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The Freelancers



"So, you've come looking for The Freelancers, eh? Heard the stories, maybe? No? Well, pull up a chair, and get me a drink, and I'll tell you..."


Alrighty then. As you might have already guessed, I'm the leader of "The Freelancers".


Who are we?


We are an elite band of mercenaries that will work any job, no matter how "illegal", "Shady", "Mind-Numbingly Dumb" some might deem it.


We live to be free to do what we want, when we want, where we want, and have the ability to get paid for it too.


(We're a buncha friends who wanna do what we want to, and have some laughs.)


"Now you know who they are. Tell me, why are you looking for 'em? To buy, or apply?"


"Looking to buy, huh? How much are you payin' ?"


-Insert link to inquire for services-

(Will be open sometime in September)


"You want to apply to The Freelancers? Huh. You got spirit kid. What's your name?"


Wish to apply to The Freelancers? Simply Click on this link to join our discord, and state your intent.


Of course if you're just visiting, that's fine too. Unless there's a bounty on your head...


"I hope I've put yur mind at rest Young'un. Now, I'd best be going if I were you, or some of their more... unsavory... clientele might... well... I'll let you figure it out."







Freelancer Logo designed by DU's very own, Comrademoco

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Good luck!

I very much enjoyed reading that. Would read again.


For all your sakes I hope you guys can put your guns where your mouths are. :D


Thanks! I enjoyed writing it.


Can you put the money where our guns are? :D

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