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  1. Anyone who has looked at the interactive 3D map of the Dual Universe system on the dual.sh website has probably noticed that the orbits of 3 of the planets are highly inclined relative to the plane of the ecliptic (the flat plane along which the other 9 planets orbit). By placing a protractor on top of a side view of the system, you can measure this inclination. It's a bit hard to eyeball it, but it looks to me like the orbits of Sicari and Sinnen are inclined by 44 degrees, Feli by 48 degrees and Jago by small amount, maybe 2 degrees. Compare this with our own Solar System, where the orbit of
  2. Before starting to read the Lore Bible, here are three things to keep in mind: - Some names and acronyms (put between brackets) in the texts below are still temporary names/placeholders. The final names will be decided in the following days. The update will be announced on the forum and on the social media. We don't want to keep these names, for different reasons varying for each case. Once in its final version, it will be published on the Community Wiki hosted by Gamepedia in a more structured way. - It was a difficult decision but we have to consider that some parts o
  3. With the Kindness of the people of Outpost Zebra: The first chapters of the Chronicles of Tranquility https://www.outpostzebra.com/chronicles-of-tranquillity-daybreak/
  4. Hi guys, It's time once again for NovaWrimo! If you don't remember what it is or you're new around here, let’s catch you up. What is NovaWrimo? NovaWrimo is a contest inspired by "Nanowrimo" (National Novel Writing Month) that happens during the month of November (from November, 1st to November, 30th). The goal of NanoWrimo is to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. If you're curious, here's the official Nanowrimo website: http://nanowrimo.org/. NovaWrimo is slightly different: It's not strictly tied to the month of November (meaning we
  5. We've discovered and learnt (or remembered) to be again "sola arbo kun multaj folioj", a motto we used to say in our native language and which means "a tree only of many leaves". And there we stood, singing those last verses with irrepressible emotion ... I want to go with you without cold Like birds, like the river Slowly to sing Drinking the birth of the day The earth, the night, the sea air And the promisse to stay Our eyes were full of love, but bathed in tears. How to explain that we were happy and sad at the same time? Happy because we had begun to
  6. 1876 - The United Edonian Federation is founded on Edonia 2025 - Edonia starts monitoring the neutron star heading to Earth 2223 - The Epsilon Wars start 2231 - The Epsilon Wars end, leaving a death tol of 70,000,000 Edonians in its wake 2250 - All historical archives from this point until 2490 are lost 2490 - The Endgame War starts 2493 - Edonia starts to lose systems 2496 - Edonia is destroyed by a Shadow Superweapon and an evacuation fleet evacuates as many Edonians as possible, leaving 12.8 Billion dead 2497 - The fleet arrives at Earth 2505 - Many o
  7. There was another thread here about the implications of resurrection by alternate timelines. I would have posted this here but I didn't want to necro that thread. Anyway, currently, the lore explanation on respawn upon death is that you get transported to an alternate universe. However, my idea was that you have a near-up-to-date scan of your brain being sent to the arkship servers/res nodes and when you die, a backup copy of your brain is loaded onto an android/clone with mind interface implants at the res node. This mainly is for purposes of avoiding the implications of jumping
  8. Grüße DU Communiy, Ihr habt euch schon immer gefragt, Wann, wie und wo nochmal Dual Universe spielt? Hier einmal ein Hörspiel...Aber mit Bildern und Videos untermalt
  9. Hi all, just made a new video for you guys all about Dual Universe Lore, feel free to check it out if you'd like xD https://youtu.be/82ZM33EyY3I
  10. We know of various cultures within Dual Universe that arrived within the last centuries of Earth. The Luminous, Alphas, Ethereans and the Emporium. Aside from this little tidbit of knowledge, not much else is known about them. While we await for Alpha to be released, why not have some fun and speculate. What drove these cultures to arise? Who would you side with. Maybe create some history for one of them. Each culture will have their own ups and downs and intricacies. I hope they're given a proper lore/background by NQ, and I'm looking forward to them being picked up by various organisations o
  11. A note to the untrained reader: This following post contains mathmatically caluclations of the DU lore. A note to the trained reader: This following post probably contains glaring and stupid mathmatical errors. I saw a post on the fourms a while back about the distance of Allioth, though it was based on mere speculation. But, if you look at the official lore, it gives us some details about Novark's travel to Allioth that we can make caluclations from. Travel Time: The Arkships leave between 2510 and 2536. While we are given that the Novark is the 17th Arkship to l
  12. So I was reading this ... https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/11/16/official-lore-bible/#more-1000 I wonder how far we might be able to go in building something that can connect LUA scripting to Aphelia? Also ... could I as a "rogue" break the law and start building AI with LUA to control fleets of drones to do things like gather resources or automate production chains? It would be interesting to tie this in to the game lore too, in such a way that we could shape the game in to a state where "there are worse things than humans on this new world". I have some ide
  13. Origins: Dissonance Ch.00 Many things came as a consequence of man's darkest discovery. It signalled the end, and a new beginning. The UMF sought to survive, to carry on the legacy of humanity. The nihilists sowed despair, seeking instead to scorn the human race. Nations cracked under the crumbling populace while individuals scrambled for better standings. Humanity endured through the centuries, rising and falling, fighting forward under the light of the neutron star. The Arkships were an escape from it all. Escape from the inevitable spiral of death mankind faced, whet
  14. Greetings all, and welcome to Lazarus. Regards, Devious_T Lazarus-Prologue.pdf
  15. " It's been a while and it's certainly taken more time than it should have, but The Aether's history is continuously being unearthed... Necessity begs that the dear readers are reminded: everything you will read as concerns The Aether is true and real. Without further ado, gentlemen and ladies, let us explore the choices and events that have shaped The Aether into the marvel she is now. A Preface is in order. Alternatively, if downloading the Preface in .pdf is not to your liking, you could view the Preface here. More will follow. Stay frosty. " Preface.compressed.pdf
  16. Founding an Economic Religion But, what is religion, you fanatics? Your excuse to lie, kill, rape and destroy? You are but fools that learned to play with tricks. Your religion is naught but a failed ploy. Religions are nothing but tools for fear, Means for harmony and forced self-restraint. Abandon the burden that it makes you bear! For none will rely on the strength of the faint Chronicles of the Arelians 54:4-7. “That’s what he wanted you for?” Kurotou mused, as the AI-controlled Nightelf’s seat secured him. Kael looked visibly confused. “I thought it
  17. :LISTING OF RESERVATION: This topic is primarily for the reservation of names of places, events, and people that will be used in the upcoming short stories. Its purpose is to allow access to the community the needed information to allow their various stories to inter mingle with each other in one way or another. Hopefully unifying them in the end. Should you want to reserve some content, just post it below. First come - First serve basis pending. . . Also this should help mitigate content theft, by providing a basis to identify who came up with what first.
  18. ATMLVE

    Defunct Probes

    The developers have said they don't want to make pre-made content. This makes sense because in the lore, humanity has spread far across the stars and of course, where they're going, there's no one and nothing there. The game is supposed to be about players rebuilding everything from scratch, and so the lore and game mechanics tie together perfectly (as they should, obviously). But according to the lore, Arkship technology was developed about a century before the ships were actually completed. This technology most likely includes the propulsion technology. Someone surely must've used that t
  19. The Founding Fathers Political Science Ye fail to recall our hard earned triumph. Faded from your minds is the Vale of Blood! Men of no faith that tremble at the Nymph, How can ye with war, defeat the Horde? Ye will all perish, slaughtered at their hands! Come, preserve your lives and conquer your foes, Listen to me, and you will keep your lands. Ye are naught but, weak and that your foe knows. Give yourselves to him and beg for his grace, Please him before you bring death to his face. 3 Acts of the Lambent Chapter 14: 22-23. The Kalnian Books. Mercifully, it d
  20. " The Aether wishes everyone on the Forums a splendid day. We have been writing backstories that have been focused solely on the Aether and in a few parts, the Aether's allies will begin to bask in the lime light. However, we feel that keeping the lore to ourselves is in stark contrast to our values and principles of sharing with others. As such, we have come to a general decision that the Aether backstories be modified to reflect all organisations and activities within Dual Universe (from a role play perspective, of course.) It has been delayed but, war with the Mad men has b
  21. The Founding Fathers: Intelligent Protection They rode from the East, Blazing fires in their eyes. Behind the white beast, The sound of a million cries. The Griffin charged forth, Leading the armies of Light. Deserts faced their wrath, Fertile lands—the triumph of their might. 3 Acts of the Lambent Chapter 1:29. The Kalnian Books. Five hours more or a lot worse could happen than me slaying every human in a ten-mile radius. On my “suggestion”, the Oethe Inc. flag had been lowered and placed as gravestone for the dead that fell from the sky. Eidolon could only glower an
  22. For Blood "Through the darkest night, And the deepest hell, Past the raging winds, And kingdoms that fell: We stayed unbroken. We came as a flood, We left as wildfire. Why? All was for blood." --Recovered text from ancient Malahic Cult. “Suppressive fire! Vortex Three, I need two stand-off payloads. Eidolon, highlight the targets.” I ran out into the dark night, signalling the four soldiers that came with me to get our three diplomats to Vortex Two—the diplomats were of no use here. They nodded and took the surprised women and man to relative safety. “Vortex Two
  23. “They told us it was impossible…They were right.” The scorching sun, the blistering desert wind, the screams and shouts of the desperate people behind us. The images immediately switched to outer space. I saw the earth, a small blue sphere, seemingly insignificant against the backdrop of the celestial realm in all its glory. The image stayed there for a second shorter than I would have liked it. Again, I was teleported into the chaos I just escaped. The people were being held off by armoured guards. Somewhere in my confused mind, I sensed a tinge of acquaintance with them all. Th
  24. Reboot We are fallen and destroyed. O how we are trodden under foot! Our glory is naught, but void… Brethren, we must return to the Root: Our erred paths we will avoid. We will not chase gold, fame or the loot. We will round as the cycloid, And we will start over from the Root. Lamentations of Nazrole Chapter 12:13-14. The Kalnian Books. I have always had a problem with tedious structure. From profitable, but snot-nosed mega corporations to the tiny, but nervous start-ups, they just seem to be addicted to mega-bureaucracy and exhaustive order. Tsk. And I’m par
  25. Destroy You must have thought this was it. You must have said it’s the end. Listen…to my words, attend. Do rocks fall from the sky, And statues come from above, To land like a white dove? Rocks may shatter and crumble And you may think you’ve won, They’ll survive—not as one, But as small bits of the whole. Destroy all, if you may, We’ll live under the sun’s ray. Songs of Adrohen Chapter 149. The Kalnian Books. “He’s taking quite a while; don’t you think?” Kuro asked, moving silently beside me. “Yes.” I yawned a bit and paused to look at the stars.
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