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  1. How do I use the maneuver tool? Because what I nose dive my adjusters don't do anything.
  2. i've just started playing the game and finally got my first ship. the moment i took off i accidently planted the nose into the ground and now its unmovable. i asked for support help and they realigned it back to normal and told me next time to use my WASD keys to fix it. but now ive done it again and nothing will even budge it. its quite troublesome to constantly ask for dev help on something that should be trivial. does anyone have any helpful tips to fix my now static ship?
  3. I think what I'm trying to ask is does the trading console share posts across the whole game or only in that region. If it's across the whole game then it defeats the purpose of havinn traders buy at low prices in one place and sell high in others. If the trade consoles are regionally based then player would not be able to see posts from another planet thus forcing players to move the merchandise to a profitable location. This is how the real world works and that is what I'm trying to find out.
  4. How does the trading system work? When you go up to a trading console and buy materials, is the pricing based on that city or regions supply and demand? Or is it based galactic supply and demand? What I mean for example. When you go shopping at an ore refinery place would the resource be at a lower price than buying at a large city? When you do buy things through the console is the materials instantly teleported to you or your ship? The reason I as is I wanted to know if it's possible for things like trade routes to be developed and defender tasks where people can
  5. i don't think everyone compeletly sees my vision. in my mind standardized construction mostly effects large ships and structors especially when you wish to dock a large ship with a station or building. while you can have many differnt designs for both structors and large ships you will need some kind of design that can make docking for such ships easier. im not saying you cannot customize your ships or structors freely but that theres a set concept that people can use as a guide to make docking and transfers of materials easier.
  6. This is exactly why I made this post. But not everyone will be using door hangars. Some will want to build a hangar without doors or landing platforms around their base. In these situations you have to consider the same accommodations without having a door as a starting guide. This is why we need a standard set by the community for the community to better the future of DU
  7. I dont see anything I DU with shrink Ray's. Also that would be completely ineffective in something like this post. On top of that it would make construction even harder to unify when you can change the size of a ship constantly
  8. I don't follow you. What do you me by shrink beams
  9. I dont think everyone understands that it's not a limiting your creativity. It's just simply a guide to help unify the logistics across the DU
  10. so how do you recommend we grow this post in popularity?
  11. while i understand what your saying, you would be surprised how involved people are willing to be in a community. take ECO for example. ECO is a game that is heavily based on community cooperation similar to the way this game is being developed. there are many side effects involved in the game that continue to encourage players to work together to strive for efficiency and quality within the game. while DU is set up differently, there will still be problems created by the community that can be resolved. and it is a lot easier to resolve them now than to have player re conform their hangars and
  12. so the most important part of this is getting the comunity to recongnize that the problems we would face in the future without a recognized standard.
  13. especially if your housing a space hub to allow large ships to dock at. there has to be some kind of standards or it will hinder supply flow.
  14. while that is true you will also have other builders who will design their landing pads in a different size than someone else. in doing so some ship designs will be forced to land outside the base or structure due to its size being too large. this is why the decision to standardize landing pads would be driven by the community otherwise it wouldn't work. one org may have a smaller landing pad than another making deliveries more difficult between the 2 org. standardizing would be more like a "recommendation" not really a limiting factor but would be more effective if used universally.
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