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  1. I noticed the other day while troubleshooting Factorio that EQU8 made some rules in my firewall. Not unusual, most game I've installed do... for inbound connections. Only EQU8 made rules in the outbound direction in my firewall. Not even other Anticheats I've installed have outbound rules. So I'm curious as to what it does, and why it's needed. I know you probably don't know the answer, but maybe you can bring it up with EQU8. Also the link for the faq has the comma in it, which is breaking the link.
  2. Because you don't have access at your level. You'll need to wait until Alpha 1
  3. They said this for ship combat. Damage will spread out and damage multiple voxels, allowing for eventual holes to be made by peppering the same spot. They did not mention anything like this for Player combat. Of that, all we know is that it is a lock and fire approach.
  4. That might be hard considering it hasn't been a year since the first test You can also check here to see what day the next test will be (But not the times.) It will say "Servers Online!" during the testing time.
  5. Your situation is a lot more than just “Fast internet”. Like, that’s a real reach there. That someone would just so happen to have to update their OS, and a game that (I would assume) they play a lot, since they get mobile notifications for it.
  6. And you'll still get that. You just won't get anything extra from the supporter packs.
  7. If you'd look at the last question in the FAQ, you'd see that it covers this. As is now posted.
  8. Alright, you said you got Gold originally, right? Well that means you get... Hades beat me by one second, lol
  9. I think it would fit here, he's telling a story from EVE, among it concerns about server tech. He wants to know if DU can handle the same thing. Which, I think it can, or it will once it's actually out. We'll have to see.
  10. Yes! You should absolutely join, person reading this. There's tons of fun to be had by all. What? No, I'm not biased because I'm a moderator there... Well, maybe a little.
  11. Somewhere you'll never find it! Mwah hah hah. Somewhere under a big rock.
  12. I don't really think Destiny 2-esque Public Events are something they're going for. There's also already going to be asteroids with resources, so that means there will be some with rare resources. What does IA stand for?
  13. We had a thread up. But March 29 is a bit dated, don't you think? Figured it was time for a new one.
  14. The Freelancers Who are we? Why am I making another post? What do we offer? How do I join? Who made that amazing logo? All these questions and more to be answered below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who we Are The Freelancers are an elite band of mercenaries, willing to take on any contract, if the price is right. Some of our previous exploits have been deemed: "Stupid", "Fool-Hardy", "Damn near unbelievable", and "Straight up Illegal". I think it fits well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why am I making another post? Well the last one was in March, We need new members, and I'm bored. Maybe you can help with the last two? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Services We're up for hire. Whether it's protecting a shipper, hunting a traitor, building a -insert construct-, or watching you shoot your laser at rocks, as long as the price is right, we can do it. You can even specify the amount of people you need. Perhaps you need a gunner for your ship. Maybe you need 4 to assassinate 1 person. You might possibly need 20 to topple an org of 100. Step 1: Click this. Step 2: Follow what F.R.E.D. says. (Step 2A: If F.R.E.D. is dead, mention me) Well, we can't help you with the last one. But perhaps you can help us help you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Now we come to the title of my post. We're looking for, well, really anyone. Fighters, Builders, Loners, Team-Players. If you want to join an org that doesn't control you, simply click this here fancy hyperlink to be taken to our discord server. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who made that Logo? Special thanks to Comrademoco. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See you on Alioth and beyond. Commander out.
  15. It's been awhile since I posted this, and since then I realized it was arbitrary. I actually had a classmate do a small, extraneous speech on why we should switch to metric, and part of his argument was this chart. Now that's just... bonkers. Metric is on the right for a comparison, by the way. This got me thinking. "Why do we always have to make things weird and complicated." Fun Fact, did you know the speed of light is 16,999,000,000,000 Twips/Second?
  16. I concede! I thought this topic of mine was dead. I agree it should be metric now.
  17. discordauth:2sPuBDSfUCijNmuEyOid-f3Mt6vTdVt7DBVDjugw8BA=

  18. It's still tomorrow morning, and it still will be for a period of time after the start
  19. It's not technically delayed yet. They never said when, just "soon".
  20. None of those are Player VS Environment, which is why semantics are important. The versus would imply conflict. What conflict is there in building a casino that isn't player conflict? There aren't any earthquakes you have to build up to code for, there's no acid rain which you have to shield against. Skill training is done over time anyways, there's literally no way it could be construed as vs the environment, or enemy.
  21. I think you two are arguing about two different types of PvE. Wizard is talking about Player VS. Enemy Jaco is talking about Player VS Environment Both PvE types aren't gonna exist until after launch though. PvEnemy for sure, they've stated that definitively. PvEnviro is not exploration, builing, mining and salvaging. PvEnviro would be limited visibilty due to a storm, landing on a planet and there being freezing temps, reducing move speed, Acid Planets, Lava planets. Maybe it could be flying, because you're fighting the physics environment, but that's a stretch.
  22. Of course we can confirm or deny it, it was [Redacted]!
  23. I believe the new packs will be slightly more expensive. I.E Silver founder got you 11 DACs, Beta, soundtrack, forum title, thanks in credits. But the Silver supporter pack might only have 9 DACs + stuff for the same price. Reason for this being the earlier you arrived, the cheaper you get it for. This is just speculation on my part.
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