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  1. That is sad i have said it before "this was the best game since SWG!!" all it would take to get it moving is AI and less restrictions.
  2. Still not get it ? They don't care what the player base wants. NQ is still not finished with the punish the player initiative. If NQ can make everyone leave they wont have to wipe. just delete all your stuff because taxes.
  3. From what I can tell the PVE group outnumbers the PVP bunch 10-1. Most of them are not as vocal as the PVP players tho. That is what makes most of these games look like "everyone wants PVP" My vote would be full PVE with AI enemies, maybe they can add dedicated PVP zones. This would be far better to me. With the way some PVP players use those exploits It completely turned it off for me and most everyone else I used to play with.
  4. So far I have not seen them look that far ahead since launch. Every single decision seems like a knee jerk reaction and poor decision making skills. They are determined to make the game they set out to make even if no one wants to play it after they are done. Good game devs would make cool things a part of the game even if it was not originally wanted. Another very popular game comes to mind with bullet jump For instance engine stacking: Those look really cool lets make additional addon modules that can be added in to a single engine to make it a feature.
  5. Must have been a TLDR moment, several other points in there ? lol
  6. To be honest the only way I see the game taking off is going back to pre .23. Buffing engines or making them smaller. finally Stop the punish the player behavior! It just makes people leave. This was the absolute best game since SWG by a wide margin pre .23 The only thing it needed was more content.
  7. This is the final nail in the lid for this game. If they cant see that by now there is no hope. Another game comes to mind that is dead set on not paying attention to the majority of players and listens to the vocal minority. They have barley 400 people playing on weekends now. They are using that as an example, Good work NQ. lol
  8. Ya keep it to yourself. I have every right to give my oppini0on the devs are dumb and will kill the game off completely. their track history speaks for its self.
  9. Yes and because they make very very stupid decisions to punish the players, This game will die. so I do "realise" the game is not released but its a lost cause because they don't know how to keep players. They get mad and make changes that cause half the player base to quit. so go ahead and keep being that vocal minority that is still left in the game.
  10. @CptLoRes This is correct however due to my experiences in this game I doubt very seriously they will clarify. They would rather just have the authority to delete any ship they want lol
  11. Function Properly: Fly with enough lift / power that its not a struggle to get off the planet with L core ships with no cargo. 100 wings / 25 stabilizers are required if you want to lift a decent size l core with no cargo and made completely from aluminum. Since the AGG nuf no one wants them anymore it literally takes hours to land or get off a planet with them. Not to mention they randomly stop working and your ship crashes to the planet. "TOO MUCH WEIGHT" This is a game where concrete weighs about the same as carbon fiber so "weight" is relative. at one time concrete was lighter than carbon fiber lol.
  12. You are correct this only illustrates how little they know their own game. if you place a few engines side by side then place another large element right behind them say an AGG. If you do this in certain ways you can no longer replace those engines because they are "overlapped" even if you did not "stack" them they are indeed overlapping.
  13. I have quit the game as have everyone else I know of. This game has been dying since .23 and they are making another PUNISH THE PLAYERS initiative that very well might drive the last nails in the coffin! During .23 you lost more than 40% of the player base on the first day. why did NQ not learn from this ? O well this game had so much potential which is now squandered. Here is my feedback for @nq You have been and are tone deaf. The reason so many of us quit playing the game is you kept nurfing engines and mining. Then you add all these animations that cause even more lag without giving us a way to turn if off! Stacking elements is the only way we had to not create huge engine walls. if you start deleting peoples ships without warning including the ones NQ promoted you will only loose more players! I am so glad I don't play this game anymore because NQ is going to kill it. Here is for the VOCAL Minority in the game. Keep it up and help NQ kill the game. Most of us have moved on now so we don't care. Good bye DU it was fun while it lasted.
  14. The effects look good can we please turn them off if we don't want them ?
  15. reducing the number of elements would be the only way I would even think of putting in decay of elements. Having to replace 70 engines per one ship is stupid. One place the people on this post keep forgetting or leaving out is core sizes and weight of even the smallest ships. The Dragon Fly pocket speeder weighs 7 I said 7 tons!!! That's like a flying Adult male Elephant!!!! this thing should be a few hundred kg at most. This is only multiplied as the core size goes up. we are talking a M core ship weighing 1.75 KT . This is about the weight of 170 cars are you serious ?
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