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  1. Hello all Noveans, So ive made a small program that i call Screen++ that enables you to add animations to your screens easily. You can use it to create geometrical shapes like ovals, circles or lines and animate them. You can make the geometrical shapes to move in x or y coordinate or change the colors of the border och background of the shapes in intervalls. You can add text and animate them the same way you can animate the geometrical shapes. Check out the newest version (below) to see what new features has been added. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Three years and half after pre alpha launch, the best period ever for DU, everything got overcomplicated, heavy and excruciatingly laggy, especially at the introduction of industry 2.O which has changed till now fps, lag and loading times for everyone, but since the developers aren't testing nor playing their own game, very little have been done concerning the content and game mechanics. Since the beginning JC pretends that he wants to control the visual aspect of the game, but look at the thousands of player made atrocities and piles of elements scattered everywhere For th
  3. About This is a basic autopilot script that can accelerate your construct towards a planet and later apply brakes to stop. Vertical space engines are used to control drift. Requirements Space brakes, 1.5+ g. Vertical space engines (pointing down), 0.3+ g. A remote controller or a separate hovercraft seat. Limitations No manual piloting. Use another script to get to space and to land. No collision avoidance. Make sure there are no planets, moons, asteroids, space stations or pirates between you and the destination. Planet positions are st
  4. Purpose, Makes lights randomly change rgb colour and cycles them to give a breathing effect. Level: Lua beginner = cut and paste code, create filters unit start and system update in lua editor , DU = know how to link lights to a programming board Build You need 1 Programming Board(PB) and some lights. Connect the lights to the PB and name each slot in the lua editor (Ctrl L) you have connected l1 , l2 etc. If you don't want 8 then edit the source code and remove. code is below. Other stuff you can do : add a detector to autostart , change paramet
  5. i know i need to use a programming board but cant for the life of me find a tutorial on exactly how to accomplish this, id be super grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading and good day Novians
  6. This is the result of running the globals dumping script in-game on constructs that had various elements attached to them. Some exposed functions were called with pcall. The first value indicates whether the call was successful, the second is the actual function return value. All functions that return a vector return it as a table, not as a vec3 structure. Usually such functions will be called like this: local worldGravity = vec3(core.getWorldGravity()). Boolean values are returned as a number 0 or 1, and not as true or false. Element events are not listed here, as they
  7. So You can no longer control warp drive with Lua Apparently it was because of emergency jump systems people made to avoid being pirated while hauling long distance and going afk and it was unfair for pirates. I believe the change is stupid because now it's unfair for everyone else but pirates, you have a warp drive and you can't even use it to run away? So here I'm suggesting my solution: Add jump calculation timer to warp drives. The timer should last like 1 minute or 90 sec, not sure how long, that time will have to be balanced. During jump calculation players cannot change thei
  8. Basic Ore Monitor. Requires 3 Programming Boards 2 Databanks --two is needed to prevent weird code crossing bugs. later this may be less when they fix bug. 20 Containers of same Size 1 screen 1 switch 1 relay PB1->switch-> relay-> PB2 PB3 Create Events in Lua Editor and Paste the Following as Instructed. 9/17 - Fixed parameter for single boards.Changed some names and Added more exports Programming Board 1 -- Can do 9 Containers OR Read from Databanks ---screen ---databank-----only if your doing more than 9 items added last
  9. Die Mystic Dynasty hat sich folgende Bereiche zur Aufgabe gemacht: 1. Mining und Expansion 2. Schiffsbau und Design 3. Produktion und Forschung 4. Schiffshandel und Marketing Was wir dir bieten können: 1. Industrie auf Alioth 2. Discord für gemütliche Unterhaltungen. 3. Projekte innerhalb der einzelnen Bereiche sowie Corpweite Events. 4. Einführung in Dual Universe für Neulinge 5. Voxelmancy 6. LUA Programmierung 7. Du hast Familie kein Problem Das erwarten wir von dir: 1. Frustresistenz -
  10. Main Page/Git Repo Features: All anti-gravity measurements and controls on one screen. Logarithmic altitude scale for more control at lower altitudes. Set target altitude with a slider or step at any power of 10 from 1 to 10,000 meters. Set target altitude to current altitude in one click. Lock controls to prevent accidental clicks. Power on and unlock protected by a drag-to-activate mechanism to prevent accidental disabling. Requirements: Anti-Gravity Generator (of appropriate size for ship core and with the appropriate num
  11. Here is a quick video tutorial on how to install and some basic usage for this version. ➡️Video Tutorial⬅️ It was brought to my attention that the spoilers were giving errors when pasted to the programming boards. The spoilers were removing bits of the JSON for some reason. So instead, I have added links to the code located between these ➡️⬅️. You can either right click the link and Save As. Or you can click on the link which will open a new page. You copy and paste the entire page into your programming board. This is a work in progress. The development is
  12. Hello Dualiers, You are building your new starbase, with a magnificent hangar, and other amazing things, and you decide to let an AI manage it, yet it is all bland and lifeless, but you just remember there is the Text to speech api!!! so you give life and activity to your starbase, hearing the resonant control tower voices in the main hangar (note it is pressurized ofc) I think it would be great to add it, there is an open source cpp lib for it: http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/index.html it would be great if you added these sounds to the echo features for great spaces. api
  13. I dropped my old scripts from alpha into a repository: https://github.com/Helediron/dualuniverse No license nor usage restrictions.
  14. I run a L core factory and in a different location a S core store. If the store and factory were both in the same core I would be able to move stock from production side to sales side automatically. Since they are in different cores there is no way to move stock (that I am aware of) other than going to one location, sticking it in your cargo and going to the next location. 400 years in the future (not counting time in deep sleep) and you are telling me we can’t have a delivery drone 😩 Would it not not be possible to be able to link two cores together so they
  15. I just spent about 3days coding a preliminary ATC system for the org I'm in. It was working (for me) but realised the script in the tower shuts off if I wander >1km away or log off. This makes the ATC system worthless entirely. From what I can tell, LUA currently is mostly limited to things like cargo / inventory management (or making HTML games). Which is INCREDIBLY limiting. I think it would be cool to give players/orgs an 'allotment' to run / host scripts on a server. This would allow really cool systems such as ATC, Automated taxi lanes etc to work. For those sup
  16. About This is a short script that prints base max thrust of linked engines. It can serve as an example, and may also be used to detect which engines do not have a technician buff applied to them. Set-up Place a programming board. Link up to 10 engines to the programming board. In the Lua editor (right-click, "Advanced", "Edit Lua code") create a unit start() event handler with this code: -- detect linked engines local engines = {} for key, value in pairs(unit) do if type(value) == "table" and type(value.export) == "table" then -- `value` is an element a
  17. Like the title says, this is probably a simple question but I'm having an issue getting any kind of custom tweaking done in my ship. Hopefully one of you knowledgeable folks can let me know where I've gone wrong. Currently my ship is setup as a flying construct with the mouse-point control method. I figured I'd start with some 'simple' adjustments so that the ship behaved differently when below a certain speed to simplify the landing process. Apparently I was too ambitious, because when I try to fly the ship it locks up the controls and I get a lovely red "LUA Error" message.
  18. I have been working on a script to construct HTML for those who want a simple tool yet quite powerfull I hope. The Idea is to have the script as a file in your Lua environement and just use the require() function, then start building your HTML. There is a demo at the end of the script (put the commented lines in your unit.start then uncomment them) HTMLhandler = require(HTMLhandler) HUD = HTMLhandler:Create(system) Features: The tool accept multiple monitors at once, like several screens or HUD (system). myHTMLhandler:Create(system,screen1) Simple usage:
  19. About This tool enables a somewhat different way of writing Dual Universe scripts. It takes a single Lua file that defines a global object with event handlers, and automatically generates a script configuration that can be pasted into a control unit. This allows writing the entire script outside the game, and automates away the need to manually set up each event handler. Prerequisites Some knowledge of Dual Universe Lua scripting (watch the official tutorial) Be able to run a Lua script from the command line. Download wrap.lua example-input.lua
  20. How can i change the item my refiner is producing? I only found the different starting and stopping methods in the Help(F1) documentation. Do i really need to setup multiple refiners to get all ores automated? That would be heavy on the already poor performance.
  21. This is the output of a script that dumps all global variables. Lua coders may find this somewhat useful. The script was run in r0.21.2 on a hovercraft seat that has 2 fuel tanks and a radar linked. Some functions were called with pcall. The first value indicates whether the call was successful, the second is the actual return value or the error message. To see only elements' functions, visit this topic. Dumping script The script used for dumping is based on something I found on Stack Overflow, with some extensions. In unit start():
  22. As a future developer in Dual Universe, the idea of DACs as payment seems like an interesting prospect. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like a bit of a d-bag move on the part of the developers. I don't want this to be an overtly negative post, but bear with me.. I intend to be creating a whole lot of stuff in game, ships, defenses, tools, etc. with full Lua scripting to back them all up. These things will take a TON of time to develop if you hope to have a decent result from them. However, with the Dual Access Coupons being the only *real* form of payment I can hope to
  23. So I was wondering. We will be able to script in LUA, which is pretty cool. But what if we were able to have databases as well to store and fetch data? Think about the world of programming it would open : statistics, history, logging, stock situation of a warehouse, forecast... basically all information-based services! It could be done with a database element that would whether : - Connect to a reserved database on NQ servers, one on each account to which you could assign rights (to allow organizations to use it) - Connect to an external database on the user's PC or on online.
  24. I know that "predefined sounds" is on the "Considered" list on Trello: https://trello.com/c/HVdTjEsH/51-functional-scriptable-speakers-able-to-play-predefined-sounds While I think that would be cool, I think it would be cooler if we had access to a synth sound module through LUA to build and sequence our own custom sounds. Writing sound synthesis by hand isn't unheard of in LUA, for example: And even more, here are some tracks composed entirely with LUA: https://soundcloud.com/luehi/systemf https://soundcloud.com/luehi/
  25. Hey, will there be a kind of Database? Or maybe just a storage for Plain text? If not, please integrate it!!! It would offer so many cool things ! The second idea that i have would be a Networking System between single stations. Further it would be nice to have a quantum cummunicator (for the LUA machines) to communicate beyond planets.
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