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Welcome to Dual Insider - Your source for Dual Universe news and more


Objective: Our objective is to keep everyone updated with unique community content, and content from the developers. We also want to reach out and let everyone in the community have a voice. We want all opinions to be included in our interviews. We will be reaching out to many organization leaders/representatives to spread this message, and to hopefully inspire the community to continue to produce great content before the game release.


Planned content: Dual Universe development and community updates, interviews, in depth content related to the game and our thoughts, tutorials, live streams, and much more.


Social Media:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzKWeUnpi7q1JEXaaSIPVg


Latest Videos:







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7 hours ago, Cryptic said:


Here's some feedback:

-You whistle your S's. I know its very hard to control.

-Colour theory helps a lot with colour palettes. Colour and design choices for demographics and graphs are very important.

-Your sentences sound very demotivated but somehow have a glimmer of confidence. It makes it seems like impending doom is approaching for some reason.

-You're including drama. Personally, I FUCKING LOVE DRAMA. Keep it up.

-So much grey. Using more colours would be helpful.

-The video is way too long for a small community. Using concise information is useful, and keeping out useless filler is important.

-The screen is empty half the time. You're staring at a grey wall for dozens of seconds at a time.

-Your outro, not going to lie, is completely... horrible. You get compressed music that makes your ears want to bleed. Then, you have another outro. And then another.

-Your data lacks visual elements. It gives you numbers. Not a graph, not a chart. Just numbers.

-Arkonev is quite quiet. Increasing his volume would be great.


Edit: Sorry if it sounds harsh. I don't prefer sugar coating unless I'm humouring somebody.

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5 hours ago, TheMasterArchitect said:

Dual Insider is such a great source of community news.  It boggles me as to why people think otherwise ;)


Very happy to see more and more groups deciding to cover community news.  I would like to see more organizations be covered rather than just the top 10.

From the negative feedback I've seen in the various Discords I'm in, the crux of the issue is the perceived bias in the reporting and coverage of various stories as well as the owner's interesting history in DU. Personally, I think Dual Insider balances out Ark Central in a way that allows you to get the full extent of the story, and I will continue to watch both outlets.

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