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  1. yes your right. wel then I will go there too. how did I miss that topic.. though having 1 channel for tons of people seems questionable at best.
  2. So its coming, The so called Pre Alpha. that aside, How about those who have access find some place to have voicechat together? doesnt that sound intresting? I think it does... although I do suggest a place that allows multiple rooms since then we could maybe use it as a DIY faction system >0< let us commence the piracy! or just role play both is fine, those that are mic shy just listing could be fun too! since we are all about to set foot in a whole new world.. I think we should make it special event even if this voice chat thing only lasts for like a day. this can be on Discord (personal choice) or Team speak or maybe you fancy weird glitchy skype? or maybe you have a diffrent platform that works good. ofcourse if we take a platform like team speak or discord we need some sort of moderation, to keep it friendly now I have no expirience in moderating things as I am not the most social person. so please share your thoughts! if anyone els is intrested please let me know :3 Yours sincerly Levaritie (self proclaimed great sleepy one) Ofcourse, if I missed a topic that already disccuss this subject I would like to know.
  3. The brain is a complex organ that uses all sorts of ways to communicate with every bit and piece. the most notable one is chemical synapses. The sun is a thermal nuclear fusion device that runs for x-amount of time before going either cold or explode depending on mostly its mass. the point here is though, the sun radiates all sorts of radiation sure most of it is blocked by the heliosphere but what I am getting at is we started of as single cellular organisms slowly evolving in more complex organisms. we developed a brain that is used to the radiation as is on earth. the sun ofcourse slowly changes as it gets older and older but we havent existed with our brain as is for relatively a long time compared to the sun. since our live standards have increased the rate at wich genetic mutations become dominant have slowed down to a relatively slow speed. so now what happens when a human stands on a planet with supports earth-like life? short awnser: I dont know. probably nothing. More intresting awnser: the differance in solar activity could (slowly?) mess with our emotions reasoning and other horrible (Intresting) brain activity. I havent actualy read a sf novel that did anything with this idea maybe its just a weird fantasy I had. I though maybe this comunity could find some intrest in this. anyway I felt like expressing this. think what you want
  4. Wel I do believe Duality could be a subject to converse about, since its rather broad. though looking for maybe a different angle The reason it could be called dual universe is maybe because Andromeda and Milky way have underwent the fusion or are about to in the lore. I havent actualy taken a look at the lore I should do that. but in a sense when they come close to each other the galaxies will preform a dance of sorts wich could be called a duet so maybe thats the source of the name? but to behonest this is also just a random though that popped in my head when I asked this question. If you dont know what I am talking about there are a few simulations of galaxies combining with one another its realy pretty recommend giving it a look.
  5. Hi Why is the game called Dual Universe? Will there be more then one universe to explore?(fine by me) Is it just a catchy name?(fine by me) Thats whats on my mind. right now. (if this question was already awnsered sorry I couldn't find it, though I didnt give it more then 4 minutes looking)
  6. Why is the game called Dual Universe?

  7. characters in love that have hard time being honest.. huhuhu..

  8. (introduction huh.. uh..) Hi I am Levaritie! The great and all mighty and all powerfull keeper of knowlege..... waa I actualy said that, I want to crawl in a hole. Wel actualy I am just a reader of fantasy novels. lately I have discovered the addiction that is light novels and web novels from japan. I have been looking at this game for a few months now I believe since august I cant remember. since I pleged to the game I had to make a Account, wich lat me to the though "maybe I should introduce my self" so I figured why not. I am typicaly rather avoiding of crowded places, actualy any human being that has eyes. But from time to time I to crave for social interaction at those times I can be quite fun to hang out with. The rest of the time I am reading or either play games or write my own stories. If one where to ask why did you plege for Dual Universe, wel I have have hopes for Dual Universe + space is cool. I have emotional/psychological problems from time to time I refer to as "A meltdown" so if I dispear its probly that. Thats about all you need to know about me I guess. If it wasnt clear I like reading books.. so.. build libraries in your ships! Uh.. Lets get along!
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