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  1. I am at a loss on the ore collecting systems in this game. With the intro to Asteroids, I did not really care for the effort put in vs ore collected before the asteroid is contested. It is very hard to do this without a medium to larger group to go with. Issue I have is the availability of asteroids. It does seem that asteroids are fairly quickly snagged up each week and only the ones that are very far away are left for anyone else. I also agree that the original mining option of underground mining had to be changed and perhaps gotten rid of. So I am fully okay with this being gone, however I felt the reward vs time put in was worth it. Mining units were one of the worst additions to the game to date in my opinion. It creates an uncontested infinite amounts of ore, as long as your taxes are paid. I would suggest a revamp to asteroid mining. The suggestion I would have is to make asteroid fields that are decently close together. Idea is to have zoned asteroid fields, non PvP for lower tier ores, medium tier zone and high tier/ gemstone asteroids. This would give the "Infinite ore that the devs were looking for but add the aspect of having to work for it. Would create PVP opportunities for asteroid cluster patrolling Asteroids can be regenerated on a daily / weekly or time based system. Asteroid regeneration could be as simple as asteroids spawn, if someone comes the asteroid and alters it by mining either the asteroid surface or the ores within it will then start a timer to despawn this asteroid and once despawned, spawn a new asteroid in at a random coordinate within the asteroid field. Example if I mine an asteroid it could despawn after 72 hours or something like that and then spawn a new asteroid in. Asteroids could be a lot smaller than the current asteroids in the game. Maybe 1 or 2 ores per asteroid with some more ore dense than others. I think this would create better opportunities to mine and create good pvp opportunities as well. I would say these asteroids fields should be fairly large so that there is a chance to actually go into a higher tier asteroid field and not have a 100% chance to be spotted.
  2. No the territory does not run out of ore to answer the question. There is only so much ore you can pull out per hour and that goes up based on talents but as long as you pay your "taxes" on that tile, the ore is unlimited that comes out.
  3. I agree with many others that those who have stopped playing for whatever reason should not get a free pass for not logging in and claiming HQ tiles. If they were still interested in the game they would take the 5 minutes to jump into the game and claim the tiles that are important to them. I for one was looking forward to dismantling every abandoned tower in the game to remove these ugly, flying hazards from the game. Since these towers often have dozens of static cores, they will of course be the first tile set as an HQ if owned by a player. This makes it so there is now a 0% opportunity to remove these. I agree that too much Dev interaction with the world goes against the games direction of a "Player made and run world" mentality.
  4. I tried searching for this topic and didn't find anything but I have been thinking of this for awhile now. When I first started playing, community was everything. Helped me advance faster and helped me get started in the aspects of the game i was interested in. After playing for a few months I found the game a bit too easy and i can now do most things by myself and not need an org at all if i wanted to play by myself. The org no longer really benefits my game play other than to provide a community to talk to, which is great on its own and I would never leave it. I have been thinking about how the org game play in this game is missing something to make it really worth while to play with an org. So I had thought about Org talents. As an individual, I can train up talents to produce fuel at high efficiency after just a few weeks of playing and some mining talents to help me collect my own resources. Schematics are cheap enough and machines are not bad either to buy from players / markets. To produces a few 100k fuel a day does not take much time at all to train talents for. This is just one example of how easy it is to start producing on your own for better profits. What if organizations can extend the talents for players by offering a talent training system that essentially brings you from a level 5 max for a talent to level 10. These talents from the org should be very long to train so that one org cannot specialize in all branches so make them a too powerful of an org. Over time this will happen though as over years of playing every org will likely be good at everything talent wise. A player who is super legate of multiple orgs can only train one org talent tree at a time to keep from one player having may sub orgs to train at once to keep from a single player being too powerful as well. I think that this could add a great benefit to the game and for organizations.
  5. If a radar jammer is to over powered to make you completely invisible to radars, at least make it so it reduces the range in which you can be detected. Therefore making it so someone would have to be much closer to detect you.
  6. While we wait for shields in game as NQ suggests is in the works, I think it would be very valuable to have an element to produce a radar jamming aspect to your ship. Element size based on core size or element count. Kind of like a IR masking. I think while pvp exploits are in the rise, this should help people avoid contact with pvp situations at least until a shield makes it into the game. I for one am sick if lose ships to exploits and nothing you can do about it expect pay a fortune for warp cells.
  7. When it comes to Asteroid mining, a few questions Will this be done by hand or by mining unit, or future technologies such as ship mining lasers? if mining unit, will it be a static construct or something to build onto a dynamic construct (a ship) Will the asteroids be a renewable asset, meaning will new ones be introduced over time as old ones become depleted? Are players going to be able to build bases on asteroids if they are not deleted over time after resources are depleted from them? are they going to be static constructs or something that can be moved by players in anyway? Will there be player events for any asteroids that are "Super, mega rare" that will be kind of announced so there is defiantly a PVP trigger there?
  8. Not sure if this would be better suited for another thread, but since it's .24.7 related. With the new addition to the refresh element upgrade tools added in .24.7, can we get this as its own rims function? It would make for a better income revenue for people who train talents for this without the worries of giving someone build rights to your construct and possibly steal your elements and such. Giving an rdms function to this could allow players to create a new source of income by upgrading ships for people, without needing to have build rights. Just a thought.
  9. Starting off by saying I am glad to see they are attempting a change to lower the issues at markets. I like the new possibilities to screens as well. I am though wondering if we can have the over all game option to by default, allow html coded screens to be on or off by default. With this grant us the option to turn on or off any screen in the game and allow the screen to be on or off based locally instead of by server. Meaning if I toggle a screen on or off, it is only effecting the screen for me, not the server. That way my game does not have to load a screen unless I chose to turn it on. But that will not change what the person next to me sees. Could be a fair compromise to keep html in game to avoid lua creators from having to redo entire code.
  10. Did the PTS end or is it only online for some hours of the day or what? I have not been able to access it since the day it came out. Id love to test but i cannot get on the server. Always shows as offline
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