PopsiclePete said:


Space engineers also has relatively low development and operating cost as well as a pretty substantial userbase with 5+ M copies sold.


My point exactly - it is popular, development continues - at a slow rate, but its a fairly mature game, and was sold as a one-time cost.  Just cranked up a new game today and noticed some nice improvements since the last time I played.  Things that REDUCE grind, are logical, and make the game MORE fun.

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DU needs more gameplay mechanics other than endless time-gating.  Other than building, everything else in the game is not even good enough to make a mobile game out of.


Since current DU has the gameplay depth of a dried up puddle, there is no reason for F2P, or a sub. Once people sub for their 3 months (the minimum sub amount, if I recall correctly) most will leave for other pastures.


Add to that, when people find out they charged people, took everything away, and are gonna charge them again for the EXACT SAME time they already put in.  Plus a lot of the negative reviews and comments that disenfranchised players are going to leave...  Well...  They have a huge uphill battle to even GET players.


My totally average guy with no knowledge what-so-ever prediction: DU doesn't last more than a year after "launch". Prolly way less, but I am feeling generous.

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F2P anounce, have sense to me.


"To receive your Pioneer Packs, you’ll need an active subscription. Item rewards are also only available in the first month after release, and you’ll need to log into the game during this time to receive them. We’ll share more information soon on the server-wide talent point accelerator event, and the extra talent point awards for beta players and backers will be delivered on the last day of each month."

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As we all know NQ, they are masters in saying a lot and telling nothing at all...
My prediction?

 - NQ will announce they gonna be on this years Gamescom and will announce a release date there.
 - they will tell us tomorrow when the KS and backer rewards will be shipped. Pets and DACs and most important my f***in T-Shirt I´M FREEZIN MAN!
 - JC will be in the Stream and announce all that, cause we all still love him and miss him... Praise the Lord JC

And to the haters... let me dream.
your #No1DU-Fanboi ^^

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On 8/13/2022 at 5:28 PM, Niemand said:

if you look it that way... but then NQ has to make some changes. new (fake) genders need to be added. the game will need persons of color and no white ppl. also a much better chatfilter so nobody and their grandma or any alien lifeform can be offended. too much work for NQ. i forgot the most important change: homosexuality needs to be promoted everywhere in the game because thats whats ubisoft is all about today.

Give me a rainbow avatar suit!

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There will be a new investor, I am wavering between Amazon and Meta. But it could also well be Tesla, simply because he needs something new to play with. As an extreme exception, it could also be someone from Qatar, where there is currently a lot of investment in metaverse...

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