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  1. If that were a case then this thread would never have occurred and no changes to the god awful clusterf**k of 0.23, anyhow, onto my Rant. Markets - Lagfest Central and annoying to get to My take on the whole market situation is that, that's a 25 to 40km trip (depending on where you are) in a starter speeder for a new player, then have to do it again because you forgot something, then do it again as you need xxx - oops cant carry it all, that's another 2 or 3 trips - oh wait - uninstall, what's the point, I'v been on for 2h and all i'm doing is running back and forth to a bloody
  2. I was very new in DU (up till 10/12/20 anyway) and really having a lot of fun, i ignored most of the tutorial (having seen it twice on you tume) and was just itching to go find a hex on Sanctuary. Un-eventful journey there, particularly unsettling was flying through trees only to being slammed into an invisible rock on top of a hill and brought to a halt but none the less i made it to an empty hex, had a look about and didn't see any obvious holes in the ground so thought, 'ok that's mine, mine' (pun intended). Started with the nano crafter and a mining tool and found the tale
  3. Trolls like you need to be nailed to your bridge, doused in gas and torched for the amusement of all. However I pre-empted your advice and have un-installed the client and have absolutely no interest in returning to a community with a cockwomble like you in it.
  4. What broke the economy? Ships with 3 territory scanners and maganodes. Take those two away and progress would have been slowed right down as the raw resources would not be available in the bulk needed to go nuts, but no, they reward the rich and kick everyone else in the nads. I love to play, craft mess about - everything on my starter pad i built from the ore I dug up, now it's useless. Good luck to all who can be bothered to stick about. My Un-sub won't mean anything till Jan 2021 but then, heck im just another statistic that does not fit in with thier
  5. Well what can I say that others have not. I'm not rich, like to solo so I guess Nova don't want folks like me about any more so I'll take the hint. Un-Subbed and Un-Installed. Good luck with the direction you are going in but really not for me.
  6. I'm new, 3 or 4 days since I paid my sub, downloaded and installed after the obligatory 3 or 4 hours of watching YouTube (where I heard about this as it's not on Steam). I'm up to an Assembler large and at least one of each of the component refineries/smelter/3d printer etc. To easy for me? Probably, my limiting issue was storage and learning what makes what after that it's just maths. I don't mind mining, its actually therapeutic for me a lot of the time and mining in games such as Eve, Empy, hell even 7d2d are all similar and it lets me move along at a fairly quick pa
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