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  1. good point ... love that!
  2. discordauth:dJfN5oOgsHuFoj3uKF6l22zh6q9-l506Icl8oLtwE1Y=

  3. war


    Lua scripting could provide this ... it could also be plugged in to some sort of ship identification module or something that provides the equivalent of a black box ident. Interestingly though pirates could abuse the system by faking the ident info just like in the real world. Or maybe this is something that NQ could offer up as an element so it can't be tampered with. I'm still curious to see how blueprinting will work ... for example if I blueprint a "radar system" then sell a radar unit to you ... how do the following things get confirmed ... I didn't writ
  4. Didn't JC already talk about this being possible in one of the dev diary posts ... but it's not something that NQ will provide ... someone is going to have to build that stuff with LUA and component parts like pistons.
  5. meh ... I'm with @Haunty ... Let them focus on the good stuff instead of pandering to our impatience
  6. At least you got in on that one day, i've been keeping an eye on NQ since before the kickstarter but apparently because i haven't been active much on the forum here I don't qualify. Just take it and be happy! I'm not too pissed about it though (jealous but only a bit) ... as @blazemonger puts it perfectly ... I suspect we should all be looking to really get stuck in some time in the new year when most of the really horrific kinks are worked out.
  7. Thanks @Shockeray ... exactly that, I could get more technical but the idea here is that any conclusion we come to it would be nice if it benefited the masses not just the few of us that understand complex algorithms like Dual Contouring. @Captain Jack It's not that I don't understand these things, maybe i'm just not explaining it well ... but given the length of my last post if that's the only mistake I made it's not all that bad surely! The fact is Voxel technology has been around for some time but has never made it in to the MMO world and for good reasons but as things like Minecraft bec
  8. dig dig dig dig dig .... oh look a floating ark ship!
  9. war

    Water ?

    They will likely have something similar to how Minecraft does water ... simple physics applied to a large mesh that represents the volume that they can distort over time. With modern GPU tech, this kind of thing isn't overly taxing and each client could handle this on their own and at various detail / quality levels based on local setting.
  10. Yeh I see the confusion now. I'm obviously (with the lack of input from NQ at least) making assumptions that may or may not be true. I also understand why NQ would not want to explain the inner workings of their tech ... they've basically got the holy grail of all things gaming going on here. But I will try to explain myself ... By this comment I meant something like (based on assumptions I was making about how "typical Voxel code i've seen works ") ... day 1: No data in the database, all planets, moons, asteriods, ect can be "procedurally generated" by client based code. Serve
  11. ... and it shall be called "Nexus" ... I love this idea ... lets make it happen!!!
  12. I'm ever hopeful
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