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ATHENA (0.29) UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE - discussion thread

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6 hours ago, Briggenti said:

The change to yaw/pitch/roll speed seems a bit heavy handed. Could we roll it back to something in between? Or extend the max mass (~1.75kt) upwards?


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Posted (edited)

HAY NQ I have some FEEDBACK for you.


Without going into pvp and getting this plasma, there is absolutely no reason for me to get tier 5 ore.  I can't make anything except for scrap, honeycomb, and parts for elements I can't make.  Why does EVERY single tier 5 item require this plasma stuff?  I can't even make a bonsai or a container without it.


Even worse, because Warp Beacons use the same plasma as the containers do, and with how many people want to make warp beacons with it, I'll never ever be able to make a tier 5 container.  This is some pretty awful design in my opinion and I want you to know that.  Please reconsider this plasma stuff being required for every single tier 5 element in the game.  It's actually really awful design for the large number of us who don't enjoy the pvp in this game.  PvP is not the only way to enjoy this game.


EDIT:  Adding the following

Why is there not a new 6th tier of "Alien" items that need the plasma instead of completely making T5 ore completely useless to people and ruining the already existing industry for T5 items?

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I play with a large friend group of 30+ we've been waiting years for the game to wipe considering all the insane levels of abuse people got away with in the early days. If the game wipes upon launch, we'll come back and play. If it doesn't, we won't. Simple as. The game can either keep the miniscule community it has now, many who benefitted from abuse and QQ on the forums all day about a potential wipe, or can have large amounts of people return to the game who are closely awaiting launch and a wipe. Simple as.

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