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  1. I love the DRM system, I would like to see an interface to make it easier for some to understand. it should be easy enough to enable an interface when you create the Blueprint with some checkboxes. 1. Enable / Disable DRM 2. Enable / Disable DRM for Voxels 3. Enable / Disable DRM for elements
  2. We all want to thank you for listing to us!! The test server will be great
  3. This is exactly it we want the game to be better! We want this game to be so big that it overtakes even WOW. Our suggestions should be taken into consideration. There again you cant listen to the public 100% ether I have seen games fail like this also. A balance is needed. Constructive criticism: In this game some of the things that annoy me are concrete weighs less than titanium ?????? concrete is about the same weight as carbon fiber? L atmo engines are really 16 tons ? Ships seem to be made from Glass as they break soo easy cost of the schematics is way off There are NO armor plantings we can make or that at least block some damage without just getting deleted ? Could not fire back at XS core fighters (fixed) Docking mechanics are broken ( maybe add a docking clamp to landing gears ) Landing on a parked core will blow your ship to bits Do we really have to plaster our ships with elements all over ? can they not be just modules that can be hidden away ?
  4. In my opinion its not just about the economy. For me the game is just not fun anymore and there is no reason to play. It is too expensive to build, mining is not worth the time except for the diehard folks and the risk of flying ships is too huge. With such a small amount of money coming in the risk vs reward is way off.
  5. you are 100% correct people make stuff and sell it for less than the price of the ore. They are not even trying to recoup the cost of all the semantics now. Maybe there should be a tooltip on every item that gives a current ore value?
  6. I am with you on most of this. I would likely say because of the items that are T2 some of those should not have semantics ether. This would give players a way to make ships if they want without 100,000 hours of mining.
  7. At this point I don't even want to play amore. I am sure others are the same as me. When I log in and there is all the barriers to everything! I cant even afford to fly anything but a speeder because my ship blew up after landing too near a speeder. There will have to be something significant done to get all of the subs back. Most players have lost faith in the devs because there is no guarantee you wont do something even worse next time. The reaction should have been immediate reverting the game to its original state. I just fear its too late This is such a shame because it "was" the best game I had ever played. I hope to be proved wrong please prove me wrong! find a way to make it better
  8. Okay I have some constructive feedback here that might bring more balance back to the game where it does not feel like we are all flying Glass ships. I am not trying to insult you developers but if really feels like you have no idea how the game works. My suggestion is play the game ( without creative / god mode) It will give you a better idea of how things are in the game. I have been around long enough to know your thought process is most likely " I don't have to do that I know the game like the back of my hand" in Multiple jobs I have had over my life this was the biggest way companies failed. The leadership does not know how things are, they only have the idea they have developed in their minds. Schematics: I can see that this feature could be very useful in the long game, However the way its implemented it only serves to alienate EVERY new player. If you ever want new players to get into the game at some point. Make all T1 and T2 schematic very inexpensive or even Free. This will allow new players to get a feel for the game and provide a roadmap for getting the higher tier stuff in the game later. It will also encourage Exploration if they have to go to the other planets to get these. Glass Ships: Right now we are flying ships around that blow up for no reason or crash when the player is not at fault. Myself I experienced this when landing too close to a tiny speeder and my whole ship blew up!! If you want this mechanic to work my suggestion is that T1-T2 things should be dirt cheap Large Engines should be no more than 100k. Or the price of an item should have a relationship to the amount of times it can be repaired. If you had to replace your engine in your car every 3 services I doubt very seriously you would buy from that manufacture. unfortunately This would be a HUGE improvement to what the game is now! You used cell phone to compare with the real world we can replace phones batteries, screens cameras, motherboard or any other part as many times as we like for minimal cost. I have seen people use the same phone for 5 or 6 Years in this way. It does not make any since to make ships blow up at nothing like they do and cost SOO much. Core Units: I feel like this was put in just so you could roll it back to make it look like you were listening to us. This is stupid to have them non repairable. I almost feel like the core of the ship should never be non-repairable as its the CORE of the ship. This is unless they are so cheap it does not matter! in that case we can have 100 of them in our inventory or be able to craft them in our packs. PVP: I hate pirates' as much as any PVE player ever would. however what motivation do they now have to keep playing ? if they shoot a ship at all they loose profit most every PVP player I know has just quit the game because they feel like they have not been herd or even considered in some minute way. This last bit is just some feedback from me. To me it seems like the Dev team does not care about make the game better or squashing bugs in the least. While server stability has gotten better the most annoying bugs in the game still exist today. Many of them existed when it first opened for beta. Adjuster lock, random client crashing, industry deleting parts and pending operations to name a very few. The only things I have seen You seriously look into is things they feel are "too powerful" like surrogates these were at one time so amazing, but now they are completely useless . The AGG comes to mind here these are multi-Million investments that are so delicate that most players don't even want now. Nurfed into oblivion!!! Players Like to feel Powerful but right now even with the most expensive components are only one lag spike away from blowing all the money and time to hell. Many of us are thinking " then what is the point" I am not trying to rag you about the development process however. it has become blatantly obvious these pates are not tested beyond seeing if it "works the way intended" In this patch the DRM that was supposed to protect ships. In reality has let everyone pull blueprints from every ship they owned bought from token or not. I can only assume this is because no one tested to see what would happen OR you just did not care. Ether way this is bad!! Finishing up, The game as it was before this patch was almost perfect It kept many of us playing for hours even without sleep to get that next part or make that next ship. Yes things were a little too easy and it lacked content. The PVP aspect of it was tacked on core size targeting range was stupid. Even with all these things the game was Fun!!! Now It seems that You have just tried to do everting in your power to make people quit, Sucking all the fun out of it and making it more like work why ? All we needed is content and a few additions to keep players going.
  9. haha They are not game designers they are scientists and its showing through very much here. This update might be the death of the game. congratulation Everyone who played the game for fun just quit. We played for fun and this is more like working. How many Others will quit because of this patch? You just took out the very few ways players made money and added 10 that take money from players. it does not take a Genius to see where this will lead, most players will be bankrupt. Good luck getting new players.
  10. My suggestion for this would be a "Lift Module" you can allot power to it and get a percentage of lift out of it. it would solve several problems like having 1000 fringing wings on ships and being able to hide them away.
  11. This is my two cents for what its worth. 1. Ammo and shooting people is far too cheap. it should cost lots of money to wage war just like IRL. Its too cheap right now as every individual player can make a war ship and shoot at anything that moves. Just my opinion here but those "should be" amongst most expensive things in the game to make. Players should have consider the cost of the ammo they waste shooting new player ships. 2. Pirates and PVP encounters should flag that player with some kind of timer that makes them attackable in safe zones. This can have a reputation associated with it also that could make someone be permanently attackable in any zone. I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of people shooting at me then running back to safety after I open fire on them. 3. Bugs in the game: I also feel the changes that are coming are needed in one way or another, however at this point in time there are way too many bugs and random disconnects. It just too soon to put this in without some kind of stop gap. This could easily be restricted to PVP fire or maybe only the more expensive engines with more power have the perm damage. 4. Elements on ships: This is a Major peeve of mine and a lot of other people. Why do we have to stick all these elements all over our ships. Why do you keep making them not be able to be hidden inside the ship somewhere. We can make ships that look amazing but after sticking all the wings and crap all over them they look like garbage. Will you please make them able to be hidden away in some compartment of the ship ? 5. People that I know that have quit: My fear is some or most of the changes will magnify the reasons they left the game and cause more people to leave. The reasons they quit (quotes from them) a. It takes way to long to do anything b. Mining is awful and I hate it. They know its boring as they made an achievement for it WTH! c. PVP is completely broken, it looks like they spent 20 minutes making the gunner interface. Any little XS core can take out most any ship without even taking fire d. This game is way too buggy, every time I go anywhere near other people I have to completely repair my ship after crashing e. We need more content so that we have something to get into besides mining and building I am board f. The help desk is useless they just state the "there are orgs out there to help with stuff like that" "I have had a ticket in with them for two months and no response" g. They don't listen to us and don't care what our opinions are 6. New players are going to have a really hard time getting into the game or making money. Maybe when we get a new solar system it can have new rules like, planets have more gravity, warp doesn't work unless you have some upgraded module or whatever other thing you want to add.
  12. Same for me, I lost some T2 small space engines from the first week of beta the reply was. "we have fixed this" two weeks ago. I know its not much but I picked up rocks for hours to make those. At least give me them back after such a wait. This was with the building bug where when you pick stuff up it was deleted.
  13. If I understood it correctly that is kind of what JC wanted. huge orgs controlling parts of the solar systems. The destructible elements are a side effect of everyone being able to make everything. More than the one solar system will be needed. The game needs to be big enough that not any one org can control it all. Was just a thought it will never happen if its not in the Vision
  14. That is fine, those people who want the new technology or to mine the higher ores will have to move out and do something. In these types of games its about how many subs they can hold. More subs = more content and more players in general.
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