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  1. Some will disagree with me and claim that DU's PVP was never fun but I strongly disagree, I had loads of fun before shields came out. This is due to how PVP brings players together. Before Shields every group in the game ran multicrew ships they would have 1 pilot, 4 gunners and 2 repair guys, now this would bring people together, it was so so soooo much more fun communicating with your org mates while you all organised your firing and piloting and made sure your ship was all repaired, unlike now when you have one person on one ship running the entire ship. It no longer has that feel of comradery, it no longer has the same team aspect to it. you no longer feel as though you are an elite unit in a space ship fighting your enemy. Now I can keep going on about how bad this update was for the PVP meta and population but instead I will list some changes that I believe NQ should make to bring back the fun aspect of DU's multicrew and add counters causing fleets to create fleet comps and not just run the same type of ship. In the following wall of text I am going to address the majority of aspects of PVP and explain how the y are unbalanced and how to make them balanced and fun. Firstly Tanking. I will start this of by comparing the in-balance between shield and voxel tanking. When your voxel gets shot you lose money, as that is voxel you then have to replace afterwards. When your shield gets hit you investment in your shield becomes worthwhile as you can just leave your ship on your pad for 10mins and it will regen. When you are in a fight with voxel you only have a limited amount of HP that's based on your total elements and voxel. when you are in a fight with your shield you are carrying infinite HP as you can leave the fight to go and vent and regen your health as much as you want. when you shoot a shield you have no real feedback/sense of accomplishment but when you shoot a voxel based ship you can see every dent and every bullet hole and every explosion and feel that accomplishment. How to balance this? Set L, M and S shields to 15mil HP, leave L shields to how there are so that they still protect the entirety of the ship, make M shields only protect about half the ship and S only protect a specific direction. Now if Voxel was balanced correctly S and M shields would have a interesting part in 1v1's and small fleet fights whereas L will most likely still be used for medium to Large fleets due to the chaotic aspect. Remove the CCS Health Pool curve making more voxel less worth while, this meant that you were putting an artificial limit on ship size and not letting builders be creative, CCS will still play a role because it means you cant just build a giant ship and expect to live forever as hitting it too many times wont expose the core but will hit the CCS limit. It will also make small ship viable as they would most likely be trying to not die from the CCS Health Pool but instead will most likely die from their core unit being hit, and Medium sized ships will most likely die 50% of the time to CCS and the other 50% of the time to their core being hit. Increase the CCS value that each voxel supplies by 2.5 times what they currently do. ships will die way too quickly otherwise. Now those are the changes I would like to see made to Tanking. This isn't directly involved in Tanking but Tanking Usually has a negative affect because of this so I feel that I should mention it here in this section. NQ have openly stated that they don't like the length of fights and believe them to be too long. Now they usually nerf how your ship takes damage to try and fix this when I don't think this is the answer. When we build warship we have a goal in mind, it may be to be the last on field or to have a mission runner last long enough for a response to arrive or an armoured hauler to escape a fleet of ship after mining an asteroid. These are all goals that we build ships for, if you don't like the length of fights then you need to change the win condition as this will then make us rethink how we build ships and could shorten fights if implemented correctly. Weapons. I feel as though weapons could be used to add counter play to the game which could then interduce a fleet comp and add another level of depth to fights. First Off make each guns firing feel different. I would like to see railguns do small long holes in voxels while missiles do fat big explosions. Lasers drawing lines across the voxel as though the ship had battle scars, and leave cannons how they are as they will now feel unique. Secondly, Make M guns an anti-Shield weapon, Either give them the ability to pass damage through shields doing 50% to the shield and 50% to the ship, ignore shield resistances or do double or even triple damage to shields. This will mean shields are not he be all and end all and will force people to hybrid tank. Lastly Make S guns a weapon that can slow down targets. If S guns could nerf the ships engine speed by 2% for every hit a well piloted S core that gets behind a big L core could be a real pain in the ass and viable in large fleet. And there you have it, you now have counter play and can create a fleet composition. Conclusion. If these changes are made I believe that we would have a more fun and balanced PVP experience in DU. What do you think?
  2. Ok so there may be posts or other places where this is discussed, but I need to say it. I am aware this is a beta game. Duh. However, the state of PVP is just ridiculous. I cannot be the only one who feels like this. It feels like we are playing a 1995 tanks game where they cannot handle the intricacies of visual combat. I would love a Elite Dangerous type play to the game. That game has been around since the late 80's, yes it was wire frame ships and all but you still got a better combat feeling than this game gives. There is no joy of manually firing a gun, no sub-system targeting, and letting your guns have at it. No targeting the engines so they cannot escape, no aiming for the shield generator so they cannot cycle the shields. No maneuvering and circling to get the best shots. It's aim at the core and pray your ship holds together while you trade fire. It's stagnant game play. The Core Combat Stress system is a step, a very teeny-tiny step in the right direction. But loosen up NQ, you want a Sandbox game, cool cool we can dig it. You want a PvP game, great! MAKE THE COMBAT WORTH OUR TIME!! Make the player in the fighter feel his terror at being shot at by a capital ship, make it so the gunners onboard a battleship feel and see the damage he does. Make the warfare feel like combat, and when you guys go to do the Construct vs Base/tile warfare listen to the community. Don't give this up!! You guys have a niche in the world we never thought could be filled but remember gamers are fickle, we have needs. We crave the violence and destruction as much as we crave the building of the ships, tanks, and jets to do it.
  3. With Demeter landed and a roadmap for 2022 being put together, we thought it would be a good idea to combine our feedback from the past year and some change of playing the game. One of the things NQ talked about was needing quanta sinks. PvP is the ultimate sink with ammo, fuel, and lost honeycomb plus elements. There are a TON of people out there who would play this game if PvP was a more content-rich pillar of the game (please note, we want PVP to be an equal pillar – and love our industrial and trader communities). Here's our opinion on how to motivate PvP-minded individuals to be attracted in this game. There are several pillars of the game we feel need some serious TLC from NQ: Ship building - Give us interesting choices (not just PVP centric this one) Core Sizes - Everyone need reason to diversify PvP Diversity - Give us a real reason to PvP ==SHIP BUILDING== The THEME of this section is: Give us a reason to pick X over Y But give us a reason to pick Y over Z And give us a reason to pick Z over X As ship builders, for every decision we make, there needs to be another decision someone else can make to counter our design plans. This currently isn't in the game, which is why every patch there is a PvP "meta". And while that meta might have evolved over time, there is always one option that is objectively better than the others. The much-discussed solution to the issue needs to again be brought up - we *have* to talk about an energy system. We need some kind of battery/energy generator on dynamic constructs that will power all of our components. This would give us the ability to do two things: Limit component usage and stacks of engines/brakes Gives players interesting choices in ship building Consider the first point - we have ships right now that hit 20G accel or braking. That is the benchmark for PvP ships. It's a bit silly isn’t it? With an energy system, for every X engine we want to add, we have to add Y battery / capacitor, which come with a certain amount of weight. We can put 20 XL engines on a construct, but it will come with significant added weight. This could effectively give us an acceleration “G max”, because we shouldn’t expect our avatars to take sustained 20G to the face and be ok with it (maybe modifiable with skills or *gasp* avatar equipment). To the second point - this is where PvP gets the most interesting. Right now, everything is done at long range, with lasers. Take the follow example setup: Laser and Rails require lots of energy to function, so the added batteries make the construct heavy, and therefore slower. Cannons and Missiles don't require any additional energy, so they can be more lightweight, faster constructs to get in close range. (Sidenote the ammunition would have to be reworked but that’s a later technical discussion) With this example, the “Laserboat” has a counter (current meta). Someone coming in full speed with a bay of cannons or missiles, gets in close to the slower ship. The sniper might be able to take out the brawler on approach, but if it doesn't, it's in big trouble – at least that is the theory we are crafting. Now, as PvP players, we have meaningful decisions to make. Do we make a dedicated sniper? Do we make a brawler? Do we go for multi-role and add different weapon sets? Does the added weight of multi-weapon sets benefit our setups? We can come up with similar decision making for brakes, wings, and all other component types. Right now, the only decision to make is whether or not we add MOAR brakes to our constructs – and the answer is always yes. There's no drawback. With an energy system, a construct could hit 20G braking for a bit, but that would just drain the batteries completely and start disabling components. Sidenote – this is also why you have crappy looking ships everywhere with 200 brakes on them. Can’t have cool screenshots if you encourage your player base to basically min/max everything. ==CORE SIZES== When we think about building a new ship for PvP, there are exactly 0 seconds spent thinking about what core size to make. It's Large or nothing for two obvious reasons: We need a Large Radar to lock up a construct at 2 SU and stop them from warping by taking a random shot. Large weapons are better than everything else. There isn't enough drawback to consider smaller ranged and damage producing platforms. By addressing this, you could attract some more combat orgs (and all of the gaming press that generates) – consider some options: Give us an additional tool to prevent warp that we can put on different core sizes that can target up to 2 SU. Give it some sort of skill-based chance to hit even. Implement different types of bonuses for core sizes – these could be different advanced cores within the same size range. For example, and Advanced XS Core might have a range bonus to whatever E-War you implement. An Uncommon M core might get a fuel use bonus. Just give us interesting choices. Implement different speed limits (max speed) per core size with generally smaller cores hitting a higher top speed. An XS core could hit 29,999m/s and maybe a Large core only hits 19,999k/m with the others in the middle. Additionally (although not related per say to core size) - the cockpit needs a huge buff – no PVP players will really use this other than to screw around on their stream or making “art projects” (hey – PVP players can be artists as well – come check out some of our ships). There needs to be a tangible reason to fly a cockpit ship into combat. It could be that cockpit ships get huge radar range bonuses (thus instantly making a viable recon). They could have an ewar bonus to reduce the top speed of ships down in combination with core size (see above). The community could give you a hundred ideas – but cockpits need real uses in PVP. We need some motivation for core diversity in a fleet. With some of the above suggestions, we can get in a scenario where an XS core chases the target to max speed, then applies the slow debuff so that an M/L core can catch up and do the actual damage. If the target can destroy the XS core before the DPS ship arrives, it can still get away. Otherwise, it will be in big trouble if the M/L core ship gets in range. Large cores, capital-type ships, should never be viable in PvP by a single player. Pretty much all PvP is that, because it's the meta and the current tools like remote controls and LUA scripting allow it. How do we motivate players to multi-crew? Right now, if we build a Dreadnought-type of ship (capital class with lots of gunners and lots of guns), it isn't viable because it's going to be slow and everything will get away. The gunners will be supremely bored on the mission as the interface is generally unpleasant. Yes, the gunner’s seat needs to be a bit of a “mini-game” or give us more responsibilities in that seat. For example, let us focus fire on a specific portion of the ship (“Take out the engines!” said the Captain...). ==PVP DIVERSITY== The “old days” of sitting at the edge of the PvP zone, waiting for a non-warp target to show up, or using questionable half-exploit LUA auto-flying type shenanigans to catch people slow-boating between planets is supremely lame. In this regard, Asteroids were a real blessing to the PVP community. We hope they receive many iterations from the design team to make players “risk it for the biscuit”. Industrialists are some of the smartest gamers in any community because they will engineer the safest gameplay. One small improvement we would consider for asteroids - chasing discovered asteroids has been a huge commitment. It's an hour travel time on average (roughly) for us to check one discovered asteroid and return back to base. NQ should consider spawning the asteroids *closer* to the anchored planet, but adding a 30 minute delay to appear in the Discovered section. This will give miners the same amount of time (roughly) to mine in safety but make it less painful for us to patrol broadcasted asteroids. Patrolling broadcasting asteroids is such a commitment with low probability of getting content. Let us patrol multiple a night to “go fishing” ==LONG TERM== Today we discussed giving people some more tools above (such as energy systems, ewar, asteroid iterations, etc.) but we clearly need to talk about Atmospheric PvP and (duh-duh-dunnnn) Territory Warfare. But before we can talk about that… we have to talk about the elephant in the room: client-side control of construct authority. A long while ago JC (RIP) had talked about the plan to have server-side control of the movement of dynamic constructs. Since then, it's been radio silence from NQ. Now that we have optimized servers and recouped some COGS with Demeter - let's get back on the road to implementation - it's the right thing to do. In fact, it is our humble opinion that Dual Universe will never be a serious hit until this is addressed – unless you truly just want your game to be “Space Truckers Simulator Online”. Client-side authority on construct behavior is what causes ships to teleport all over the place planet-side (You also see this behavior at extreme short range in space during combat). Client-side authority opens your game to rampant cheating as well (regardless of your anti-cheat apps you run). Once server-side authority is implemented we can talk about territory warfare and atmospheric PvP outside the safe zone planets. All of our atmospheric equipment will need to follow the engine element model – if we make multirole ships that work in both Space and Atmosphere, there should be real consequences for running that Swiss army knife type of ship. Once we get all that implemented then we can begin to talk about atmospheric PvP. Give us some tools to scan hexes (we want to know what our organization is getting into before invading). Let us build hover tank carriers to AGG drop them on that T5 hex we want to control. Let us fly our Top Gun dream ships on patrol over the outer hexes for recon ships. There is plenty to do inside the safe circle for industrialists – it would be time to open up the outer planets like this before people grow significant roots in more dangerous places. While this community is primarily industrialists right now, it will never be commercially viable given NQ’s direction with all these guns and weapons in their game unless a solid PVP roadmap is committed to. Emergent gameplay (NQ’s core design document concern) will never be achieved by simply building hauling ships in safe space and moving rocks around the map. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. The Esteemed Members of Scotch & Tea™ Purveyors of the finest whiskeys and other luxury goods this side of Helios.
  4. So... The biggest growing problem in DU right now is the fact that NQ has done little to properly nerf warping. This is NOT a call to make warping more expensive... This is more of a signal to NQ to either reduce the safezone of planets, or make warpdrives drop you off about 5-10 su outside of a planet's safezone that's NOT inside the Thades, Alioth, Madius bubble There's been a growing number of complaints about how warpdrives really kill the game in many respects even though it's a huge time-saver, it completely removes the risk factor from the game. In addition, since there's no way to interdict someone and force them out of warp, this really gives no reason for PVP to take place naturally in game. Suggestion: The system might be nice.. however some suggestions for the NPC generated missions: There needs to be two types of missions Warp capable - Allows a person to warp the package without fear of the mission being terminated The shorter the distance, the less quanta a person will make The shorter the distance, the less valuable the package The greater the distance, the more valuable the package The greater the distance, the more costly it will be to ship/warp (meaning the weight will be increased... thus you add balance to the game) Non-Warp Capable - If the hauler warps the package from one location to another the mission is automatically terminated BY DEFAULT these missions are exponentially more valuable than warp capable missions on a factor of 3 or 4 The shorter the distance, the less quanta a person will make The shorter the distance, the less valuable the package The greater the distance, the more valuable the package The greater the distance, the more costly it will be to ship/warp (meaning the weight will be increased... thus you add balance to the game) NPC generated missions need to be more plentiful The community is not lively or active enough to support hundreds or thousands of available missions.
  5. SneakySnake

    AvA ideas

    I created this thread so players can submit their ideas for the future AvA mechanics here. This will make it easier for NQ to collect our ideas. My suggestions: I think NQ need to give the players the ability to plant C4 bombs with a remote detonation or a timer on other players ships, so that later they can detonate them in the pvp zone, we also need tracking beacons that will transmit the coordinates of the ship every few minutes that the ships owner can detect and remove from the ship before departure. This will be a good start for the AvA 😗 These 2 mechanics will be the easiest to do. Another AvA mechanic is the boarding mechanic. How it can work: when 1 ship approaches another at a close distance, for example 20 km, a button appears in the pilot of the ship to send a request for boarding to the pilot of another ship. A boarding request cannot be rejected if your ship has fewer players than the other ship that sent you the request. When boarding starts, the ships stop 100m apart and remain motionless, the boarding timer starts working. While the boarding timer is running, players cannot pilot and fire the ships' guns, these 2 ships cannot be destroyed by other ships, a no-fly impassable zone appears around these ships until the boarding timer stops. If none of the ships was captured during this time, then after the end of the boarding timer, the speed of the ships is restored.
  6. I know NQ isn't going to listen to me, and i've said this a BILLION times already, but i'm going to say this anyway. smaller core sizes need more perks. There is nothing stopping you from strapping a xs sized ship onto an L core, and getting all of the benefits from that core size. The only 'benefits' you get from smaller core sizes is a slower identification speed (negligible with skills) and a faster repair time (negligible with shields), which, to be frank, is terrible. it didn't used to be so bad either. before 0.23, radars had a nerf where they could only lock certain core sizes from certain ranges, (eg L radars were only able to lock xs cores from about 40km away), which is a perfect fix to this problem since it removes the issue of small ships being unable to get into the firing range of L cores before being shot at/ destroyed, as well as making the meta much more diverse as the best counter for xs cores would be other xs/s cores (think rock paper scissors, but with cores from xs→s→m→l→xs). I mean seriously, WHY was this removed? imagine the metagame with something like this, its such a simple fix that would make pvp 10x more fun. my only guess is that NQ came up with this nerf when xs cores could still use L guns, which i guess is a fair fix at the time, but makes absolutely no sense if you remove the ability for those xs ships to use L guns in the first place. my second alternate solution would be to give core sizes different max speeds, which i have seen many people request (including me) and IMO seems like a very good idea. it could finally give people the chance to escape/catch up with their enemies, with the downside of dealing less damage/ being weaker. if NQ cant/wont do the radar fix then I would be very happy with this change as well. I've contacted the devs about this radar a month or so ago, but they never got back to me about what happened to my suggestion. thoughts?
  7. Usually when there's territorial warfare, the act of capturing a base may start from the air or very far away. As time goes on the Area of interest may become contested by various means. However, at the end of the day, capturing anything terrestrial usually ends with ground forces... This being tanks to weaken a base and the internal dirty work being done by foot soldiers who will get into CQC situations to capture the buildings of the base. The fact that NQ brought up territorial war fare when there's been little to no conversation of AvA worries the absolute crap out of me. As in, atmospheric combat... I'm afraid... because there's no AvA... will result in yet another poorly executed patch release that will do little to bring back the community if the 0.24 and 0.25 patches actually get pulled off well enough. I'm sorry to break this to you NQ but if you instill territorial war fare without AvA the PvP crowd... the literal thousands of people who are waiting for this game to add in the true aspects that they're willing to throw their money at, will not get on board. Adding AvA AFTER launch will just add more fuel to the fire in ways NQ doesn't need especially when NQ is already in deep need to start generating some real cash-flow during beta. As far as Territorial war fare PVP goes, AvA is absolutely critical and is the final stage of capturing land. To add in Territorial war fare and NOT have AvA with at least pistols and rifles would be like building a car but leaving out the engine. You want to bring in the money from the EvE crowd when adding in territorial warfare? Don't half-ass it. Do it right and as thoroughly as you reasonably can or you'll just get more bad publicity keeping the gaming crowd (and their money) away from DU.
  8. Haku0814's Ideas O_o Options Individual options for different ambient sounds namely engine and machine volume controls Ideas for PVP people AND the would be Victims. Jump drive - you "Jump" 10-20 SU in the direction your pointing and do not loose acceleration ( if an obstacle is in your path, you are moved into a nearby non-colliding spot ). This helps with "Off-pip" driving for more seasoned players, would also help with the last leg of a trip to ensure deliver/arrival. Burst radar jamming unit, it just buys time while the other ship waits to lock on/see you. Deployable decoys, they are artificial version of you, core size, ship name, etc. They also show the same information/visual when locked onto. Initial deployment scrambles current lock-on by other ship. Cloak - Replaces your ships look with a glass globe effect and reduces chance to hit and range to lock. PVP side of things Inertial inhibitor, prevents jumping and reduces target ships speed Hardened Sensor array - reduces jam time of Burst radar jamming Rapid EMP unit - Disengages decoys, slow rate of fire. Wolfpacks - ships with a specialized cockpit that can sport ONLY 2 weapons, contingent on size of core. Why? With only 1 crew member, it is more likely for packs to form to "Hunt" other players Makes engaging in PVP a little more simplistic, you can fly solo and still shoot! Limited ability, the ships will NEVER be as good as a group, though you might starting hanging out with your future crew this way :3 Handling HP and Shield HP should be composite of XY components on ship with ABC components that have to be repaired separately. Damaged is shown via FX and various crippled ship systems. Why? Simplifies ship damage and server stress Why? So we can change and add shield mitigation as well XD to replace the previous lol Now we can begin adding shield/damage flavors and maybe even a system to slowly transition shield mitigation via polarization This means we have a reason for scanners etc. Another thing to add, would be an "Mode" that L cores can switch to that temporarily anchors them and allows activation of a warp beacon on the ship. Sacrificing Mobility to try and call for reinforcements. Preparing for a remote engagement. My other favorite form of warfare Drones/Drone bays T1 Drone miner ( watch the little robo critters eat surface rock, player must remain logged in ) *Critters are visual only, gotta save the server ticks X_X* Nuff said here ( Utility, mining, sentries , etc. ) Avatar V Avatar ( precursor/prep ) Along with the ideas posted here, would like to see at least a rough draft/placeholder style implementation of an equipment screen. Devs could switch the default "Weapon" we start with to an equip-able with a RClick menu, that would create a basis for interaction, etc. Going further, equipables do not have to show on players, they could buff things outside of skills. Like a REAL jetpack that consumes compressed hydrogen cells, or something. Enhanced NANO pack gear. Make us run faster. Or my favorite idea a helmet that "FILTERS OUT WATER FX/SNDS" when your mining on a planet below sea level, lol. Does not have to have any effect on characters yet, just create an opportunity for the dev team to start poking around at it Pre-AVA, so that work later can be smoothed out some. Helping poor devs not starve We players understand you have limited art staff/staff in general, maybe open a contest for ideas to be sent in, rewarding the winner/ 1st 2nd and 3rd place with a 3mo free sub or skill points <- we players will kill each-other for these btw, seriously. Outside of Art, the solar system really does need a more fleshed out story to it other than, we left earth -> we arrived! -> we build. Feels kinda FLAT really. You could pair this up with the aformentioned "Art" contest. Things like this can help drive community engagement, it would also help showcase to the public, that the community is trying to make an effort, and that people still like the game. NPC missions like some people said, could be from, our first contact in DU, Aphelia. With daily work logs/request from her. Please get rid of free quanta, MAKE us engage in the game. Market Stuff o_O Consumables Food stuffs / drinks Could have different effects, both statistical and visual Enhancers Give larger buffs, tracking, accuracy, etc. Make it easier to see the value of something Tooltip would show a breakdown of what RAW ore resources would cost for an element I only mention this as seeing some things on market are cheaper than the ore used to make them. I'm guessing this is due to lack of knowledge on players part. Remove bots and use Aphelia missions for cash instead - these should be limited per player, not just orders, thereby creating a set Market will self correct itself eventually, though being able to see the price of ore compared to final products would be a huge help with this. Using market prices and their current PURCHASE trend with X/Y threshold to keep ppl from mass posting 0.01 materials and then buying them back right away. < < < ( This was sort of added? PTS ) Limited Run Schematics Increase market entry oppurtinities Reduce Schematic cost now that they are limited run Increase h sink across multiple groups Good reason to add "Original" Schematics and "Researched/Improved" Schematics Inbetween tiers that can be found via researching? Research "mini-game" for crafters requiring resources? Research Why not, being able to throw resources into a research Element to try and create XY result is a great way to boost market flow for parts. Research could replace schematics and players who purchased said schematics would receive X to Quanta of skill points. More movement on the parts end of things, increasing the need for something, etc. Diversified market based on values of items such as thrust fuel consumption etc. Aphelia missions!? ( added on PTS!? May not be same as below. ) NQ could use this as a way to disperse fund for active players. Mining events that are long-term to provide materials for NPC ships, haulers etc. Fulfilling these in turn increases NPC hauler activity between worlds. Creates a combat opportunity for hunting players and pirates, outside of fight other players. Creates cannon fodder for miners/haulers to hide among while doing they're part. NPC ship would be from user submitted BPs. Again, creating another even for builders every so often to submit more ships for filling in "Gaps" from players to keep activity levels between systems moving. NPC structures for drop off on ea world for missions / non-player missions. Farming We've done it! From the Ark ships archives we have recovered animal DNA to clone and create small scale farms! This is just to feed into the "Market Stuff o_O" ideas, because, who needs to mine when you can farm! Would required some major Salvage addition? Short range salvage scanner Would help ppl to move around the planet more / give a crutch to the less lucky players to locate salvage on planet surface, though it would require some time to locate any salvage. Back end, salvage system that spawns salvage, both in space and on planets. Would scan for cores in any spawn area and spawn 30-40km away, should be far enough to not be visually seen unless your looking for it. Only becomes active if system salvage has less than X number of wrecks left. Voxels do not count towards wreckage mass in this fashion. ORGanization Stuff Assett tracking I'm thinking of something more than just tracking VIA the map, an ORG with an entire fleet of supply, warfare, personal vehicles, that list will get cluttered very quickly. Flight Space radar to continue working until 1% Atmo, due to stations being within safezone and not appearing to pilots, PLEASE?! Ability to Toggle space/atmo radar, much needed to avoid collisions. Braking state saved directly to dynamic constructs, braking behavior default to toggle instead of holding to activate. ( optional ) Alignment Computer - An element that allows a users ship to automatically align with a given bookmark. UPGRADE the map to 3D with bookmarkable points and zoom pls T_T ( Why do we not have this already!!!!??? ) Inventory / Industry Hub Interface - Allows Avatar Only access to hubs. No In/Out from IND/Transfer units. However would allow access to multiple HUBS via interface. When attaching containers to hub, we should be clicking on the hub and then target containers without the need to retarget the hub. Same for other connections, industry would be a little less painful for some, and a breath of fresh air for others. Control Relay - A small 1x1 voxel item that lets you link it to a controllable object to open up its UI. Able to be swapped to OTHER objects if LUA is used. Option to turn off error sounds on machines and use ones own LUA based system instead. Lights/Audio of choice/etc. Honeycomb Compressor - It just takes Honeycomb and compresses/reverse engineers it back into it's Pure/Product form. Disassembler - Disassemble an element into it's components, loss of 35% with skills that gain back 5% per skill. Makes salvaging a ship in PVP more worthwhile because no you can repurpose the components into something you find useful. Further Scanner Improvements? Scans themselves I feel are a bit messy, some ideas below may conflict, fyi Scanner names - Scanners name should be switched to using the planets numeric number and the tile the scan is for instead of a general "Scanner Result" name. The other idea is to remove scanner results altogether and make a scanner DB element, or event set it to use and advanced item that can keep an expanding DB that can be right click and exported to, the inverse the same as well. The first idea in this section could be used to make single scan exports that can be sold/traded with other players Any rescan of the same tile will automatically located it's original scan and UPDATE it, rather than duplicate it. Culture Would like to see, though it may be a bit far fetched, an art contenst sent out to the public in each major region around the world for their idea of space armor. ( some people are asking where this came from? I was listening to different pieces of music and the change of mind made me think of how culture could effect DU. ) It would add a very literal, difference not just in ships, but also personal cultural taste. At the moment we are all stuck on the idea that we are "Noveans" we just a bunch of people who made it out here. Now that we have established ourselves some, should we not honor those cultures we left behind. Armor can be looks only, aesthetics per say Different armors for different looks Underlying "Equips" could be statistical only More variance in color choices than default armor Maybe even add armor only found on derelicts when they spawn?! It would just be awesome as hell to see designs from say, Russia, China, Japan, Europe, America, The Middle East, even in what their take would be for armor for the future using the base novean armor as a guide. ( can't format anymore ) guess I need to break this stuff into pieces now XD !!!! )
  9. Bonjour, voila mon objectif. Je recherche une Corpo avec qui je pourrais jouer dans différents domaines. Je dispose de plusieurs vaisseaux de combats, mais pas assez d'artilleurs pour faire des sorties PVP (Minage ou Pirate). Je suis prêt a intégré une corpo. Les nouveaux joueurs sont les bienvenues dans ma Corpo. Me contacté sur discord avec le pseudo hoddie#6308 ou pour renseignements et discuté du jeu sans obligation https://discord.gg/jsMQUJ7 Merci et bon jeu
  10. Hey everyone, so the event was a few weeks ago but no one talks about what happend their. At the moment when at every PVP Battle something wierd happens and an Member from Hyperion taken part of it, everyone says that Hyperion is using Cheats or Glitches. Yes the two ships which takes part of this Battle uses Stacked Elements and Burried Elements, but both is allowed from NQ at the moment and thats really not the Problem. After this Battle we dont know what happens, so we decided to do some research. We figured out one really big Problems that game has at the moment. We have this Information a really long time but i dont know why my Leadership or NQ didnt put an offical Statement on the Forum or so. So what we figured out: If your ship gets enough DMG from PVP fights your PC uses much ressources. In this Fight the most AC members shoot with Railgun which makes good Damage but the Damage per Seconds are low. Both Hyperion ships shot with laser which has after Cannons the highest DPS. Both Ships got 4 Seats of Laser which means per Ship 24 Lasers. At the moment Hyperion engaged the Boo Ships their getting so much damage in an shot time that their PCs are "Burning". The pc off the Pilot is the "bottleneck" in this Part, on his PC the Ship gets calculated. But the biggest Issue in PVP fights at the moment where the Damage at the Voxels, at every shot your PC Downloads the "new Voxels" of your ship. The Boo Ship got a really big Part of Gold Voxel which creates microvoxels with every shot/damage so your PC Downloads really much Voxel changes. We tested it and the Download is the biggest Problem in the actual PVP. My PC in the Video got: i7-8700k(overclocked to 5.0Ghz), 32GB Ram, Readon RX 6800XT, Samsung 970Evo M2 and and 1Gbit Internet Connection. First test 11 Gunner, 50 Missiles, 4 Railguns to a Plate of Gold Voxels Most shots missed, network spike 40Mbit/s, lowest FPS around 20 Second Test: 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Gold Voxels Min of FPS: 2, Network spike to 254Mbit/s Third Test: 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Iron Voxels Min of FPS: 5, Network spike to 159Mbit/s Fourth Test: Ethernet Limited to 16MBit/s 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Iron Voxels Min of FPS: 5, it takes around 2 Minutes to load every Voxel Change. You can watch these Results in the Video:
  11. There is a burning question on my mind that I need answering, which both discord and the in game help section have failed to answer. how does hit probability work? everyone knows that it is based on cross section, but how does it work exactly? take this beautiful tie fighter I drew in 10 seconds with MS paint (fig.a). is hit probability worked out by: fig.b) a square around the ship, being more likely to hit if the square is larger fig.c) the area of the ship from the direction you are hitting from, being more likely to hit the more area there is. fig.d) shooting a raycast; if it hits, it deals damage. second off, is this only calculated from the front, or from other angles as well? you may not think it, but this makes a HUGE difference. for example, if DU uses figure b, having ships with wings like a tie fighter would be a severe disadvantage, because it would have the same hit probability as a cube the same size. Anyone who has knowledge about this/ is willing to test this out would be a great help to me and the community in general. This is the kind of stuff that needs to be documented but isn't.
  12. Damage multipliers between construct sizes are too high There is no reason to fight (ofc this is being worked on) Fighting is unprofitable as any loot you get will most likely have lives taken out of it/ be worthless The investment to get an L core PvP ship is too low, L cores are supposed to be the large org battleships which need a large investment to build and run, but are too easy to get atm. (XLs should be the equivalent to Titans, if not more) The hit probablility for small constructs are too forgiving to the offender, even super tiny pvp ships with a <2m^2 cross section get destroyed easily. It should be a lot harder if not impossible for large ships to hit constructs like these pvp is too long range (this one is more bias, but if constructs had a lot less range like 500-1000m most of these kind of problems would disappear, as well as being a lot more cool looking. you might want a way to catch up with ships as well if this is implemented) players can just enter third person under layers and layers of voxels, which means that it is hard to kill players in most PvP ships. Making seats more like the currently useless cockpit would make more sense. PvP is boring to watch + buggy most meta ships are just glorified cubes atm players can just warp out of danger nothing is stopping you from building a ship the same size as an XS/S/M core with a L core instead to get the benefits that the larger guns give, and the benefits of using smaller cores are currently negligible most PvP battles end in a retreat as fuel, scrap and ammo requirements are too high for any outcome to happen
  13. in theory , xs ships could actually be pretty powerful. their 60 minute lock time from L ships means that you can just hit and run in and out of range of the enemy with 0 damage, and are loads cheaper than L cores. In practice, this doesn't work for many reasons. damage is too low. not only do they do 8 times less damage, since they are controlled by a pilot seat you can only add 4 guns maximum, meaning that you would need a swarm of them to harm an L core. getting 2 pilots in an xs core is far less efficient than putting 2 pilots in an L core, not even mentioning gunner seats using remote control units. The damage multipliers between core sizes should be nerfed greatly, to the point where there barely is a difference. Of course this means that it will take quite a while for L ships to destroy one another, but imo the should be like that anyway. They are L cores after all, they can cost over 150 million quanta, destroying one should be a long process. It would also be cool if cockpits had 2x the capacity than hover seats as well, to give them an actual use. xs ships are too flimsy. this would be ok if tracking on larger ships weren't so great, but unfortunately they are. the same goes to small and medium ships as well, they are just too weak. a fix for this would be to either fix tracking, or yet again nerf the damage on larger cores. xs ships are mostly glorified gunner seats anyway. There is practically no difference, apart from the fact that you can drive as well, which is something that remote controls do anyway. Making something where guns track where the player points, and then shoots where you aim would be far cooler and more useful. Using real time hitscans to damage ships might not be possible (as we discussed in an earlier thread) so I suggest that instead you click on a point where the guns should fire, and then deals the damage as soon as the other client recives the hit. Range and speed is far too high. The current range of xs ships needs to be the range of L cores, and the speed limit should be limited to 2000km/h. of course, adding a speed cap of about 2000kmh would disrupt almost everything else in the game, as it would make the already slow trip to other planets even longer. To counteract this issue there should be a unit that makes you accelerate past the speed limit, but disables (and rapidly slows you back down) as soon as you enter combat, a bit like warp drives. There should also be a unit which has a very high range (maybe even higher on smaller cores) that disrupts them to help catch those super fast ships.
  14. In many ways, a hitscan point and fire based shooting system is very similar to the way mining works at the current moment. With mining: The player shoots a raycast from the direction you are pointing, and removes voxels in the area around where the raycast hit. With a hitscan point and fire weapon system this process is very similar: The player shoots a raycast from the direction the gun is pointing, and removes voxels and damages elements in the area around where the raycast hit. If these two processes are so similar, why do we have to stick with the boring EvE-style PvP mechanics we have now? My two main theories are this: it would be too hard to aim with such high ranges (nq should definitely reduce combat range + speed) they haven't got round to doing it yet (most likely) And I know this one is far off, but the same goes for AvA. why does ava have to be a locking based system as well?
  15. "Combat" channel disappeared after last update. Why was it removed? A lot of PvP players used this, it was very convenient. NQ, when will you get it back?
  16. [This post is wrong, I thought that the damage multipliers were 8x and not 2x. feels like 8x though and I still think it needs nerfing, just maybe to 1.5x instead?] The problem If an M core wanted to fight against an L core , there would have to be a fleet of at least eight of them to match the damage of an L core. However, if you wanted to use XS cores to fight against an L core, you would need 512 of them, which would be so impractical that it is basically impossible. You would need to coordinate, train, and set RDMS for a fleet half the size of the empire, all of which would have to be active at the exact same time, to close in and fire on the enemy without crashing into each other to even get a chance of killing them, not to mention the server issues or lag you would get from trying. My proposal is this: Instead of the 8x damage multipliers that weapons have currently, each weapon size up is replaced with a 2x damage multiplier. This would make it so that an M core can be beaten by an L core, but an L core can be beaten by 2 M cores, and so on. L cores would still have the same damage output as before, M cores 2 times less, S cores 4 times less and XS 8 times less. So instead of the 512 XS ships needed to kill an L core, you would only need 8. That may not seem by a lot, but since most L core ships usually have a much smaller crew size of about 4 people, and XS cores are usually destroyed in one hit, I think it balances the core sizes out more evenly. Range would be similar, but perhaps to a lesser extent, otherwise L cores would blow up smaller sizes before they get in range. You could even affect it negatively, meaning that XS cores would have a much longer range than L cores if you wanted to spice things up a little. Adding this could make PvP way more fun really easily, and would add more strategy into the game. If you ever happen to read this NQ, I would love to hear your thoughts
  17. I still hear people on streams and other discords complaining that an XS core pvp ship cant take on an L core pvp ship, how S core isn't relevant and M cores arent a worth while investment. I don't know why people laser focus on core size being the defining feature of the ships.. No one flies XS Haulers after they've been playing for 3 months, they upgrade to M and L core haulers lifting entire planets off the ground. Why is pvp treated differently? Unless territory warfare is right around the corner, here's my idea on how to bring back the other cores into "relevancy" -remove XS and S weapons. they are horrible, they cost nothing to make and its like complaining about XS adjusters vs L adjusters. No one should use them -allow M and L weapons on all core sizes again. People can make cheap S core 1-2 seater pvp ships with L weapons like Pre 0.23 again. XS cubes wont return because they wont be able to carry enough ammo to take on proper M and L core ships. This will also allow for more diversity in ship roles in fleet fights. -element destruction was all that was needed for 0.23 in my opinion. other ideas I might have to get pvp in space to be more rewarding? No warping within 10 SU of any planet (thats 7 minutes or so at 15000km/hr). You will still have a giant bubble to fly around in safe space and warp to your locations, but on the outer planets instead of just warping home for free uncontested you have to fly in pvp space to warp. Safe zone around outer planets is around 2.0-2.5 SU around the planet, thats plenty of space to pick a random spot and enter pvp zone and fly until you can warp. If you want to mine on the outer planets for the good stuff there has to be some form of risk. You shouldnt be allowed to mine T5 uncontested otherwise everyone just gets an AGG planet lifter and thats GG -Warp Beacons could be actually a life saver and worth the month crafting time to have if you can use them to form org run highways rather than some convenience item to fly to your base faster. -instead of warp interdictors (which sounds like crazy fun) I would make warpdrives do a 1 time charge of like 100 cells or something for all warps regardless of weight, but again not being able to warp for 10SU around any planet means people get to warp home for cheaper with some risk as well. It would encourage warps for all sizes and make it affordable to even the daily allowance player types. -Add a way to recycle dynamic property elements (elements that lost lives from pvp) or restore them to the original at some cost like or a new frame or something. Make pvp not a complete black hole for profit when harvesting other ships or repairing your own -PUT WRECKS IN SPACE!!!! Seriously, random dead ships floating in space is something everyone can get behind. I havnt seen a single wreck so far other than the event wrecks and i've been to every planet already. I'm not going to discuss how in alpha marble was the superior material in military space ships, and how gold is now the new king of pvp material. Thats a topic that deserves its own thread -Docked cores shouldnt function as a get out of jail free card, If a ship gets cored, all the docked constructs should die as well. Putting Res nodes and VR nodes with scrap on an XS core inside your ship so when it dies you just respawn maintain ship momentum is just a huge game mechanic oversight. -being able to remove unwanted stowaways on ships without relying on a ticket or dismantling your ships to remove them -Avatar pvp? dont even bother unless you can fix the 3-5 second delay and desync on live servers. unless my gun can auto lock enemy players lol This one might not mesh well with people but the warp interdictors might be a vital role in blocking pipes for ships, allowing for pirates to kill literally everyone. I think the 10 SU idea would be better in the long run. Thats just me though
  18. The arrival of the relic on Feli has shaken the planet to its core, its biome ruined by an alien artifact now gone silent. The planet is a graveyard of all the colonists who tried to create a life for themselves on this new frontier. Now too dangerous for ships without special equipment to enter its effective atmosphere, it is an unapproachable existence in the solar system. With floating planet crust and atmosphere reaching deep into space, Pilots with unfamiliar knowledge of the existing hazards surrounding the planet fall prey to its lethal environment. Relief efforts have also been in vain as the surrounding space has been invaded by deep space pirates with cunning skills and ships built to be above all others of their professions. With bounties on the boards for wanted pirates and a cry for help from the ships in need of immediate aide, the Ascendancy has stepped in to overtake and occupy all of known Feli space. Starting today (03/19/2021) all surrounding space of Feli is occupied by the brave soldiers of the Ascendancy Alliance who hunt pirates and make combat their specialty. Be warned, non-AC personnel are not welcome to the planet Feli and its borders. Permission has been given to relief effort vessels to warp in and out of the safe zone but all encompassing space is off limits. Failure to heed this warning will result in your untimely demise. To those about to die, we salute you
  19. Now you all might just think that this is an easy question. "Just do it like how it is done in EvE!" but unfortunately it isn't that easy. EvE balances out the power of large ships with the maneuverability of smaller ones, making large ships hard to shoot small ships that are orbiting them. In Dual, a few problems arrive if you tried to do this. firstly; unlike in EvE where people mostly maneuver by commands instructed by the player, in DU everything is controlled completely by keyboard input, meaning that large ships can just turn to face towards their target and have no tracking issues. (yes, I know you can do that in EvE too, but it's so niche and situational I wouldn't be surprised if 1/2 of the EvE community didn't know about it) Secondly, ships cannot reliably get in the close range that EvE ships can, since the current server limitations mean that desync happens very often unless you are very close or very far. NQ could try to fix these issues, but I doubt that it could ever be as silky smooth as EvE. Third, (imo this one should be changed) the current damage output of larger ships is so vast that it is basically pointless to try making anything small. with most non L core ships, its one shot and then you're dead, no competition. Reverting back to what it was where any core unit could use L guns is not a viable solution either. All that is really doing is pushing the problem to one side, as now any non L gun has become (even more) pointless, as well as bringing a resurgence of cube ships, which I don't think anybody wants. And although there may be some clever solutions to get over this issue, the truth is anything which isn't max core size is just not sufficient enough to stand a chance right now. any ideas on how to fix this guys?
  20. The Feli blockade occupied by the AC forces was an overwhelming success and the operation is concluded. With all refugees and stranded ships rescued and brought to Alioth markets for repairs, we breathe a sigh of relief. The surrounding space of Feli had been unregulated space since the landing of the ark ship, until now. We had many ships challenge the AC military, from blockade runners to capital warships from many of the more influential organizations as well as some newer companies. More recently Empire and Penrose joined forces to challenge the blockade, with another fleet battle earlier with Justin Grim in command as well. Havoc and BOO were no where to be seen during this event, the skull armada silent. The blockade was breached at one point by the infamous Sneaky Snake pirate, he was able to break through the blockade and escape successfully. However many other ships tried to run the blockade and were met with extreme and lethal force, including smaller bandits and no permit smugglers. A total of 4 Large core ships, 6 Medium core ships, and 14 Small and Extra Small ships were shot down and recovered within Feli space despite our open warnings on all vessels. We placed space cores all around the Feli planet's combat zones to alert local ships of the boundary limits in place as there was warning to anyone caught outside in AC controlled space. A total of 7 Strategic positions were constantly monitored as well as others around the moon and back side of the planet. We used a total of 34 Ships owned by Atom, Hyperion, Shield, ATS, HOZ, TNS, Zenith Corp, and DSI. Our members flew home exhausted and ready for shore leave as we were rotating shifts to maintain the blockade at all times. The AC leaves Feli space, a now much safer and pirate free zone. However they will return and when they do, so will we. Regards, AC Military
  21. Three years and half after pre alpha launch, the best period ever for DU, everything got overcomplicated, heavy and excruciatingly laggy, especially at the introduction of industry 2.O which has changed till now fps, lag and loading times for everyone, but since the developers aren't testing nor playing their own game, very little have been done concerning the content and game mechanics. Since the beginning JC pretends that he wants to control the visual aspect of the game, but look at the thousands of player made atrocities and piles of elements scattered everywhere For those who never heard about, but there is a french simplistic and satiric cartoon called "Shadoks", where a group of engineers and workers, work hard together to make simple things more complicated, from where we are getting the expression: "why do simple when you can do complicated?" And this is exactly what is happening here But in real life, and i quote, professionals, engineers, designers, and architects will all agree: "Less is more" So here are my thoughts, after 3 years of hope and life time, on the bad and good decisions taken, and what could be improved at the moment: Building mechanics: Vertices editor should have been a priority long ago, long before that not so useful update on the line tool The actual given building tools are half of the reason why we see so much trash everywhere, and why most players are giving up, because voxelmancy is a considerable waste of time since ship selling will never be a major part of the market (everyone want to build his own), PVP will destroy it in a matter of seconds, and detailed or undetailed static or dynamic constructs' spaces are dead as hell. Vertices Editor: self explanatory Line tool: add triangular and circular shapes, and make one of the corners of the selection the center of rotation (not the center of selection, this doesn't make any sense) Paint tool: (omg seriously this one is the biggest joke and laziest decision taken) need to absolutely remove from the game this ridiculous number of different honeycombs, performance wise, and gameplay wise. Every material should have one and only one raw honeycomb, on which we could, using build mode, apply a color we want, a shininess type and or a pattern That would optimize the game code, our inventories/containers, and our factories (and will fix that uggly .24 update changes) Remove the deploy and selection sizes limitations Be more consistent in the deploy shapes size increment (1 by 1, not 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 12 16 24 32) * by the way change "galvanized" honeycomb name and check the definition of galvanized on wiki: which is a zinc coating process to protect different metals from rusting Elements: Here is the second half of the reason why we are surrounded by trashes First, element design is very badly fusing with the voxel building system, specially all the dynamic constructs elements, elements are detailed meshes that don't match with a voxel hull and the voxel default sizes Even after the best achievable voxelmancy, engines, brakes, hovers, wings, look like stains on our creations, element colors dont match available honeycomb colors, some elements are offsets, some are badly symmetrical I m not saying that its bad to have detailed mesh elements, but half of them, must be redesigned to be used and integrated "into" a basic voxel shapes, not to be put like a flower pot "on" the voxels, and this concerning all the elements used for designing ships Dynamic elements (engines, brakes, airfoils): those elements can be a single detailed face element, the face that will pop out from our voxels, and other faces must be designed with an easier global shape to work with the voxel grid (tubular, square, rectangle, just as Empyrion or Space engineers do...) Decorative elements: make sure they are scaled for the voxel grid and size (the reinforced sliding door is the perfect example of bad design and bad consideration) Ability to change elements main color Engines: no no no and no to all this different types of engines (safe/maneuver/military/etc...) with different recipes. again its a mess in inventories and markets, same problem as honeycombs, why doing simple when can do complicated?. while the quality (normal/advanced/rare etc...) should remain, all engines should be crafted as a standard factory type, and have an option by right clicking on them to change their mode type, and why not beeing able to change it using lua Flight mechanics: Overall the flight mechanics are very good, stable and well developed But, the main issue is bringing back to the dynamic elements issue and the overall aesthetic of the game and players creations Elements power/thrust should be multiplied by a minimum of 5!!!! this would greatly reduce the number of elements needed on each ship, reducing the lag and loading time, but most importantly we would not compromise anymore on the design in order to have "acceptable" flight performances (which will increase the visual quality of players creations) Vertical and horizontal cross sections must produce anti drift and high altitude lift, which will reduce the number of wings and stabilizers elements needed, and again will increase everyone performances due to less elements, and allow better ship design Fuel consumption to divide by 2 or more, we are tired to mine 2 hours, refine for an other hour, for 20min of flight (nowadays long distances planes can fly at cruise speed 900kmph for about 12 to 14 hours) LUA Lua is one of the greatest part of the game, allows the best customization possible, but is still way too limited, for no reasons Unlock to unlimited number of links/slots to a pb/remote/ECU/command chair etc... will reduce the number of scripts running at same time, so will increase performances (what is better? to have 10 scripts, on 10 PB, each one linked to 10 elements? or 1 script on 1 PB linked to 100 elements? do the math!) Increase again the recently nerfed CPU usage for custom scripts (they were not producing any client side performances issues, so why decreasing it again?) Increase the conf file allowed size, 150k isnt enough Make possible to install conf files on programming boards Increase Databank sizes Fix the rocket engine please for custom scripts, they are broken and deadly, they activate themselves when construct controls are taken Add function for camera relative rotation and position Ability to save scripts in our nanopack and exchange/sell scripts with DRM protection or not PVP I think pvp is a very delicate topic, but globally so few people have any interest in pvp at all due it its extrem unbalance In my opinion there is no goal and no reward in pvp, which makes it boring So much time and effort put in mining/producing/building a pvp-able ship that it pushes everyone away there should be no safe zone, nowhere! - heard and read too many stories of players ravaging orgs from the inside, secretly stealing work of dozens, and then venting themselves on streams. there should be no safe place in the universe for those people to hide their shameful loot - cargo ships should be accompanied and escorted by armed fleets, even while mining quantas could be physical/stockable/stealable claimed territories shouldnt be visible on the map, unless personally discovered surface ore stones, should be mine-able by anyone anytime anywhere (claimed or not. we should be able to get some fast scrap and fuel if we emergency land in middle of a huge claimed territory) static and dynamic construct need energy shields element containers content should not be destroyed unless the container lost all its lives (otherwise there will be no loot in pvp), they should just be inaccessible there should be a way to restore all lives on salvaged elements (repair unit maybe?) There is so much more to add, but please NQ consider and fix a big part of this first before adding new buggy "content" At some point there should be a planetary wipe, to leave space for the new planets design (allowing what ever is standing in space to be excluded from the wipe, for players beeing able to save enough to restart quickly)
  22. Hello, i was on one of the ships crashing the SW pvp event and generating content, was a lot of fun and i really hope that NQ brings more opportunity to do more pirate themed stuff GF AC, and all who attended see yall next time -EL X a statement from our leader: "Hello everyone, Sylva, leader of Band Of Outlaws here. This thread, the official DU discord and the Memeserver have all gotten a lot of traffic and I thought I would drop by and leave some of my thoughts here for you all. I acknowledge and understand that the Star Wars fans who created the event feel that we, BOO and some of our allies, when crashing their event yesterday, "ruined it." And yes, Skilo has it right when he says that we did it because we could. Those of you who are arguing against the Star Wars IP being in the game... well, tbh, I love Star Wars, it has inspired more than one generation of space dreamers, and hopefully, many more to come. That having been said, there is more to this story (and hopefully, for the story of Dual Universe). We originally had someone sign up for the Star Wars event who was building a legit PvP meta Star Wars ship. At the time, I was advised that we were also giving info to the Star Wars group on how to build PvP meta ships, and that advice was generally not followed/heeded. As the date loomed closer it became apparent that the ship, according to our standards, was only about 10% complete, and so our member withdrew from the Star Wars event. We then heard that ATOM was being paid to provide security for the event, and that was when we decided to party crash it. The thing is, when you look at what Dual Universe intends to be, a civilization building game - there should, in my opinion, player made safe zones in which events like this could be held in. This is an event that you would hold in the heart of an area that has an enforced edge of space, so pirate incursions would be few and far between (and not be without repercussions). We very much support this. We expect to be hunted down because of our actions. We will be disappointed if we aren't. We already don't hunt the small fries. We already do not pursue freighters and small ships. We have historically only hunted the larger org tagged ships. Our groups already PvP against each other. We haven't done a PvP event since the End of the World event in December. Since then we have only had solos and small groups go out for PvP, which has still been few and far between. Mostly we have been doing the same as everyone else, recovering from the .23 patch, mining, industry, and building more ships. We got bored. We crashed the party and ruined a lot of hard work, and for what? Some laughs... and hoping to fight some ATOM and some hopefully buffed Star Wars capital ships. As to the idea of waiting for DU to grow more... you may very well get what you request. BOO has diversified our gaming interests. We are playing Valheim, Starbase, and Last Oasis in addition to Dual Universe now. Don't worry though, we're still around and will still be active in Dual Universe. We will sporadically come out and throw down. So try to be prepared for us. Build meta ships. Bring your friends. You don't know when we will strike. Prepare for the changes that are coming. " - Sylva, on page 5 of this thread
  23. A classic case of vision getting in the way of good game design (also known as fun). This is a post about what civilization is / can be in Dual Universe, and perhaps what went wrong. Before diving in, here are some of my assumptions: - JC is a scientist, not a game designer - JC is a micromanager - JC does not want to listen to his devs (some of which worked for Ubisoft and know a thing or two about good game design and mechanics) - Because of the assumption above, I also assume there's a degree of conflict between devs and JC - I assume a lot might change up to release since this is a beta, but something tells me... not really, given the track record so far of very good ideas being thrown away or not listened to (classic examples include bot market orders screwup in beta, this was talked about extensively by Blazemonger and a slew of other people in the community, was completely ignored, and the results are clear) Lets get the whole "but it's a beta" shtick out of the way... if you can't, just pretend that you can. To the point: The game suffers from very bad game design choices. My stance is, if this game was really about civilization building, the mechanics of the game would be very different than they are now. What is civilization? organization of individuals into social bodies due to selective pressures characteristics of civilization include: social structure and hierarchy, efficiency, work organization, supply of needs, development of more efficient technologies selective pressures that create civilization include, but are not limited to: resource shortage, non-uniform resource distribution, geography, weather, proximity to neighboring civilizations, war, dangerous environment, dangerous neighbors I'm sure a lot of you have seen (or were part of groups that tried to build) cities in DU. Some have actually done so. The problem is, they are completely useless and empty. They look nice, there was tremendous effort in making them, but they are completely nonfunctional because no one needs to be in a city. And that is due to the fact that there really are no selective pressures for civilization at all. There is no reason to be in a group because there is no danger. There is no scarcity of distribution of regular ore. We have safezones on all planets, and a big giant safezone around three planets. Why would anyone live in a city? There are no "white-collar" and "service" game mechanics that characterize cities. DU has no danger element at all (even in pvp zone, if you don't fly in the pipe, you're pretty much golden) DU has no progressive tech tree DU has no progression, it has quanta gates for elements that anyone can acquire and use given they have the quanta for it I can go on, but for an analysis of "civilization" just read this discord post: https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/304455542162587649/80629454165311491 I know this is wishful thinking at this point, but DU would be much better off with actual game design: Better Talent System: scrap the Eve talents system (some things should really not be copied), instead have a tech progression tree where you unlock technologies you can use. And have the skill grow based on your activity in the game, not a set amount of points per hour. It's gamey , it's simple, it's fun, it's very intuitive. And you can always add more tech to the tree indefinitely as the game grows. This will allow whole orgs to gravitate towards a direction in the tech tree so we actually get diversity in org playing styles. For example, one org can develop their pvp armadas with ballistics (machine guns, gattling guns, big bertha weapons), another org might focus their armada pvp tech research into laser or electonic warfare. The same can go with unlocking building technologies. The same can go for politics and leadership styles within an org. Have it all be a research tree. There are countless ways of adding diversity and different paths to a game using this mechanic instead of the Eve Talent Points system. Safe Zones: seriously.. is Sanc Moon not enough? The game lacks any danger and people just stop playing because of tedium and burn out. You won't believe how hard it is to convince people to gather into PVP events in this game because they're just too bored of it, it has zero consequence. Sanc moon is a sanctuary moon. That is its purpose. Better Consequences: This game has the wrong consequences. What seems to be happening is a bunch of nerfing to create more consequences in the game, such as talk about nerfing linked container distance, brakes, mining, this whole permadamage to elements, etc. How about actual danger, not the tedium of fixing and replacing parts? How about lowering the cost of building guns and ammo? Halfing most of the voxel HP? How about designing the game so that more people can get into pvp easier, and if they lose, the cost isn't too great that they are discouraged from ever trying it again? JC should actually listen to his devs and game designer (if he has one): lets face it, economists, mathmeticians, scientists, or whoever NQ may or may not consult about their game.. they are not playing the game. WE ARE. What we are witnessing is the result of the disconnect between how gamers play and how JC thinks a game should run. And it is our wallets that are paying. This means JC should listen to his devs. This means JC should really hire a game designer, they are a rare species and it's difficult to find a good one, but if you do, please listen to that person. JC may know stuff about robotics, but as I see it, he has no clue about human psychology, especially gamer psychology. My rant is over. Catch me outside how bout dat.
  24. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp “Come As You Are.” Link to old thread Band of Outlaws is a honey badger worshiping space cartel within Dual Universe. We plan to be the premiere organization for those who enjoy a less than serious organization, with a cartel/mafia theme to spice up our unique community culture. Our goal is to always enjoy the game, and to knock over as many sand castles as we can. We are happy to accept mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, traders, builders, explorers, and any other play style in this game. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from. We also understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. Already want to join? Scroll down to the bottom for the info. Unlike the majority of organizations within Dual Universe who want to create their own space empires or industrial mega corporations, we wanted to create the first Cartel for the game and its community. BOO will provide many services ranging from discreet goods transportation, a bounty hunters network, asset security, and everything else in between. All of which can be purchased for the right price of course. We wanted to create a community in DU that did not take itself seriously, but could still be a powerhouse organization through economics, industrial power, force if necessary, and memes. We intend to help with the construction of neutral, free trade player hubs like our Project: Tortuga. Tortuga is our code name for one of Dual Universe’s first planned neutral player hubs that will be created on a planet when the game releases. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Destiny 2, Path of Exile, Hell Let Loose, Overwatch, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game. Strength in numbers: Being the 2nd largest organization in Dual Universe, we have more than enough manpower to protect our own assets and those of our members. PVP: Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies? Did that space trucker look at you sideways? Just like to see the galaxy burn? We can ensure you that we will do all of that and more. We love PVP, do you love PVP? PVE: Huh? Industrial Powerhouse: We have some of the brightest minds in the DU community theory-crafting our industrial process’ for churning out our ships and construction materials to keep you busy if building and production is your forte. Ship Replacement Program: We like PVP, did we tell you that yet? While we will be blowing holes in other players’ ships, some will be blown into ours as well. We can keep you in the fight with our organization funded SRP program where you will be given a free replacement for your ships if they are lost/destroyed on BOO business and operations. A true gaming community: DU isn’t our only game, join our Discord server of 400+ members to hang out with a community of somewhat likable nerds. Come for the memes, and stay for the memes. Memecrafting: We live by the meme, and we die by the meme. BOO is not a democracy, but we place our members as the number one focus of our community. Everything our leadership does is done with that goal in mind, and if it doesn’t work/fit our culture or it just chaffs the community in the wrong way, then we find something else that does work and keep moving forward. This keeps our foundation strong, and allows our community as a whole to adapt to whatever it needs to adapt to in order to keep everyone happy and having fun. Our leadership volunteers their free time to ensure that BOO is always at its best, and that our members are taken care of. Below is a quick diagram of our current leadership. Like any good space cartel, we are also home to several organizations within BOO. Groups like Vanguard, a private mercenary corporation, benefit from everything that BOO offers its core members without losing their own identity and autonomy. We like to call these groups SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. Special Interest Groups help to provide day-to-day content for their members. To apply to BOO as a SIG, go to this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 BOO is all about quality over quantity, and with that, we have some standards we put in place that we would like potential members to meet. Our Discord server and wherever else we hang out is always filled with the finest quality of meme’s in Dual Universe. Seriously, we’re home to some of the most iconic memes in DU already. Here is what we call "The Code", these are our community guidelines, and is what every member will follow in Dual Universe and other games. That’s really it. If you can meet those expectations, and feel that you would be a good fit in our community, then we want you. The recruitment process is simple, and you only need to submit an application to our group on the community portal, and to also be sure you join our Discord server to conduct a quick one-on-one interview with one of our recruiters where you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you are a good fit for us. NOTE: If you are wanting to apply as a SIG, contact Cybrex on the forums, or on our Discord server. Applying as an organization? Contact our Diplomacy Director, Cybrex, to inquire about joining BOO with your organization as a Special Interest Group. You can also join our Discord server, where someone on our Diplomacy team will get with you as soon as they can to get the process going. If you are ready to apply as a SIG, then please visit this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 Applying as a member? Sweet! Send your application to us on the community portal here, and be sure to join our Discord server so we can conduct your interview. You can also contact our Internal Affairs Director, Anslem Vry. NOTE: If you apply and do not join our Discord server after a week from submission, your application will be denied by default. “Come As You Are.” Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp
  25. When the game was first pushed out to the public, it was everything that No Man's Sky wasn't and more. However, with how is the game has been developing over the course of 2020 the picture of DU that was painted is completely opposite from the reality of the game in it's current state. As a result, those who've walked away from the game are either gone due to overwhelming burnout, resentment from disappointment, or are simply waiting for Novaquark to get this game back on track. While this game provides "Unprecedented Freedom" (per the latest youtube commercial) the path to getting there and the grind feels ... nearly fruitless. While most content is player created, Novaquark seriously needs to consider taking a more active role in making NPC content, bots to help bolster activity on both PVE and PVP front and create more for a burned out community to engage in. Sure, there's still people who play the game and use the markets and enjoy the game for where it's at. However, the .23 patch rubbed a sizable portion of the populous the wrong way. Now, you have bad word of mouth and a larger sullied populous of people unhappy with what's been done to the game. Asteroids are a great start, however it is similar to giving a hungry 12 year old kid a lolly pop expecting the child to not be hungry for real food later. The real food resides in creating: Frequently Randomly generated NPC PVP ships and haulers that people can attack Activity is low and the remaining PVPers are beginning to fade out the door because the fullfillment and drive just isn't there. Giving us constant food will keep us around longer than Randomly generated asteroids ever could It will be the first legitimate source of continuous content for the community and something worth playing the game for It will be something worth advertising as you will see more and more battles take place in space on much larger scales than ever before People will begin to believe you're turning the game around for the better and the Positive word of mouth will begin to spread Frequent and plentiful NPC Generated Missions for the Mission System Again, another source of content to engage in because the community is too burnt out to create the content on a continuous basis. In addition there's not enough activity, drive or even sources of income to support making missions all the time It will be yet another legitimate source of content for people to get immersion in better word of mouth More stuff to advertise Asteroids Regularly patrolled by NPCs Players are burning themselves out by having to mine more than they PVP. As a result they get pissed and walk away. Break the vicious cycle by auto-generating NPC ships that keep people busy and that way we can salvage them instead of eachother. Again more content for us to engage in more to advertise about People will definitely come back to the game New system Event Make events that will allow us to discover parts to construct a galactic probe for probing new systems and even parts to construct a Stargate. Don't do like you've normally done and lean so extreme to one side and make it next to impossible for people to engage in or have fun. If you start any feature on holy $#!7 mode then only 10 out of 1000 people will try it. Too hard or too tedious = not fun = not profitable = no money for NQ and no subscribers. NO LOCK AND FIRE FOR AVA Starbase and many other games do not use it. Lock and fire method of PVP was fun for ships at first but then just became excessively boring. Seeing the same crap for AVA will only stand to piss people off and drive them away. This WILL hurt your notoriety and eventually your $$$. Find a way to make a real 1st person shooter possible and this game will have more activity than NQ knows what to deal with. It may even lead to another round of investing because of the increase level of activity NQ has to deal with. Please please please get away from Lock-n-Fire for AvA for the Love of all things holy DON'T DO IT.
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