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  1. Yup. Finally a great game without the added value of Players involved in development of DU
  2. Schematics system = Paying alts. EZ
  3. Guess the game who has this line in Code of Conduct Behavior Behavior that intentionally detracts from others' enjoyment is unacceptable. We expect our players to treat each other with respect and promote an enjoyable environment. Acceptable behavior is determined by player reports and Dev's decision, and violating these guidelines will result in account and gameplay restrictions. If you're unsure if your actions violate this code of conduct, reconsider them.
  4. Good call. Always remember this https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/newtlaws/Lesson-4/Newton-s-Third-Law
  5. Thanks buddy but i am ok with colors/shades, etc. My problem is that my monitor is calibrated in a way that in DU i cant see yellow on white properly
  6. Please? Orange, Black, Red, Mid-Dark blue or give us RGB option like we have on light pls! /thanks
  7. Building is awesome. You havent saw the new tool "Voxel Precision Tool" which is insane. You can create any design and sell it. New factory system is very good too. You can create rare blueprints and sell it. You craft BP in nanopack and sell them or use them. The economy with bots is mainly player driven. I can ask you next week to craft me X, Y, Z bps 10 each. Industry is the same just harder to craft, no more pre 0.23 scenarios. Survival is not a thing but they redesigned the planets. PvP is PvP. You do it for FFA PvP and full loot. Imho DU is in a better than shape than ever but the road to Perfection just started.
  8. I can handle anything since i am part of the problem. I dont want to read 1000 povs of wishful thinking. "Guys, guys, lets move on, game dead, guys, stop playing, stop having fun guys...."
  9. Who asked for your pov, honestly? If you cant give constructive feedback which is always needed, who wants other's pov? Are we not mature enough to understand whats happening ?
  10. Yes but why? Who asked him to be here if he doesnt like the game?
  11. The game is not released yet people are saying projecting their insecurities on the forums. lol
  12. Some are in safe zone, some are in pvp zone. The Higher The Tier the better chance to spawn in PvP Zone.
  13. Safe zone is needed for Second Life activities. They can easily release in 2023 a new system without Safe Zones. Its not like they want but its needed. The majority population is PvE in DU and it will be PVE!
  14. Release date Steam release Game packs Injectors maybe? New Planet GFX Revamp Beta Accounts bonus ...
  15. Big Heist? Do you mean big discounts?
  16. 1: Core BPs Do NOT carry the buffs 2: Core BPs will carry the beta handling buffs post release.
  17. Oh hi again. I honestly believe a full wipe will benefit almost everyone who is on stand-by, reading and not playing. I do believe some players will be pissed if they wipe everything. Our main concern should be: "What NQ can do so we have 1k+, 5k+, 10K+ players in DU after release?". What you have atm in game can be translated in Know-How. The info you have is there and wont be lost. No matter what everyone can say, post release Legacy Blueprints (from this version) can be an asset which can be sold post-wipe for income (and some will think its not fair). A full wipe its the best option imho. Another important question is: Why should i play DU? What kind of game post-release DU wants to be? We will create again cities and ships and fight with nobody for months? Do we create Second Life environments and spend time there? Whats the high risk - high reward stuff DU has atm and will have post release? Afaik no planetary base/city raids, full safe zone in space, etc.
  18. We are in this wipe or no wipe scenario for 2 years. This is 100+ topic/post/poll about Wipes. They do their thing you do your thing!
  19. I think if a wipe will be planed at release paying customers will receive the Months back + Some Bonus. I am speculating but thats pretty much the basic solution.
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