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  1. Consent is leaving safe zone, balance is if you go into dangerous space unprepared you lose. You discribe not a disparity between attacker and defender but between the ignorant and the prepared.
  2. All you have to do is go to the other side of Alioth, its empty. The more you write the less your argument makes sense, i mean you are dropping examples of newbies in pvp space, and keep shifting the context around.
  3. There is no collisions during warp, you can go right through planets and space stations, i once had a issue with bouncing off a planet for a while instead of clipping thought it like 10 bounces before i went through no damage
  4. T3+ because there is absolutly no need to leave the safe zone for t1/t2s, you don't fly what you are not prepared to lose. There are no mechanisms that can enable a new player to be invincable, what ever is provided they will not know how to use or be ignorant of their very existance as we saw we the many players with expensive ships slow boating in pvp space who had failed to include something as cheap as a radar. You understand it can only get more dangerous for a hauler, the warp drive is the ultimate get out of free card when that is balanced no amount of countermeasures will match the 100% saftey it provides.
  5. There is mechanisms aside from the 100% saftey of warp getting shot means you have failed to utilise the many methods to avoid getting ganked. And what is defense without counter attack? Defenses of all types only buy you time they do not make you invincible.
  6. Outer planets will not be safe territory warfare is coming and with industry being a larger investment even larger orgs will be unlikely to risk much industry when it could be captured. Ship building is not a good comparison, i have no idea how many in my org designing ships its a creative activity and does not lend itself to collaboration.
  7. Most large orgs have no more people on any one aspect than a small org does, i am getting more industry gameplay post patch than before since we totally rethought how we setup indys. Before It killed any prospect of trade as we could setup a factory to produce anything on the outer planets faster than you could transport it.
  8. Which is? don''t tell me you used the bot sell order price.
  9. Now for making ships require voxels IMO there should be a structural integrity aspect, for a given weight and acceleration there should be a certian strength in voxels required so products stuff like carbon fibre should have good strength to weight ratio which would be a different stat to HP etc. So stuff like lithium voxel would be for a fuel efficient ship but would have to limit acceleration while high performance ship would need to be built strong.
  10. The best factor in surviving getting ganked is not getting caught adding on weight in weapons and armor for ship not purpose built for combat impacts your performance and increases the probability of getting intercepted in the first place. Making your hauler a tank only makes sense if you are flying with escorts to give them time to destroy attacking ships, flying haul tank solo is designing for failure defenses buy you time if however you have nothing to change the circumstances in that time you are only delaying the inevitible and making a ship loss more expensive. The best defense a hauler has is proactive measures scouting the route taking the less traveled path.
  11. You likely went to dual.sh and punched in 1 adjustor, which will show you the min required resources to make 1 adjustor but not the actual resources used in 1 adjustor.
  12. They need to balance the weapons themselves, L weapons just shouldn't be effective vs small ships, so while small L core ship should be effective against a large L core ship it should then be countered by small ships that can close range and it having densely packed elements should then face damage dealth out of preportion to the resource investment of the smaller ships.
  13. Schematics add opportunity cost, power limitations just limit the total output, the machines alone tho had no tradeoffs their super flexability you could just setup and repurpose lines on impulse, now you actually gota think about your needs and priorities and do a little bit of planning. If some people enjoy the challange of doing it all, im sure they wont mind the challange.
  14. And thats a bad thing? Everyone who buys a BP has to then build the ship. Everyone complaining mining is only way to make money, but you want to shutdown avenues for alternatives?
  15. They wanted hematite to turn into steel honeycomb to sell to bots.
  16. we have 1 use schematics, its just condensed down to buying the finished product which is cheaper than 10% of schematic price
  17. PVP playera will know how to use all those options while non combatants will be on these forums complaining that X feature they have no experence with didn't make them invincible.
  18. Uhh to sell their ship. I don't remember the community interacting with me designing a ship. All inteeraction took place with the finished product, unless you guys think the only goal of the game is to sit and look at a pretty ship and never use it.
  19. may have to use a tiny fraction of daily allowance to get some fuel the horror.
  20. You don't need to be rich to get into space dude, you can litterally nano craft a space capable ship from surface ores BPs are data items you don't even need a container.
  21. T1 scrap is good enough for your first ship, my first interplantary trips were taken in a ship built in my nano crafter from surface ores T1 scrap wouldnt take long to repair the entire thing learn to fly in a ship you can afford to crash then step up to a larger one when you are confident that is progression
  22. Subsystem targeting is easily possible in an lock and fire system, IMO it should be something smaller weapons are good for and give them a utility beyond just damage in that you can have fighters not a threat to a ship as a whole behind voxel armor but a real threat to the exposed elements.
  23. Didn't get any screenshots, i was there in the various silver named ships making nuisance passes mostly on the Decadence since was easiest thing to lock on to, only small weapons manned by an alt don't think people woulda even noticed the hits ? Hardest thing was digging through the list of ships to find the one i wanted to engage, seriously needs a filter option.
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