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  1. Oh hi again. I honestly believe a full wipe will benefit almost everyone who is on stand-by, reading and not playing. I do believe some players will be pissed if they wipe everything. Our main concern should be: "What NQ can do so we have 1k+, 5k+, 10K+ players in DU after release?". What you have atm in game can be translated in Know-How. The info you have is there and wont be lost. No matter what everyone can say, post release Legacy Blueprints (from this version) can be an asset which can be sold post-wipe for income (and some will think its not fair). A full wipe its the best option imho. Another important question is: Why should i play DU? What kind of game post-release DU wants to be? We will create again cities and ships and fight with nobody for months? Do we create Second Life environments and spend time there? Whats the high risk - high reward stuff DU has atm and will have post release? Afaik no planetary base/city raids, full safe zone in space, etc.
  2. We are in this wipe or no wipe scenario for 2 years. This is 100+ topic/post/poll about Wipes. They do their thing you do your thing!
  3. I think if a wipe will be planed at release paying customers will receive the Months back + Some Bonus. I am speculating but thats pretty much the basic solution.
  4. No further questions Your Honour. Keep up the good work NQ-Devs and lets DU this o7
  5. NQ said quite a lot of times there wont be any wipes. You have the right to say what you want but its always nice to Walk the Talk.
  6. The main problem is not NQ. The main problem is the playerbase. If you change the way you look at this story, NQ helped every single one of us in a way or another to develop faster so we dont have to struggle days and nights in game: We got bot prices We got low bp prices We got vr missions We got...you name it... What the playerbase did? Got so emotionally attached to pixels and assets, got involved in different Second Life activities and nothing about wars and pvp. What will change after wipe? Organised Orgs and Alliances will have a bigger advantage because they will be forced to work in groups and they know how to work in groups. What the solo player will do? Nothing he is forced to stay on ALioth or find a way to join an Alliance if somebody will vouch for him because nowadays with alts you can be anyone you want
  7. 99.99% of DU players were never involved in a fight and will never be. A wipe wont bring any benefits to PvE-ers and PvP-ers. A wipe is ok only but only if there are no Safe Zone beside Sanctuary and Alioth and Bubble become pvp zone like JC announced. You dont like it? Why the wipe? Get in game and play the game otherwise and create content. Whats now in DU is Social Life activities with 0.1% pvp. There are tons of solutions for DU not to wipe and new player experience at release shouldnt be affected: Lets say this solar system is called Legacy DU. All Dynamic Cores from this version created pre-release are tied to legacy ids. Legacy ID can leave Legacy System but this cores cant return to this system ever again. Each account can leave this system with 1 Legacy Core/ 30 days. Post Release Dynamic Cores can enter and leave Legacy System at their will. This is just a basic scenario that can bring benefits to both new and old players. This is just one...there are way more options via limitations you can put on old accounts if at release we all start on a new system. DU at release should release with a new system where Legacy Ships/Cores cannot enter for 30-60-90-120-365 (whatever) days. There are so many solutions for DU not to type and whats sad is that the Wipe hype threads and posts are coming ONLY from the people that want the game to die knowing that at release if most of the players are going from Hero to Zero will never return after they lost aprox 2 years from their life knowing it wont be any wipe. Now stop whinning about wipes because even if we wipe 99.99% of players will never ever engage in pvp so whats the point?
  8. You have some chapters in your past that you havent moved from. Come on man, 0.23 its like half a year ago. We all took a hit but we all play the same game. I hope you get well soon and you understand they are doing what they can with the tools they have to help and please every single one of us, KNOWING, its impossible. o/
  9. Not really. We need time sink element in the game. High risk - High reward task
  10. Well, you have time to redesign your ship or change engines with higher tier ones. It is what it is...
  11. "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
  12. "Its a struggle to find enjoyment anymore at least playing. " A wipe doesnt fix anything and industry is ok just the way it is. What i dont like is that BPs are items and not a clickable button in the industry itself. Select indy, select craft menu, pick something to be crafted, pay the price to activate that BP in the indy and thats it. I also understand the value of bp but its just another task needed to be done. Just because you lost your will/reason and will to play DU doesnt mean everyone is on the same boat. Asking Wipes with main reason being i am bored and i need a new challenge has nothing to do with how NQ wants things to be. Its their dream, their vision, their jobs, their careers and so far they are doing things very well. What you can do: 1: Join PTS 2: Test PTS patches 3: Report constructive feedback. This are the only things that can be done atm. This is not your average mmo and we cant wipe every 6 months because some players do not FEEL well, motivated or competitive. It is a kill or be killed game. Its a game about stories, dramas and we've got past the learning curve and evolution curve successfully with HELP from NQ because the playerbase would not have reached T5 tech lvl after 0.23 easily. How a wipe will help? I have no idea because it doesnt make sense anymore. Nobody, not a single player wants to go back to mining on Alioth for 1 month 10h a day. We are 2 months away or less from auto mining tier. Only a new player, a bored player or a troll can ask for wipes, knowing almost nobody wants release grind again. Competitive orgs will be richer beyonds words on release and they will literally take over DU and make it unplayable. I dont think you understand one thing, just one thing. There are active, paid subscriptions in the game and those are active KNOWING there wont be wipes.
  13. 1: Game wont be wiped so consider this a soft release. Territory Warfare (base raiding) is problably one of the last patches before release. 2: Prepare for release. 3: Profit ?!?!
  14. Ive been here since beta day 1 and i have tons of free for all full loot experience from other games (ark, rust, eve, darkfall,etc). Even by default i am a pvper i was one of those that tried to do anything that i could (write on forums, write on discord, talk with few streamers) so we make NQ and JC (main dev in 2020) understand that we need safe zone to remain what it is now. Initial plan was that only Sanctuary and something around (dont recall exactly what his plans were (sept 2020 or so) but he wanted to remove the safe bubble what we all have now. He said on stream bubble will stay. I hope it stays too. Those beautiful cities must live Knowing that in 1+ year we will get another system, that one can be without safe zone but DU has a hidden Second Life social agenda very well implemented in it and we all need a place to call it home or safe zone, no matter how agressive your gameplay is. I really want to think that DU is not about Hero to Zero experiences and it will never bring many traumatic experiences to those %players who dont want to engage in pvp. o7
  15. DU wont be Eve 1 or Eve 2. And DU is NQ's vision not our vision. What we can do is offer feedback on actual patches. They wont change old patches into something new until release. Also, nobody wants 1 man mega factory again. It was horror.
  16. ? You are 100% correct. Direction and determination are 2 basic skills you need in DU. Congrats ❤️
  17. No, schematics are needed. Join an Org, dont play solo and enjoy DU if you want high end stuff.
  18. The only thing hard in DU is the learning curve in order to understand what everything DU has to offer. Other than this are just choices we make in order to make our lives more/less miserable
  19. Yup. Some Industry Specialists with Specific build orders would be nice to have!
  20. Guess what? we did it they are removing constructs from market
  21. New players come and go. All mmos have this problem. You will never be like those from Eve Online who play since 2004 and its ok. There is room for every single one of us in the game. 2-3 years from release with new systems, planets, what will come there will be room for everybody. Also, those new players have the option to join any high end org who is recruiting and not give a single damn about anything. At this moment the game offers positions for whatever you want to do, gunner, pilot, miner, etc. Its impossible in few days after stalking DU discord not to find a place for you in this beautiful Universe. DU is not a fair game, DU is not a fair world. It has FFA PVP Full LOOT mechanics. DU is not your average mmo where a casual can play 1h a day and be competitive, but that dude with 1h a day can have a bigger added value on a bigger team. DU is not about individuals, DU is about organised groups who are achieving goals. Why struggle as solo players when you can be part of something bigger?
  22. Game was launched in August 2020 with No Wipe Plans, that means a Soft Release. Have fun.
  23. True, but 1-5 years from now we will look at what happened at 0.23 and we will smile knowing we are the pillars DU foundation was created on ! ?
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