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Organization Design Style?


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So, I've been wondering what type of look or style do player organizations plan to use to represent their empires, or player groups. From ships, to stations, to buildings and structures. A unified look of a organization and/or Empire could be important to stand out in the crowd. I think it would be cool if player's established a unique design style for themselves, that becomes iconic in the game. for example,

The Forerunners from Halo had a ethereal style with a juxtaposition of polygonal shapes and strange glowing features.
The Empire from the original Starwars, had simple but pronounced geometric shapes like Triangles, Sphere's, and hexagons. With basic neutral colors like Black, White, and gray's.
The Ancient Roman's structures where driven by Dome's, usually supported by Pillars, and Arch's, and incorporated many religious motif's.

What kind of design style will you're empire, or player group be known for? How will you stand out in that regard? Or if you're a builder/designer, what type of designs do you plan to make?



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Love 'em.


When the backing portal opens and I subscribe I will set up an organization. I have some design ideas already but need to make them. I have to first make the insignia or crest or logo as the Organization's Face/ID/Fingerprints.


We'll have ships according to standardized scheme which is functional appearance (signalling system!). I'll post the "logo" after I create the group here and hope it is enjoyed by others and fuels other creative ideas further.

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Manageable/maintainable, beautiful, efficient, and Modern. Architecture will be based on architects' decision, but good urban-planning will be the most important for us in terms of city. And divide the city into districts(district-numbers). 

In terms of Architecture, building higher skyscrapers will be the trend in the future because we can get more open-space from that in terms of limited-land. We want the presence of flying-cars as means of transportation(others are monorails, and etc). 


In terms of Architecture, I've looked at the city called Academia in Final Fantasy XIII-2. What they did that is so interesting, are the buildings have terraces even at higher-floors and they connect these terraces to another nearby-building's terrace by means of bridge. You can just walk from there to another building. No need to go down to ground-floor to transfer to another building (also, terraces at higher-floors are good ambience. Couple this with an open-bridge like what you see in the picture). This seems very useful in tall-skyscrapers and can be implemented. I want this building-to-building interconnections. Terraces are big enough that flying-cars can land and park in them.







This, in my opinion, will be the ideal-city for me that is not built for the purpose of war. Activities can be done indoor, it's the future (we can have an indoor pool in there, an aquarium, hell, even an indoor-park/garden). This is my proposal.


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The build style of Interstellar Amalgamate Inc. will pull from all sources of science fiction. Would you like to own a shuttle from Star Trek the original series,



fly an Eagle Transport from the television series Space 1999,



trade among the stars in a Type A Far Trader from the Traveller RPG?



These are among the ships that will be available to purchase at our trading and fueling stations on planets and in space.

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