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  1. Quick Idea here; a nanopack tool that allows you to 'pack up' a construct and place it in a linked container, store it all as a single unit (not separated into component elements, voxels, and etc), and then 'unpack' and deploy the construct when needed. NO fussing about dismantling it bit by bit. No messing with LUA configs and scripts when re-deploying it. Just a simple way to pick up, store, and place constructs with little effort. (Also, until docking works reliably this would be pretty useful)
  2. I'm not sure how discovering a comet would work--maybe survey telescopes or radar stations. But once it gets close enough to form a tail everyone would be able to see it. Until that, I could see players and orgs that discover a comet auctioning off it's location for ridiculous amounts of money (like, tens or hundreds of millions maybe). Even if it only gets you a few days head start that'd be enough time to at least set up shop and secure a large chunk of comet. Once the word gets out though I can see entire impromptu orgs and alliances forming up whenever a comet appears. Like, mining orgs,
  3. Hmm... Well, we could all get out one one side of the comet and push it away from the sun...unless it's fixed to a path. Though I'd love to see an org or alliance of orgs building a fleet of ships just to move a comet. That'd instantly make EVE Online's battles look like small potatoes--we here in DU are moving comets with hand-built ships the size of cities. Also, I don't remember if I said this, but when FTL is a thing maybe some Oort cloud objects like super cold comets could be added. Or give Ion or some other planet a captured comet for a moon?
  4. Sorry, I meant to say that comets would be more or less the only place for super rare ores (like Tier 6, 7, or higher) when more are added to the game. Perhaps there could be one or two planets or moons with a few locations with some ore deposits (like old craters from ancient comet collisions). But those would be few and far between, and deposits would be incredibly difficult to find. While you have to wait for comets, they would have larger and more densely packed ore deposits. So aside from waiting, getting there, digging through ice, and dealing with other players, mining a comet for supe
  5. Here's just a quick idea, but Comets could be an interesting new type of body that could be added into the game. Especially if comets are implemented as more than just a new type of simple and static body, but something dynamic and dangerous. TLDR Below (Cause I write this all in two ways: A short summary. And a big text dump that's as much an explanation of my idea as it is me figuring it all out as I write). My idea for a comet in DU would be as a transient body that would appear and disappear in game every few weeks or months. Each comet would spawn on the outskirts
  6. Just an idea I thought I'd post--or rather one idea with a bunch of smaller sub ideas. But, I think engines and fuel types in the game are fine, but they're lacking variety and versatility that would make building ships more interesting and challenging. Not that we need changes now, but I think some additions and changes to the fuel mechanics would be beneficial later on in development. Anyway, here are my ideas: Also, TLDR at the bottom. 1. Fuel Manifold: An element that allows multiple fuel tanks to be linked together and treated as a single larger tank (like a contai
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  8. Been there, done that. Will try again though. Thanks.
  9. I bet I'm not the first but more like the 400th person to post something like this, but I need a mod. Specifically, I need a mod to verify my account so I can actually post and take part in discussions here. I don't know if I did something wrong but I haven't been "confirmed" for about a month and I'm hoping this post gets their attention.
  10. Hmm... waiting two weeks to get a moderator to approve me. Hmm...

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