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  1. When territory warfare gets implemented you can fight for your org? I don’t get this question. It’s a sandbox, you make your own goals/fun. NQ has already stated that pvp will be an equal part to many pillars of gameplay, not the main focus.
  2. I've had this happen before. I would try in order: force respawn delete cache then respawn uninstall and reinstall game Maybe move the game files to a bigger storage device? I've heard this can be the issue with login crashes It seems to be some bugged voxels that causes the crash so force respawn is usually all you need. If your respawn point is near where you load in then I don't have experience on how to fix it. Good luck
  3. I mean to be fair in terms of money the value of the backer packs was actually heavily increased by making the beta free for backers and 1-3 friends. We didn't know the beta would include a monthly sub back then but we also thought there would be a wipe at launch so this is at least a year of free progress for anyone who supported before beta. In terms of time backers are still getting exactly what they paid for in month of after-beta time. The items in the packs have been devalued since announcement but, so has every other in-game item
  4. I know there are big holes on Alioth and maybe some other planets. These natural holes have smooth edges but I was talking about specifically meganode-looking holes. Empty meganodes have a distinctive look with very jagged, pixelated edges and exactly one smooth side in a random direction. The empty holes that I and others have found look exactly like fully cleared out meganodes. Maybe these holes generate naturally but they look like they used to have ore in them, and I can't imagine they were there at planet generation because they are the same on several planets and look pretty ugly by them
  5. Yeah I’ve had this happen on Jago as well. It’s been speculated that NQ have removed all t4-5 meganodes on unscanned tiles after week 0. There are plenty of empty spaces where meganodes used to be but no tunnels leading to them, meaning a player couldn’t have mined them out. Other people are reporting the same thing.
  6. I've read a lot of the replies here and I haven't seen people talking about the other big change mentioned: Tier 2+ Elements and Industry Units I feel like this addition won't solve the issue of engine-spamming on ships in the current game but this is a great addition to plan for the upcoming core unit element restrictions. However I fear that adding more expensive industry units won't solve the problem of infinite industry growth. Even if they are really expensive, crafting timers are still pretty low and there's not much else to do right now other than build a factory
  7. I'm surprised this simple logic wasn't taken into consideration when designing these changes. Now the meta will just change to an L cube meta especially considering an L core has the most "energy" to hold bigger weapons on it. But more importantly, smal edit: why did you fix it it was cute
  8. Well according to multiple recent interviews, NQ is operating on very low resources right now. So while NQ can make whatever decisions about the game they want they also need money to keep the lights on and keep making those decisions. The argument is that NQ is forced to cater to their paying subscription members(people who joined the game two months ago at most, as well as brand new players) in order to stay afloat and continue developing the game.
  9. The devs should take note that the 2 most popular forum topics in the last couple weeks or so are either new players asking to refund/unsub, and old players saying there needs to be a wipe before release(after all core game features are implemented).
  10. This is a fantastic insight that might be why I am seeing significantly reduced t3-5 ore on my recent Jago scans compared to my scans from week 0 of beta (not restricted by NDA because I still have all those scans and I can show them to current players). I have scanned over a hundred tiles on and off for the last few weeks and the concentration of t3-5 ore is tiny compared to earlier. I have also come across a few fully cleared mega nodes of ore on those tiles. I just assumed a player mined them before I got there but NQ could have actually removed a significant portion of mega nodes from unsc
  11. I do find it interesting how NQ hasn't yet responded to any of the multiple posts asking for clarification on a wipe since the full beta launch. This shows to me that they still aren't fully sure that a wipe is off the table. This is speculation but I think NQ has seen all the exploits and imbalances that players have been using (not to mention the 2-year puzzle being solved) and are starting to consider a release wipe. They definitely don't want to lose their current player base of paying subs because they are very low on resources right now, but they have to balance that with the idea of cre
  12. I see the main problem with people asking for in game rescue right now is just how the communication system works. It is really hard to talk to people in game right now, especially players who you don’t know in real life. The only starting global channel is support which is always too crowded with new players asking how to place their speeders for anyone more experienced to try to learn about other chat channels like 911. This leaves almost all serious global chat to be done on discord, either the official one or various org discords. Ideally new players would use local channels to
  13. Yeah I used to load in fast and rarely crash at the start of beta but now it takes forever to load and I crash after I try to do literally anything. To the point where the game is completely unplayable. Even after I cleared the cache
  14. I have been waiting to play this for years and now I finally can yes!
  15. discordauth:wCIQqNUYmEuG34PX-7mDjIBwVxCdxRkBeFmGJEQyy90=

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