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  1. I'm a former QA tester who has become a professional voice actor. So, I guess I communicate well.
  2. Bulk fuel transfers would be the fastest servicing possible, I would imagine. Very much like the scene in "The Fifth Element". I often wonder why long-haul electric vehicles wouldn't use a similar process. A semi pulls into a station, the depleted battery/is swapped out for a fully charged one and the truck rolls out. The depleted battery is then connected to a charging system which fills it back up more slowly, which is better for the battery's overall life. (but this has nothing really to do with DU)
  3. It would be easy enough to simulate. Since it is always noon and always high summer, there would be no reason to program a day/night cycle or seasons. It would simply be bright and hot all the time.
  4. Trendane

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    This is an intriguing idea. It would enable the potential for a deeper lore to any object or item offered up by creators. My only worry would be that there needs to be some for of curation process to prevent such a system from being abused.
  5. discordauth:iPhT6OdmXfkH_v1hvHaY5CKzq0Ty3cwneLvel_E99ZE=

  6. I will roleplay as much as I possibly can. I did it in "Life Is Feudal", "SecondLife" and, most prevalently, "World Of Warcraft". The RP likely won't be as deeply involved as it was in WoW, but it'll still be something I'm looking for.
  7. I play Empyrion off and on with a small group. It still has some aspects of it which inhibit long-term gameplay, but we still enjoy playing it in short bursts and it's improving with every update. Novus Inceptio is also getting better as updates progress, but it's not really something which can hold my interest for extended periods as I am not really a builder. Beyond that, not a great deal. The occasional bout in Armello or Skyrim...logging into Star Trek Online for a couple of minutes before realizing I still don't like it....running that Gundo Covalex Shipping Hub / PI Wanted mission I love so much in Star Citizen... But mostly, I just play D&D since RP is my jam.
  8. If we encounter an alien race, they will either be more primitive than we, equally advanced, or ahead of us. If we are more advanced than they are, they will either see us as gods (if they are significantly behind us) or they will covet our technology (not unlike we would in real life if an alien race came by). If they are equally or more advanced, they might have a bit of a problem with us slamming a colony ship into their planet like Cleopatra's Needle and taking their resources for ourselves.
  9. I may be remembering this incorrectly but, as you gain more speed, don't you also gain more mass? This would mean that the engines would have add more thrust to move the heavier ship. Eventually, you'd cap out where there simply wasn't enough power to accelerate the increasing mass.
  10. My impression from the story was that many ships were sent out in different directions, constantly scanning systems as they passed through, looking for worlds which would support its passengers. If that is so, then Alioth was discovered, en route, by the ship itself.
  11. Trendane


    It would be really boring to you. This is the only reason I really liked battlegrounds in WoW. I had the option to engage in PvP when I wanted to, on my terms. The rest of the time, I remained un-flagged and delightfully 'safe' in my heavy RP guild on one of the best RP servers there was. And Star Trek Online lured me in with the dream of sailing off to undiscovered wonders....but everywhere I went, there was nothing but combat missions. It took less than a day before I shut the program off and never fired it up again. For me, it was about options. I could enjoy my simple, peaceful life until I craved a bit of action. Once I'd had my fill, I could go back to my peaceful life. As long as a game can give me the option to engage in the kind of gameplay I'm looking for, I'll play it. As soon as I'm compelled to engage in something I don't find enjoyable, well...I've got better things to do with my time.
  12. Would a small amount of backlighting help? One of the parts which looks the best to me is the faint light reflecting off of the downward face of the front cube. It gives a strong sense of the light bouncing up off of the floor and just barely illuminating the edge of that face. A tiny about of back light might help to more clearly define the edges of the cubes.
  13. I voted 'No' on this, but I'd like to explain the reason why and the conditions under which I would take action against another player or their resources/assets. By and large, I'm pretty much a pacifist and will only engage in aggressive behavior if there is no other recourse. That said, I have worked video game QA for several years and there are several features of this game which would need to be tested to ensure that they work as intended. If I'm going to go after someone else, or anything that belongs to them, it will be for the purposes of testing the mechanic and I'm going to tell them first so that we can both verify the functionality from our respective sides of the feature. Once the game is released and the public begins playing it, any such action from me would be EXTREMELY rare.
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