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  1. NBT was a great experience! The 47th has since moved on or, more aptly, moved back into Tom Clancy's The Division. We're still eagerly awaiting release of DU and also a smaller sci-fi MMO currently in development called Project Genom. We're still active in Space Engineers, Empyrion, and Osiris: New Dawn as well. As always, you can join us on our website or join us on Discord.
  2. discordauth:poHNU11rkp37xh7bnbWHZgFxT35IjfCNrnr6oHKW6SY=

  3. The 47th Legion is proud to announce it will be running the periphery state Marian Hegemony in NetBattleTech, a Mechwarrior Online planetary conquest league! NetBattleTech features a fully realized and detailed map of the entire inner sphere and clan space including every single world which is part of canon BattleTech lore. The 47th Legion will be participating as the Marian Hegemony, a medium sized but powerful periphery state modeled after the ancient Roman Empire. Think of NetBattleTech as Mechwarrior Online's version of Axis and Allies; play
  4. Just a shameless bump but the 47th is currently in Empyrion - Galactic Survival on the Homeworld server. The server just wiped a few days ago so now is an excellent time to jump in if you've been thinking about it! For those not aware, EGS is very similiar to Dual Universe. Here are two trailers for recent patches:
  5. We'll be getting back in the swing of Empryion: Galactic Surval on the RennTech server and we've just stood up our own ArmA 3: Exile server. Exile server is still very much a WIP.
  6. Bump! Aside from Empyrion you can currently catch us in SWTOR and ArmA 3: Exile mod. Hope everyone had a good holiday and a happy new year's!
  7. Oof, been awhile since I posted! Had a busy September The 47th Legion is currently conducting operations in Osiris: New Dawn and Project Genom. If any titles are of any interest we'd love to have you onboard prior to the release of DU!
  8. The 47th would like to welcome Milites MurderHorn and Noopy!
  9. The 47th would like to welcome Tiro TopStormKing to the Legion! We're currently on The Milky Way server in Empyrion Galactic Survival.
  10. Hey Dragoon, sorry to get back to so you late but unfortunately you are a good deal of years under our age requirement. We're an adults-only guild and you chat in-game, VOIP, and the forums reflects that. Sorry ------------------------------ In better news, the 47th would like to welcome Rala and Toomey to the Legion!
  11. Pass. I mean, sure, maybe some basic stuff for pure survival but I'm not interested in a bunch people wearing pajamas swinging flashlights at one another.
  12. Nice! Drop us an app and we'll get ya rolling in Empyrion in no time http://47th.info/index.php/enlist.html
  13. @Dragoon: Sounds good We had an awesome ops night last night. Loaded up the Kodiak shuttle and hit our planet's moons hard. Took out three enemy installations and had much fun!
  14. Ah, no worries. We've actually moved to the Vexray Galactic server. Vexray is the guy who has all of the Lorien Federation and Scarab Legion blueprints in the workshop. He has a totally customized server with all unique planets and they're very well done. Custom POIs as well. He's probably the most talented planet creator at the moment. Aside from that, we starting a new initiative in the 47th Legion: qualification badges and tabs! We have a start here: We currently looking at some RL examples for other badges and tabs. Right now the list is going something like expert
  15. Alright, finally getting around to this. So in EGS we're pretty PvP oriented and most of our vehicles are constructed with that in mind. Our first main battle tank, the Scorpio: This has been an excellent ground attack vehicle for us. Extremely thick frontal armor, biggest, baddest gun a hover vessel can mount, and still small enough to be relatively nimble. Next up we have our current strike fighter, a PvP retrofit of an existing design called the F-77P Fusilier. We also have a longer range interceptor which is excellent for engaging capital ships, the Gladius: And
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