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  1. Daphne thx for the reply! I should have been more specific about the build, when I take off to fly and I reach space, only 3 out of my 4 L Space engines come on and if I try to add it manually it tells me the controller is full so yes it is a pretty large ship, there’s like 6 vert boosters, 6 hovers, and 10 engines total and a radar, I’ve literally spent at least 3 hours just searching and reading and watching every single thing I could find on the topic but being fairly new to the game none of what I found actually address my particular issue, anyway thx again and I’m gonna check out the one
  2. i know i need to use a programming board but cant for the life of me find a tutorial on exactly how to accomplish this, id be super grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading and good day Novians
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