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[Novawrimo] Memories of a pirate


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Hi there,


I will upload my story next week after me and some friends read it again and made sure that there are no major logical mistakes in it and lore problems.


Short facts:

- 9 pages

- 7.092 words

- backstory of Lethys

- year: 2525 - 2535

- city: unknown, possibly somewhere in europe


As a roleplayer, all my characters need some kind of backstory. Why they behave like they do, how they see the world and so on. Since I deeply believe that NQ should provide the details of the lore, I tried to be as vague on those parts as possible but nonetheless I described the "side effects" of such an event and what would possibly happen on earth during those last few years.


The only thing I made up myself is that implant in our heads for skill training. As a teaser for my story, I will further describe what I mean in a short post by the end of the week.


To keep this thread clean and in order to publish this as I want it to be, I ask you not to answer to this thread. If you want to know something about the story, my writing, some other info, please write a pm. I will answer those alongside the teaser this weekend.


Looking forward to read other stories

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Proofreading is nearly finished now, so I thought it's time for a bit of story time.


For reference



and ofc



As a roleplayer, the lore around the cryopods and mind implants for skill training ("loading" or helping you recover known skills faster) has one major implication: it means  you forget/lose those skills which once had been known. So how does the Novark or Aphelia know what skills to what extent you once had? What if that implant works not in one direction (loading those skills to your brain) but both ways (kind of "extracting" or "saving" your memories, skills, knowledge, personality)? It would fit and explain (roleplay/lore wise!) one gameplay aspect: you have three characters per account.....and can do hilarious things with that!


My backstory is about that aspect of the game and (hopefully soon) you will get to read it

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Hi there,


It's time to reveal my story.


Keep in mind:


- It's written from my roleplaying point of view

- there are references, hidden and obvious, to many things in there (mostly related to DU)

- I deliberatly didn't mention any year or city



Have fun reading and talking about it

Novawrimo - Lethys.pdf

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Hopefully you are keeping the "alt char" process seperate to general cyrotech! ;)


Yes it's seperate, wouldn't make sense.


The way this story evolves, this is the most elegant explaination I could've imagined - there are easier ones if your story starts the right way.

Maybe others come up with better explanations, lore wise. Would be interesting to read.

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