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  1. Yes - but think of the cost savings NQ can generate by not having to run servers!
  2. Yes. Frequently in the past. Every time that has happened to me exiting the market and going back in fixed it. Its too the point that I use J and create a fake sell order to figure out what price I want, then exit and use the actual market terminal to place the order. That always works clean. Oh, for what its worth, had ores sell around 9 overnight. Hardly a celebration event, but still over 7. 4
  3. I, for one, have not sunk that low yet. Alas, members of my team have - flying 5 accounts at once and using Arch-HUD to make the hops a matter of just doing Alt-4-4 once the endpoints are known.
  4. Exactly. Something like 60% of USA citizens have less than $5000 in the bank - basically living paycheck-to-paycheck. Why do I want a game economy that reflects that - which is where supply and demand always takes us. By selling in my local market I provide a job for somebody else, with a big hauler and appropriate talents, to make a few coins shuffling things between markets. I'm not going to feel bad about that.
  5. Fantasy reflects reality: Consumer patriotism is the American way
  6. Check Average Highest via "J": J -> search for Quartz -> Create a sell order: Of course, prices will vary some, but have been trending down heavily over the last couple of days. Repeat for any other your interested in. Obviously its a glass-half-full thing - do you base it on what purchase contracts are for, or what 1 person might have 1 unit listed at? (Lowest selling price) I opt to use Average Highest, as stated in the original post.
  7. Just checked (Nov. 25th, 2022 noon CST) the ore markets. Average High sell price is now: Bauxite - 3.38 Hematite - 4.25 Quartz - 2.04 Coal - 7.15 Somewhere around 7 is a line whereby a tile won't pay for itself without including calibration bonus ore, talents, and/or adjacency bonuses. (Math: 400l/hr * 24 * 7 = 67,200l/week. 500,000/67,200 = 7.4) Yeah, I know that calibration bonuses, talents, and adjacency bonuses all count, but one needs some profit to pay for schematics or buy parts with. So basically no value in selling ore right now, unless you play games with the TU system, putting one down per planet, mining for the 3 free days, calibrating daily, then picking it up after a week and repeating. Pretty sure that was not the plan. This of course presumes one is interested in making more than their Haven /Sanctuary tile produces, and not interested in becoming a bulk space trader flying through PVP space to reach higher markets (which are falling as well - that is just a shrinking market margin game that won't last). NQ? Is this what you intended?
  8. Again, we are talking about a dead subject. The decision has been made to do nothing and let the T1 bots expire forever.
  9. You missed their refrain "Blame the carebears". Stupid carebears... want to optimize their ships for hauling and ignore being shot at. Yeah, its the carebears that are causing the game to die... right... (Obviously I don't agree.) Pre-0.23 had a ganker explain to me all I needed to do was quadruple my empty weight in shield voxels and I'd be fine. Ignore that to maintain my speed, I'd need to add more engines, and more wings, and more adjustors, and more brakes, in an almost never ending cycle and still probably wouldn't have my original speed. But I was a silly carebear, unwilling to take 9 hours to make what was originally a 4 hour flight. Then NQ nerfed warping if you were even pinged by a laser - one voxel damaged and your warp drive goes offline for 5 minutes. Tell me that wasn't done on the behest of PVPers??? They literally bitched that too many ships were warping out when target locked... so NQ obliged them. Yeah, I'm bitter... but I explained why elsewhere (age and health related).
  10. Fair enough... although in my limited experience, by the time they get there all they find is swiss cheese. Note my original comment about a non-Discovered Roid in safe space that had 26 ships on it 77 minutes BEFORE it was marked as Discovered.... during the work day (at least in the USA).
  11. Similar except I hit my limit fairly quickly... needed T2 for space fuel, found a few tiles of that, and build my industries up through all uncommon things I was interested in. But if you want to use a T3 mining unit, you either need to buy it, or buy the T3 to make it. We (joined a like minded org by then) opted to buy the T3. We can still go that way, but... we... really... enjoy the old style mining. We miss it. But getting ganked for that pleasure is not worth it meaning that aspect of the game is closed off to us. I do have one simple suggestion: Remove the "Discovered" aspect to asteroid hunting. Territories don't go on a Discovered list 2 hours after somebody scans them (although in a cooperative world they would be - instead people have to waste time scanning territories that others likely already have), why should asteroids? Only reason I can think of is to make it easy for PVPers to gank miners. PVPers should have to track down Rumored asteroids just like miners do... that would reduce the risk considerably.
  12. Thank you for the detailed response. Per the above, I come away with the feeling that I either have to join a PVP org, or not play. I don't agree that being an MMO means I have to play with others. I can interact with others via marketplaces, dispensaries, etc. and still have a fulfilling MMO experience in many games, just not DU.
  13. I really like 1. Learning "talents" while not doing anything is amusing, but makes no sense. Miners learn by mining... Industry experts/crafters by doing... I'd add a 0. "Write some lore that makes sense, then make sure the game fits the lore" 3. would be great. It pisses me off to lose cargo - but I should be able to insure my ship and at least get that back. Then being ganked becomes a learning experience instead of a violation.
  14. Multiple reports of over a 1000 scans being needed to find T2+... Safe zone Roids being mobbed by 26+ ships with 75 minutes left before being "Discovered" (during the weekday, weekends must be worse) High risk of being ganked if you try an mine other Roids with just a couple of people and no PVP protection pilots. Shields that don't protect you, just reduce the damage taken (? based on description ? Rather unclear about that) Mass based speed limits that guarantee a ganker can close on a loaded hauler. Seems like we are forced to have someone man guns to fend off lone raiders, and hope that we can sting raiding packs before they inevitably kill us. Wondering if there is a Universe Patrol org that focuses on hunting down raiders and killing them, repeatedly??? If so, what do their ships look like? e.g. Is there a difference between a ganker ship and a anti-ganker ship? and who is going to be left to build ship parts for the PVPers after they force us from the game for not being like them?
  15. And that is the type of fact based feedback I wanted to hear. Thanks!
  16. No, it was not discovered. When we landed we had something like 80 minutes before broadcast, but spent more time than that getting the 5 veins of ore. Yes, it had an S generator that was enabled. No, we are Roid hunters and did not have an extra person to leave behind to man guns (which would have made us PVPers) or to alert us the ship was under attack. No indication our ship was under attack until our linked container disappeared. Yes, it had a resurrection node but without knowing it was being attacked, no indication to use it. Veins of T2+ ore were not close to the ship. 3M for https://du-creators.org/makers/LiftOff/ship/Cyclops DSAS Author has since lowered the BP price to 2M. Good point, we spotted Jago about 40km away. Will have to start examining locations prior to flying to them if we ever attempt this again. Right now Org is pretty much in a "F**K that..." mood, closing down one entire game loop. Appreciate the feedback, but please don't assume we are complete idiots despite our actions.
  17. As stated by a PVPer. Just lost a 3M blueprint ship that took me over a week to build. My org mate and I spent the better part of the day getting to a common Roid 500 SU out. We were underground, with shields up, when an XS combat ship just landed next to us and blew it away, then flew it out - with 4 veins of copper and 1 of petalite. PVE'er: At least a week, maybe two of effort (as is 80 work hours) PVP'er: an hour or two This is balanced how? Shields were up but of course shields are worthless. Ship had a space radar but of course, 10000 years in the future, we don't have any ship to player communication to warn that someone else was coming. Not that it likely would have helped.
  18. Well... that is the end of this discussion: They opted for Option X - do nothing. Guess that solves the problem right? At least it doesn't cost them anything beyond the post time.
  19. In a small org - we have 7 characters between the active members. Most of the alts are specialized - like I have one that is focused almost exclusively on "Handling" talents - those with "When Deployed" aspects to them. Other alts are focused on Industry and Crafting talents. We seem to be getting inconsistent/confusing results. Not 100% but it pretty much looks like whomever starts an industry determines the characteristics of the run independent of anyone who has "Reapply Talents" to the construct. Any insights?
  20. lol - made my first run with my mining partner today. We targeted an uncommon, rumored, roid about 90 su out - it was in safe space. With 77 minutes until having its location broadcast, we arrived and discovered 26(!) other ships already there. Heading 450SU into PVP space to see if we can find an unmolested T1 Roid. Yeah, its Monday, but was hoping there would be something left.
  21. You dream our common dream, but it has never happened. NQ once posted a "Suggestions" board, after the 1st day, we never heard back from them... most viewed it as simply a distraction. I've done better than most. A person (name withheld) was assigned to me to help pretty up the FAQ I maintained pre-0.23. Eventually management rejected it because it contained work-arounds to common bugs. Why? Because if they made it official, they would have had to acknowledge that the game had bugs... its all NQ arrogance and attitude that is killing this game.
  22. Then why did they abandon the perfectly acceptable notion of a PVP zone where those that wanted to could, and those that didn't could simply avoid. I can not accept that destroying the work of others who are not interested in PVP is VITAL to the economy.
  23. Not to be rude, but "*duh*". Alas, NQ turned off their API that provided any usage stats many years ago. So one has to use the stats one has.
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