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  1. Gerald_Deemer

    Space music

    Nice thread by the way. Great idea! First one is for exploring and mining. Second one is for "action sequences"
  2. Gerald_Deemer

    two questions

    It´s a long term project. Maybe things like that will come in future but I think this is not of high priority because who wants to sit in his well designed living room when there is a universe to explore/built/conquer?
  3. Gerald_Deemer

    Can't update pledge

    ummm.... no
  4. Gerald_Deemer

    Q&A Compilation Thread

    I hope its all of them...somehow... Well if you are attacked by intelligent enemys they will stop shooting BEFORE your ship explodes to get some loot out of it. If your ship gets completely destroyed there is nothing to grab for the aggressors. Maybe there is a way to do a lua script that says if your ship shield drops to 10% execute an auto getaway to the next safe zone.
  5. Gerald_Deemer

    Can't update pledge

    So many backers just want to upgrade the pledge. What they see is the black hole saying "error 500" Even today - tried it moments ago. NQ should fix this asap. People are willing to pay more! Let them do so!
  6. Gerald_Deemer

    The Subscription System

    Thank you all. I understand now.
  7. Gerald_Deemer

    The Subscription System

    What content? That´s the question. There is just a giant sandbox with millions of players in it. There will be no "new content"
  8. Gerald_Deemer

    The Subscription System

    @Warden and Merwyn: Well I think they all got paid already or would you work for years without payment? Renting a high end server costs 14,95$ per month. Can´t be that expensive. Wow! So all FTP MMOs are made by volunteers? (sarcasm) I see your point. They all need to be paid for creating no further content. Just traveling around the world and presenting the game. Cool. ( this was a joke) Seriously: I think the costs will be refinanced within the first 6 months after launch. Let´s say 1 year after lauch. And then? Either NQ will boot half of it´s staff (which is not unusual in the gaming industry) or they need thier programmers to create content. But nobody can say what "content" really is in Dual Universe. At that point a monthly fee is no longer bearable and they have to go FTP (with lootboxes or shops)
  9. Gerald_Deemer

    What makes this game stand out?

    Single shard server for unlimited players. No other company offers this.
  10. Gerald_Deemer

    The Subscription System

    What is the monthly fee for? Just for saving the players progress? Novaquark just has to keep the server(s) running. They don´t have to create new content, they don´t have to create new maps or zones. There are no quests, no NPCs no PVE content. Don´t get me wrong, I´m willing to pay a monthly fee but I would like to know what for as the community is generating all the content.
  11. Gerald_Deemer

    Meeting the Aliens.

    Until the first star gate is built and everyone can buy a blueprint of it. I think there should be lots of mysteries in the game. This is a space simulation! It´s predestined to have mysteries in it.
  12. Gerald_Deemer

    Newest DevDiary

    Nice video. Looking forward to the creations of the "pre-alpha community"
  13. Gerald_Deemer

    Last Post Wins

    Doulbe posting means title defence in this game, right?
  14. Gerald_Deemer

    Making a planet into a ship

    Somebody watched "Gorath" a few days ago....
  15. Gerald_Deemer

    Meeting the Aliens.

    “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” I think NQ will do the right thing...