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  1. These topics are funny. A wipe isn't going to put your org on a level playing field with the mega orgs for long. They'll just exploit the best remaining method of gaining wealth with their superior numbers and rebuild the lead quickly. It's silly to try for a level playing field where the system just doesn't allow for it. Bigger wins in this type of game, deal with it. And a wipe now would be a disaster. The early game in DU really isn't great now. I for one will not mine hundreds of more hours just to rebuild everything I have now. Maybe once the game is feature complete a wipe sho
  2. There is no hope for this game's economy when the majority of raw materials are literally vaporized to produce money. It seems silly to draw a line here. Might as well let us burn down a few more things that NQ themselves wanted to lessen the quantity of in the game.
  3. But they do and in a far more damaging form. Might as well use them now to soften the blow of this change. Being able to recycle them to ore might also be an option and then we can just sell that to the bots that already exist.
  4. Some of us are now sitting on dozens of industry machines we can't reasonably use. There's no reasonable buy orders for them. How about some bot orders so we can unload the excess machines for a reasonable price?
  5. Yea logged in, checked a few schematics. Logged out. I'm going to go play Cyberpunk see if DU pulls me back. Right now I have no motivation to grind, grind, grind to get back a small portion of what I had last night. I know, maybe this game isn't for me. I see it.
  6. Right. I regret so much now that my built out static cores are not on Alioth. But on the other hand I did that because game performance is unplayable at the major markets. It's a painful single digit FPS shuffle to a terminal, sell stuff, grab my stuff and get out. I did it maybe every few weeks because it sucks. Now it's required far more often? I don't' see this helping secondary markets getting going. Less producers, less inventory, less outlets. I'm not sure I want to play this game in that state.
  7. Hey we should count ourselves lucky. We got to play all of DU in just a few months. When NQ is done it'll take years of dedicated play by a tram of players to reach these dizzying heights. Feels like they're forgetting to make a fun game in this quest to build a civilization simulator. I liked space minecraft. Whatever NQ is trying to make sounds far worse.
  8. Oh man, this adds a lot of tedium to factory play. Want to make one more type of adjustor? Figure out exactly what machines you need all the way down to parts. Check if you have available links for parts or need to add more. Go to the lag fest market and buy all that. Come back and put it together. Pray you didn't miss a part container out of links and have to go back to the market. That doesn't sound fun. I avoid markets because the game runs terribly for me there. Now I have to go either to keep expanding my factory or for everything because I can't afford to restart my
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