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  1. Honestly, I don`t think that DU will have a big or active RP community. This game is made to "mine" and "evolve". There is no time to RP imo.
  2. 😂🤣 Danke für die Antworten. Ist ein offenes, nettes Konzept was ihr da verfolgt.
  3. If you want to put some sci-fi mystery in the game you will need some programmed objects like UFOs or threatening beast like lifeforms.
  4. Wieviele Mitglieder habt ihr denn bis jetzt? Dürfen auch Leute beitreten, die nicht an Kampfhandlungen und Handel interessiert sind?
  5. Thank you for your answers so far. It`s exiting that NQ is saying nothing about mysteries, threads or secrets inside the Dual Universe. It`s like "everyting can happen" and with the new sponsor on board, all milestones (known and internal) have been reached. DU will be something very exiting, something big every gamer will talk about...
  6. You can build bases, ships and constructs. You can explore the universe and digging for ore and minerals. You can build up an organisation - even a whole state. You can build weapons and start a war. So when I´m not interested in being part of an organisation and not interested in battling because it`s a pure waste of ressources in my opinion. I build my base and my ships and then? What is left to do? I can explore but for what deeper sense? There is no NPC thread attacking my bases or construcs. What can I find as an pure explorer to get satisfied with the game?
  7. Exactly. I consider this as a huge advantage.
  8. There is no similar game out there. Technically DU is (or will be) unique and there is also no MMO that puts elements from Minecraft and Eve Online together
  9. Well spoken. All people who recognize the enormous potential of DU get fascinated immedtately.
  10. Oh, a new killing thread. I´m curious if people will be able to build just one piece of a construct outside the savety zone without being killed.
  11. This was very impressive. This is a revolution in MMO and online gaming!
  12. They could make a planet called Alioth Beta (where all structures built by players during beta-phase will remain) and hide this planet somewhere in the (Dual) Universe. This would be cool.
  13. What about smaller teams hacking nodes? They even don´t need to fight.
  14. So no suggestions for the devs. They call for help if they need some right?
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