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One step forward, two steps back


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First off, I still kinda like the game. Now let’s dive into the negative things.


Unfun things and tedium is being added. Fun things are being removed. Grayseeker worded it very nicely in the JC Q&A:


"Creative people aren’t driven by economics, power etc. The driving force is to create, to build. And DU is awesome for this. A primary reason the market hasn’t been used as you would like could be because people love to make the stuff themselves. Are you concerned  that people will sink all their money into schematics to carry on building as they have been"

King JC misinterpreted the question and answered "We expect a minority (10%?) to go into the industry gameplay, and compete on the market to provide low cost "products" to all the other players."

JC, please tell us, how do you play the game?  Plenty of users would love to see you livestream normal gameplay, not just looking at nice buildings, but actual normal gameplay, like endless digging, fiddeling around with the market interface, checking all your machines if any are stuck. Have your ship bug out and crash for no reason, you know, real DU gameplay.

When is mining going to be more than hours of clicking while watching a movie?

And when will there be any positive changes to the mess that is the interface? Which number is bigger on first glance, 105532952 or 53223924? How about 105 532 952 or 53 223 924?

Search the market and tell me how much adjustors L are on Lacobus, or if there are any at all, while you yourself are on Alioth.

Try this, put 150 silumin in a container, nothing in another, and connect a transfer unit to move it. Click "doable". Now type the word in manually.

Ever made an "executive chair"? I never did, I just see them pop up on my notification log when I sell them. Because when you changed the name for navigator chair nobody bothered to change the text in the market files.


Or the sizes, ever wanted to know what size container or engine or whatever you just sold? Sorry, can’t do.


Further, we now don’t even know which market we sold something at anymore.


Got stuff at multiple markets and want to look through them? There are 100 ways to sort the inventory of a specific market container, but not one to sort the containers to show only non-empty.

Right at the start new players actually think there is a core limit. I mean there kind of is a core limit, until you find out there is not.

And the same is the case for territory units.


VTA or whatever you call it, why do some players get insider knowledge?

Is there a reason why I can inspect a stack of ore in my inventory to see the total mass, but not in the market inventory?


Too many elements and your craft flies at a small fraction of the displayed speed. Wh


y do I have the feeling I can add to this list for another hour or two?

And what did we get in the last patches? Was any fun stuff added? We got more bugs, more falling AGG as you removed the tools to keep them afloat.

Random people got insider info and could keep their riches.

Some others got rich because they saw the change in time about bots now buying ore for double price, or they had some other insider info.


Everybody else lost, my whole factory can not be rebuilt as it was using dynamic lines. All we can do now is dedicated lines to spam certain items, as not having a machine run 24/7 after you buy the schematic is a waste.  My social aspect in this game was people giving me a list of items they want to pick up the next day, All I can say now is "I don’t have 90% of those items, but the others I have 4000 times." And then bring it to the market. The dead market with all the trash of people who quit, corps that no longer exist and hubs full of items nobody wants. You were afraid the world you created could look empty, now it looks deserted instead.

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Overall, I think our hopes now depend on JC's ability to give it all fresh, critical look, even if this is unpleasant. He is scientist after all and must understand, that sometimes experiments or much beloved before theories fail, its nothing wrong to accept it and continue work in little bit new direction.

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I played the game because i liked building a do-everything factory out on Feli.

I mined to supply my factory. I built ships to support building my factory.  I explored to find resources to facilitate better things in my factory.

Having a do-everything factory was a challenge in itself to build, but it was great!

Then when i finally wanted to do a new challenge I would build a ship, and repeat all of the above until i had every piece for my very own ship!


Now i can only afford a handful of decent schematics or a few handfuls of crappy xs ones only to eternally grind my way back to having fun again ?

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2 hours ago, le_souriceau said:

Because you were not playing game as it supposed by JC.


2 hours ago, FURILKA said:

but this is a sandbox game, why would someone tell me how I should play it?

It's irony. In the beginning JC talked a lot about emergent game play and giving players tools to create their own content and economy. But everything is now suddenly turned upside down, with JC pushing changes that try to force us to play the game in a very specific way.

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14 hours ago, CptLoRes said:


It's irony. In the beginning JC talked a lot about emergent game play and giving players tools to create their own content and economy. But everything is now suddenly turned upside down, with JC pushing changes that try to force us to play the game in a very specific way.


Me and a few buds at Madis SLI had a saying this last week that honestly made a lot of sense with the patches:  "We got a couple warp beacons into production and the devs shit their pants".

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