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  1. Creating a thread to figure out how to recruit for a SECRET society on a public forum.........
  2. Seriously? In one post you tell Twerk to stop acting like an expert, (I've seen nothing from you to suggest you would know he is not.) in another, you sardonically comment on his downplayed response. Make up your mind. As for the actual rendering and shading, you might want to reserve judgment. Even if it were as simple as you make it out to be. You are making an assumption on what the quality SHOULD be at a point of the game this early in development.
  3. Metric measurement cannot be taught in less in a minute. All you have done is instructed people in are multiples of ten, not measurement All units of measurement are based on a standard like imperial measurements "body parts" as long as it was an exacting standard that could be replicated it is acceptable. The imperial "mile" (a pronunciation of milli) IS a metric measurement. It is based off 1000 paces as performed by a roman legion. Since it was a roman legion you could darn sure it could be replicated EVERY time. And which meter/metre are we talking about here then? The original measurement base of one ten-millionth of the distance from the equator to the north pole? (Not the south pole mind you) The meter/metre that was MADE UP by the Metre Convention of bar composed of 90% platinum 10% iridium measured at the melting point of ice? How about the krypton standard bulbs basis on wavelength? Or finally, the modern day meter which uses the speed of light traveled in vacuum in 1/299,781,458 of a second. Aside from the first none of these example measurements are metrically based on multiples of ten. How will I apply these measurements in-game? Is it truly easier to say fly in 'such in such' direction for 149.6 million kilometers because it's metric or will I give a standard unit of measurement of 1 AU which is the same distance and much easier to comprehend? Measuring or utilizing speed or distance will never be as simple as saying "use metric".
  4. It may be "quanta" but unofficially I say we should call them "Quatloos".
  5. That's exactly what happened. I was involved in the Alpha for Stargate Worlds and then the show writers killed off the Asgard. 1/3rd of the ENTIRE game was made irrelevant by the decision. Pity, it actually had a lot going for it. The Asgard were an interesting pet class.
  6. Exactly my point. This happened in EVE. No reason it needs to work that way in DU.
  7. My issue is the idea of a COMMUNICATIONS array being used in such a manner. If the game includes different kinds of sensor grids THAT seems reasonable.
  8. Can we make this more bizarre? Hmmm. I suppose I can. P.S. Welcome to the forums!
  9. This is another area that we know little about. Aside from the fact that it made NO sense in EVE why my top of the line Covert Ops battleships location could be pared down to the sector by looking at a local chat. If it's only a comm array why SHOULD it be able to locate anybody even down to an arbitrary sector of space (a solar system for instance)? Are the comm arrays triangulating my signal? If so shouldn't I simply turn my comms off? Personally, I wonder if this will be less of a gameplay feature and have more to do with how the actual chat client software will work. If it is simple Internet Relay Chat will we be able to establish lines (or in the case spheres) of communication in-game? Since the game works on a single "shard" and everyone is technically sharing the same game is it even POSSIBLE to limit how far an IRC can communicate to this degree? It's a serious question I honestly don't know. Maybe we could set up comms like in ARMA where each group working together have their own comm frequency and encryptions? Food for thought.
  10. Has u rekt Twerkmotor boi?

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