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  1. Well, I trolled the companies but didn't see any catering to women. 8-/ So I created Wolf Pack as a temporary solution.
  2. Do you think this is some kind of time Warp? Lol What I want to know is how people have the resources to build such large ships so quickly in this alpha run! My fav ship was the one parked on the SIDE of the market building! LMFAO!
  3. discordauth:E1K3cbBJGvRcGRB6mHfe0K0mVEgbmetuqlRJmkHQLWM=

  4. I guess i'll post this here then.... discordauth:E1K3cbBJGvRcGRB6mHfe0K0mVEgbmetuqlRJmkHQLWM= If this is not how to use the discordauth... lemme know!
  5. hehe. A friend wrote a slimmed TCP stack and basic web server on a C64 running CPM a few years ago, so don't count out the older machines.
  6. Hi, I'm Bridget. I've been playing comp0uter games ever since my parents brought home Wizard of Wor on the atari 800 back in the early 80's (late 70's? Getting old!) Loved computers so much that I made them my career as an IT Infrastructure Lead Engineer specializing in providing and consuming various kinds of cloud services. My workstation: threadripper 1950 OC'd@4.4Ghz, 32GB ddr4-3600, NVMe boot, 1.5GB sata-ssd, 5TB 10Gbe-iSCSI , 2x1080ti-FTW3 SLI@2x2,090Mhz, 2x3x120mm rads in a dual loop watercool all mounted in a Coolermaster 1k tower. Volair Sim seat and sim frame mounting, Thrustmaster FCS Warthog HOTAS, F350 wheel. dispayed on 4k 42" 8ms monitor, stereo speakers powerd by Sony 4k AV @ 85w/chan. Yes. I take my gaming seriously, but also with a very light heart. :-D If any other women or Enby types wish to get rolling on a loosely knit gang in game, please apply to Wolf Pack!
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