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  1. No ones talking about atmosphere, none of my combat ships are even capable of entering atmosphere the atmo elements are deadweight. The discussion was in context of the removal of speed limit in which case catching the hauling would fall down to acceleration advantage you would no longer need to project where the hauler would end up and simply run them down, and no we don't have small engines on interceptors we have large and XL, even my little lightweight scout fighters are packing mediums.
  2. When I build an interceptor the entire purpose of the design to be manytimes faster than a freighter unless you intend on flying only empty freighters.
  3. Speed limit works in the haulers favour as the only chance of catching them is to be in position ahead of them which is easily avoided by not taking the obvious path, without that limit an interceptor is easily going to catch a hauler, the acceleration advantage alone will mean they can now start from behind and overtake with the window only limited by fuel which a ship without cargo will have far more burn time.
  4. Yes, how many MMOs have had such longitivity its almost 18years old now. I wouldn't go attacking game mechanics considering the state of this games mechanics when all there is to do is mine and wait for the rest of the game.
  5. Ship still controlable with script error due to missing element, simply slow down as normal, that one annoys me due to loss of radar display but i have never resorted to alt-f4. Vast majority of people crashing is due to their own faults not bugs, nearly everyone someone says they are alt-f4ing its because they have come in too fast and heavy, actually get annoying when testing the limits of new ships i have people asking why i am not alt-f4ing when risking crashing.
  6. Um no, due to bugs or game stablity maybe sure but saying you need a crutch because something is hard is the worse possible reason to justify it.
  7. They will last the entire combat encounter since once they are destroyed thats the combat encounter over, enemy has same limitations and it would discourage solid armored cubes since only enough armor to survive the expected life time of the outer elements would be neccessary.
  8. What do you think would happen to the economy if they had no bots and 100k daily? You can't sell anything if no one has money to buy anything, and despite all the money injection we saw constant deflation as the only thing setting a floor on price falls are the bots.
  9. Yes, but stripped it off since even with bug it gets out of atmo easiy so stripped it off but guy called hdparm has apparntly found a way to fix it in lua which i have now but havnt tried. First time i counted it was in my space only M core when i got too close to planet and all my engines stopped despite being at 0% atmo, was panicking for a while untill i found attaching any atmo engine and tank enabled me to escape
  10. Unlikely, there are already solo games that do offline standalone better, the biggest thing going for dual universe is the single shard and needing to work on a single shard comes with many compromises, other games do better ship building and physics and have better single player content DU would not be competitive with them.
  11. anyone whos blaming the the flight system for crashing are impatient its very easy not to crash just learn how to fly.
  12. If they take repeat losses they should be adapting this is gameplay, this is why AI is never challenging it is predictable and limited. Want to operate unescorted build a smaller faster ship, insist on hauling bulk bring an escort, want to be left alone staying in the now extremely generous safety bubble.
  13. It works in the Alioth madis saftey bubble, but not within 2.5SU of planetary bodies where it is "jammed by atmosphere" for the outer planets this is currently the only form of safe zone.
  14. Then you should think about escorts before choosing to take risks, might require something shocking tho like cooperating with others, failing that you can have a smaller faster ship and spend less time mining. L core ships were supposed to require crews everyone swanning around in personal agg L cores is another result of the absense of risk v reward.
  15. But you can still build a speed boat with a large core, core is an arbitrary limitation. They also did slap battleship guns are far smaller ships, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monitor_(warship) the trade off was speed and armor
  16. you can do mass to tackle excessive elements but you would still have to do cross section if you want to discourage cubes as spaced armor is a thing with pure mass you would still use a full cube just with less voxel thickness.
  17. However weapons work it must come with changes to radar, there should be strengths and weaknesses for the various radar sizes so large isn't simply the right choice for all situations. A small radar should lock on quickly have low signature chosen for hit and run attacks or point defence it should open up flying styles that give reasons to use weapons like cannons, While a large would be the obvious choice for range trade off should be lock time and deadzone for ships that get close
  18. Angular velocity also affects hit ratio, the hardest part is the lack of information tho you have no info on vectors, closure rate or angular veclocity you can only eye ball it
  19. There is already counters as i posted earlier, there will never be counters that can enable someone showboating on auto pilot in an overloaded ship directly to their destination, those counters you list are not get out of jail free cards they can buy you time but if you still have not designed your ship for the situation you have put yourself into you still die. No on chooses to improve their chances tho, they seem to only choose maxcargo and bigger ship and flying it alone.
  20. Ahh there are already counters, here are some. Build a fast ship trade cargo capacity for speed, you don't have to get away if they never catch you. Another is take a round about route, space is big simply not flying directly to your destination will mean the chances of even being spotted let alone intercepted are remote. Fair is building a ship designed to escape, not expected a slow overloaded freighter to simply escape ships designed to hunt it. Also bring friends, fit guns because well the point of being in some online universe is to play with others. Also there is a warp beacon which currently has little practical use would actually be have a use with warp counters allowing you to setup paths avoiding a camped route.
  21. replace your current engines with an XS space, u will notice a difference
  22. i have been unable to dock any ship at all while within planet influence, works 100% of the time in space, 0% of the time if close enough to planet to see altitude. I've tried moving landing gear to bottom of build box didn't help.
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