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  1. 100% but with this new patch they are needed.
  2. This is what you take away from all this?
  3. Does anyone else have any input/feedback on this concept?
  4. With this new patch it would be extremely beneficial for players to be able to have their own market vendors. This would also generate interest in retail areas, planetary traffic/interaction, partnerships as well as convenient sales between local groups/organizations.
  5. I have a potential solution to these problems. Hit me up on discord if interested. BobbyTwoShakes#9115
  6. EVE has adapted over the years to make it easier for new players to get involved. It was not always that way. They had a lot of trouble getting new players because it was not possible to catch up.
  7. I dont think a wipe would be relevant. Live launch should definitely be a wipe if they are interested in having new players.
  8. This game does not have enough content to support this current update. The idea was a correct step but executed prematurely. This game has a lot of potential. Was really enjoying it with groups of friends that havent found a common game to play in a very long time. Its a shame really but this patch just took the wind out of the sails.. The only solice of content was the ability to make creative builds. There really wasnt much else going on. On top of this from what I have seen in response to this update is that developers are not listening to their
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