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First or Third person in vehicles?


First or Third person in vehicles?  

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  1. 1. First or Third person in vehicles?

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Generally first person except for landing and take off. With elements suffering permanent loss, can’t be too careful even if there is a loss of immersion. 

third person is vey cheesy, though, since it means you can sit your pilot, tanks and core within a solid cube of gold and titanium and he can still see everything during a fight.


if there were external camera elements I’d be cool with this. 

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Third is the best immersion you can get, i think this game is set 10000 years in the future.  My 2018 car has a cameras pointing is every directions.  We have a VR helmet permanently strapped to our heads.  I am sure in 10000 year we can have a system that makes it show us flying in third person.

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It really depends on the ship.
Generally I prefer the third person to fly and the first person to land (in the third person I can't really determine the distances between the ship and the landing point).
But if we are talking about a very large ship, things could change.

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