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  1. Sorry for the delay with this one. I've had an essay. Anyway, hope you enjoy! Lazarus-ChapterTwo.pdf
  2. And now for the next, where slowly we come to know the characters a little better. Lazarus-ChapterOne (2).pdf
  3. Greetings all, and welcome to Lazarus. Regards, Devious_T Lazarus-Prologue.pdf
  4. "You went down guns blazing in an uneven fight?" she asked, leaning in. "Sure did." he replied, with a smile, "Barely felt a thing."
  5. Thank you! And shortly, yes ... hopefully aha. Fairly busy atm but can always find a little time for writing
  6. Hi all, Been pretty busy recently with uni and stuff, but this is something I've been writing alongside 'The Young Ones' and my novel. Just the beginnings of things here, but I know roughly where its going. Its a bit more like my 'Left Behind' piece. Hope you enjoy, and as always feedback is encouraged and appreciated. DT Selection.pdf
  7. Wow, an honour to be a winner! Thank you, really; this is the first time my writing has done anything for me . Congratulations to the well-deserving Aetherios and Temerian, and to all who submitted a piece; I enjoyed reading every one. Also I think I can speak for everyone in saying that this was a fantastic contest, and that it shows the whole dev-team's commitment to us and this game. So thank you Novaquark, you show the rest of them how its done. To many more wonderful stories in the future! DT
  8. Sorry to not add anything to the actual thread, but I think this would be better placed in the 'Agora' section. That aside this looks interesting, and I hope you and others keep expanding on it!
  9. A very deserving piece of writing! For me it was your humour that earned my vote. I hope to see more of your writing in the future. DT
  10. Thanks Lethys! I thought that the often under-represented children would be interesting too. Glad you enjoyed! DT
  11. Thanks for you feedback! In regards to guardians and so on, the story will indeed get into that - and why they are so independent - fairly shortly. Also, with the names, I know they are strange but I basically used them as a heavy-handed approach to creating the individual characters/illustrate some of the themes of the piece. I wanted them to be almost obtusely illustrative of some of the issues about memory loss and so on. Thank you again for reading it, and for writing some thoughts! DT
  12. Does anyone have some comments about the actual piece?
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