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  1. To everyone who didn't see Captain Jack's interview with JC today, JC made some clarifications. If NQ does a server wipe they will give everyone "magic blueprints" of their constructs that will not require materials to place so that people can keep their progress.
  2. Like I said Dumpeet, I hope they do a reset but it seems like they are getting pressured into not doing a reset. I also think new players don't understand the importance of wipes or that wipes are even on the table just from reading other forum posts. It seems like new players who have to pay monthly are assuming they will keep all their progress and will leave the game if there is another reset. NQ needs to make this clear so the community doesn't take a hit if they need to wipe.
  3. I agree that since people are paying monthly now they need to make it abundantly clear. I haven't been putting much time into Dual because I'm use to the wipes, but now I'm questioning that they many not do a wipe before full release. If so I'll put more time in the game and suggest the game to my friends. I believe I'm correct that this game mainly appeals to adults who have busy lives who do not want to invest copious amounts of time into Dual if it will be wiped.
  4. It didn't seem clear to me whether he was talking about wipes during the beta or including the transition between beta to full release. I searched the forum before posting this to see if there was an answer but other people also seemed confused on the subject. JC made it clear he does not want a wipe during beta but he did not clarify whether or not there would be a wipe on full release.
  5. This is not about a wipe during Beta, but a wipe from the transition of Beta to Full Release. Could we please get clarification on whether or not there will be a wipe on Full Release. I have been planning on there being a wipe, but after reading some forum posts it does not seem clear. I am personally for a wipe, but I've been playing since pre-alpha. However, I believe new players who are getting the game need to clearly understand whether or not there will be a wipe. Also if there will not be a wipe claiming territories becomes much more important. NQ, please clarify.
  6. To accomplish this some changes would be needed. The goal of these changes is to allow the automation of selling vehicles. To accomplish this permission should be able to be changed with Lua scripting. In order to automate selling a ship, the Lua scripting would change permissions once the buyer has completed the correct input (paying for the ship). On top of these changes there needs to be a permissions added that allows someone to fly and build on a structure but not be able to blueprint the structure. Otherwise you could spend hours designing a ship, sell one, and then watch everyone blue print hundreds of them without getting an in game dime. This could be accomplished 2 different ways. Method one don't allow blue printed ships to be blue printed. Only the original ship can be blueprinted. Method two add a second permissions type for blueprinting. Selling ships would be difficult and probably pointless without these features.
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