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    Neopolitan got a reaction from Deacon in Price model, SAY NO TO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!   
    The claims you make about my financial reasoning are false.
    Cash shops do more damage in terms of content than good. Instead of releasing content for players to explore in game, such as a tailoring class, and making the blueprints to making clothes available in game somehow, you simply whip out the ol' credit / debit card and buy some magic gold coins to buy all the skimpy bikini's and school girl outfits you can handle.
    For the exact reasons you said about greed is why if the game is either free or buy to play + cash shop is why I'll abandon ship. Voxel building or no voxel building, I wont stand for being nickel and dimed to death anymore, with a subscription at least I know what Im signing on for.
    If they implement new clothes in such a way, that you could buy the DU "Plex" and convert it to tokens, AND they are permanent blueprints that you can learn for your characters. I might be ok with that. Or allowing players to buy and sell the tokens on a currency exchange in the game. An exclusive real money only cash shop, or BOP one use items, no get out, its 2016 its time for freedom! It's time to drive any company that goes Free to Pay into the ground.
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    Neopolitan reacted to yamamushi in Price model, SAY NO TO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!   
    There's already numerous threads about this, but NQ has summed up the issue quite well in one of their Devblogs, in which your points are addressed:
    I don't think it's fair to dismiss NQ as "greedy" or those of us who want the P2P model as "gamers with more money than sense", especially given the advantages that P2P games provide (outlined in the aforementioned devblog).
    The Cash Shop F2P model doesn't work in a game like Dual Universe, nor does it really make sense for a company that wants to see itself as more of a "Tech Company" than a "Content Company". It also doesn't really work in the context of a global single shard server, as there wouldn't really be a fair way to price items across different regions and guarantee enough income to sustain their basic business needs. 
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    Neopolitan reacted to Dominar in First steps - Truth   
    Here is the first piece of my character's story in Dual Universe. It begins just as you might expect. With the waking of the crew members of the Arkship after just under 10 thousand years asleep.
    Note: May be disturbing to young viewers. It gets a bit graphical at one point.
    I woke suddenly, torn from my peace. At first, I was confused, wondering what had woken me, so I remained still. My eyes shut, I could see the light of what I assumed to be the sun through my eyelids. If I had to make a guess, it appeared to be early in the afternoon. I felt like I was lying on the ground.
    Despite my sudden waking, I was still heavy with sleep. I began to slowly return to reality, My mind still deep in my dreams. There it was again! It reminded me of something, or rather, someone. They were calling to me. Who was it? Why did it feel so familiar? My mind began to drift once more.
    I shifted in my sleep. As I moved, I realized how cold and stiff I was. The smallest movements caused my entire being to ache. My body was pressed up against a cold surface from nearly every side. It made me shiver. For a third time, I heard it. This time, I was able to make out what it was.
    I groaned as the call ricocheted through my skull, causing my head to throb and explode with pain. I attempted to open my eyes. Even this seemed to be an impossible task. I finally managed to slide my eyelids apart and the first thing I realized was the light, that was now blinding me, wasn’t sunlight. It was some kind of spotlight. It shut off abruptly now. I blinked a few times  and stared at  where the light used to be and saw what seemed to be a face. It was looking directly at me from behind some glass. Then I realized it was my own reflection. I frowned slightly, my head still throbbing. My skin looked like that of an elephant’s, hanging off me like washing on a hanger. My lips were dry and cracked, taking on a sickly pale color. There was a thick mound of fuzz on my head, which I assumed was my hair, though it looked like the kind of thing you’d find stuck in a dirty shower drain.
    I noticed now that my vision was unclear. I struggled to bring my vision into focus, making my head throb even more. I looked back at my reflection, noticing that my eyesight was still blurry, which was normal.
    “Tests are nearly done. Good to finally see you awake, Dominar.”
    It was a female’s voice. I attempted to say something, but it was as if I forgot how to speak. I opened my mouth sharply. My bottom lip started bleeding as a result.
    “I’m noticing a problem with your eyesight and your vocal abilities. Not to worry, your throat is simply dry. You will be able to speak shortly. You also appear to have a rare form of Albinism. If you allow it, I can fix this issue.”
    “What? Oh-…”  My head continued to throb. It was hard to think, but, I managed to understand what she was saying. “How…You can’t…who are you?!”
    “My name is Lucy. I am your personal AI. I’ve been instructed to wake you as soon as our destination’s ETA was half an hour. The rest of the crew will be awake soon too, however that is the ship's AI's job.
    I grunt as she speaks. “Lucy…my personal AI? You don’t sound like- an AI…”
    I coughed mid-sentence. Continuing as soon as it subsided.
    “I’m looking at your vitals. It appears you are calm. Does this situation not alarm you? You also appear to be the only one awake”
    Still staring at my reflection, I look around me. As I attempted to move my head, my vision blurs even more. I grunt as I move.
    “Only one awake? What do you mean?”
    “Please remain still. I’m going to resolve your eyesight”
    “No..you can’t-“ I’m cut off suddenly as I feel pain like I’ve never felt before. I scream as my eyes feel like they just shredded themselves into mince. I’m temporarily blinded, as tears mixed with blood stream down my cheeks. Then, just as abrupt, the pain stops.
    “I don’t understand why you are getting so upset about it. All I did was replace the damaged Pigment in your eyes. You now have perfect vision.”
    My tears continue but the blood stops flowing. “What did you do to me!?” I yelled.
    I open my eyes once more, and, between the tears and blood that were still in my eyes, I blinked several times to try clear it. Finally managing to open my eyes, I looked dead ahead and saw my reflection again. This time, it was like moving from a cam video to Ultra High Definition.
    I was stunned. Having never seen half as good in my entire life, I couldn’t seem to find any words. After a while of staring at myself, Lucy spoke.
    “It’s time to wake the rest of your body up. I will begin the first stages of defrosting your body”
    My body begins to warm. Feeling returns to my legs and arms, toes and fingers. As this happens, I speak.
    “Why don’t you sound like an AI? You sound human”
    I was truly amazed at how bad my vision really was. All I could do was stare at my reflection as I spoke with Lucy.
    “These settings were chosen for you as we departed from Earth. If you wish, I can-“
    “By who?” I cut her off.
    “Those details are unknown to me. All I know is that she was chosen to be the voice of your personal AI just before we departed from Earth by the company who was keeping you in a cryogenic state.
    “Wait, what!? What do you mean, “departed from Earth”!? Where are we? Also, “cryogenic state”? You mean to say I’ve been in cryosleep? That technology didn’t exist in 2027!”
    “We are in space, currently headed towards an Earth-like planet, and yes, cryosleep. You have been in cryosleep since the year 2029 and in a comer since 2027.”
    I paused, concerned. “Space...What year is it now…?”
    “The year is 12.390”
    “What the F*$%!!-“ I’m interrupted abruptly as my lungs seem to implode. I cough and splutter, taking in what I was just told. “10 thousand years?! What?! What happened? Why? Why have I been sleeping for 10 thousand years!? This can’t be true. Cryosleep was new technology in the year 2027. It was only able to support the human body for a few years at a time! Let alone 10 thousand!? My heart began to pound.
    “You are correct there. The technology did not exist then. However, you have not been in cryosleep since the year 2027. Your body was preserved after you suffered a fatal accident and went into a comer. You have been in cryosleep since 2029, two years after you were first placed into a comer. The technology to sustain your body indefinitely was developed while you were in a comer.”
    I began to calm down at this point.
    “…I see…why was I in cryosleep to begin with? Also, can you tell me exactly what fatal accident I was in?”
    “On the 26th of April, 2027, it was confirmed that the Earth would end in the year 2537. Due to a neutron star heading directly towards the planet, mankind was forced to leave in order to avoid extinction. 6 months after the discovery of the neutron star, it was agreed that the United Nations would build thousands of gigantic ‘Arkships’ to evacuate as many people as possible. You are onboard one of those ships. As for your accident, I’m in the process of defrosting the rest of your brain. You will recall the events that lead up to your accident shortly”
    I listened, stunned. Some part of me wanted to believe it wasn’t true, that this was just some nightmare. However, deep down I knew it was true.
    I couldn’t speak. Even if I could, I wouldn’t know what to say. Thankfully, Lucy seemed to understand.
    “We are now 19 minutes from our destination. Once we reach the planet, we will orbit until the rest of the crew has awoken. I’m going to take advantage of this time to teach you the skills you will need to succeed in your mission.”
    “Speaking of which, what is my ‘mission’?”
    “You are a Pioneer and your mission, as one of the last surviving members of the human race, is to colonize the planet we are currently headed towards. In order to establish a future for your race, it is crucial you are successful.”
    “How did you fix my eyesight? I was told it cannot be done.”
    “That was over 10 thousand years ago.”
    “Please, do enlighten me.”
    “The technology that made it possible to replace the damaged pigmentation in your eyes was developed not long before the Earth was evacuated. It utilizes the same technology I am about to teach you to use. Time is of the essence. I will now begin the first simulation.
    “You saying we’ve run out of time? Should have thought of this a few thousand years ago.”
    “Your ability to joke and speak sarcastically is improving. It seems your personality has not been damaged. Are you able to recall any memories?”
    I stopped talking now. My headache had subsided at least a little and it was easier to think. I tried to recall something, anything, but nothing came.
    “I can’t remember anything”
    “I see. Temporary Memory Loss is listed as one of the possible side effects of long term cryosleep. Your memory should come back to you eventually. Although I cannot tell you exactly when. What I can do, is supply you with your name. Dominar, is your name.”
    “Dominar...Yes, I can remember that much. However, should? You are not filling me with any confidence.”
    “Apologies. I am making sure you understand. There is a chance your memory will never return, however, it is extremely low.”
    “I understand…”
    “Good. Let us now begin…”
    To be continued…
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from Dociel in Price model, SAY NO TO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!   
    The claims you make about my financial reasoning are false.
    Cash shops do more damage in terms of content than good. Instead of releasing content for players to explore in game, such as a tailoring class, and making the blueprints to making clothes available in game somehow, you simply whip out the ol' credit / debit card and buy some magic gold coins to buy all the skimpy bikini's and school girl outfits you can handle.
    For the exact reasons you said about greed is why if the game is either free or buy to play + cash shop is why I'll abandon ship. Voxel building or no voxel building, I wont stand for being nickel and dimed to death anymore, with a subscription at least I know what Im signing on for.
    If they implement new clothes in such a way, that you could buy the DU "Plex" and convert it to tokens, AND they are permanent blueprints that you can learn for your characters. I might be ok with that. Or allowing players to buy and sell the tokens on a currency exchange in the game. An exclusive real money only cash shop, or BOP one use items, no get out, its 2016 its time for freedom! It's time to drive any company that goes Free to Pay into the ground.
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from Dominar in Diverse Unified Accord(DUA)   
    Nice, that's a good look.
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    Neopolitan reacted to yamamushi in Ambient Noise   
    Personally when I think of cathedrals in space, and religion in general, in scifi. I tend to think of much darker stuff like:
    Or really anything off "The Word as Power" album by Lustmord.
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    Neopolitan reacted to Scruggs in Ambient Noise   
    While scrolling through this I clicked on the Nostromo ambient engine noise video Yamamushi posted, forgot to turn it off and then clicked the Graveyard video that Saffi posted. The 2 sounds playing together, made the perfect background for flying your ship close to an alien ruin... at least that's what I pictured when hearing this. 
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    Neopolitan reacted to The_War_Doctor in Subscription should not be its pay model   
    I played WOW for a very long time. and what you say is fairly accurate to why i quit saffi. i was a very competent player, and one of the best in my class on the realm i played. however i took a break for some schooling and when i tried to come back 2 expacs had been release and while i had zero issue with the grind to get back to max level, the nerfing of the classes and the overall dumbing down of the game really put me off. I dont think there is anything wrong with WOW on a base level. the issue with WoW and alot of games that stay around to long is they attempt to be relevant by making their games more simplistic or more appealing to different groups than who were playing them, in short they got greedy.
    all games have a life span. WoW is past its prime pure and simple. it needs to die. it had at one point over 10million subscribers. and when they started to lose numbers they got desperate and released piss poor content and made the classes easier to play in an attempt i assume to balance the game. someone bitches about a player with skill and they nerf the class. 
    the most important part of an mmo to me is the community, the ability for me to make new friends with people from around the world is awesome. but every game that iv quit is because while i did make friends in them, those friends all ended up quiting the game and the community of the game slowly declines and becomes a cesspool of elitist jackasses in some case.
    i would like to say i hope this game only charges enough to keep the servers running and for the devs to release some new content every now and then. i feel that a mmo is 1 of 2 things for a dev. either a labor of love, make the game and keep it running for the enjoyment of your players. or its a money maker to fund either more expansions on the game or to fund other projects. sometimes those 2 things can cross but i feel alot of times its one or the other. and after awhile it becomes the second thing even if it starts as the first. i truely hope what ever the end result of the pay plan is. that it doesnt include any kind of cash shop, cosmetic or otherwise.
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from The_War_Doctor in Subscription should not be its pay model   
    Activision and Blizzard have changed their stance over the past decade. When they launched world of warcraft the industry was a completely different place.
    When you say the community of world of warcraft has become worse well I would say theres a multitude of reasons for it.
    For a good long time they clearly changed their marketing and design goals. They gave up trying to build the original vision of wow, many quests and zones went unfinished, but instead of completing the game as it was. They moved on and covered up flaws by making burning crusade, and just kept laying on more expansions to hook people back in for a little while to grind for new gear.
    The fundamental design of wow was never a player driven experience its a theme park. They have to earn money off it somehow, the evolution into selling in game mounts, and in game pets is both representative of the limits of the games design and the people they market to come and play.
    If a game introduces in game pets, or pet pets as I call it, you can bet that the financial motives of the company are shallow.
    Faster leveling, is a indication that the company over analyzed data on accounts that made a character and quit playing before reaching end game content. For one reason or another they think they are losing potential long term subscriptions because people cant access the current content. A game like wow that is in layers, oldest content, older content, old content, Current content where 90% of the playerbase is means that low level people with their first character that quit before reaching "end game" is lost potential. There are many other reasons someone might quit before getting to end game, but you cant reason with corporations that prefer to analyze data and not take gamer logic into account.
    Micro transactions and mounts and pets, it's a plague to gaming in short. Nothing could be more disruptive to immersive gameplay than clicking a link to buy Gold Tokens to buy a different colored shirt in the game. Since Wow and Eve began engaging in it a steady decline in the quality of their community can be noted.
    The random dungeon finder was one of the only ways to keep Wows many servers with growing and declining populations relevant. Some people play on servers with few people and others in a constant state of waiting queue. The dungeon finder was a good way to make it seem like you could always find other people online to play with. Of course it came at the cost of degrading the social environment on servers, you didnt need to reach out and find groups, or find a guild even, you can pug everything if you try long enough.
    Because of the many actions taken, they had to adjust the game to require fewer players per dungeon, and shift the responsibility of victory away from group coordination to individual class competency.
    Although being good at your class was too difficult for many people, so they had to reduce it from being good at your class to just being able to click a few buttons and move your character away from warning circles.
    which of course leads to people being less involved with their character and less devoted to the game. So you have to capture more money during the short time people come back and play during expansions.
    Eve will ultimately decline, maybe not anytime soon, but theyre unwilling to modify the game's user interface in a meaningful way. One of the biggest reasons people dont get into eve isnt that its "hardcore" but that trying to play the game is extremely frustrating.
    Once you get ripped off or scorned by SOE or Daybreak, which dont be fooled by them being dumped by Sony. They are the same company they've always been, do not trust them. They have some of the rudest customer service around, they are completely unwilling to work with customers. They also have no problem mislabeling or deceiving you about digital products in their games to get you to purchase them and they refuse to put warnings up about compatibility or functionality. -5 out of 10 Daybreak, they're also guilty of just about every policy that leads to a piss-poor community.
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from Dominar in Mech Suits   
    Nyzaltar has said they don't have anything against us trying to make mechs, but as for their actual usefulness that is up in the air.
    I would really enjoy if at some point we could have mobile infantry suits, armored exoskeletons / power suits. Even if they didnt have any extra effect just for looks would be nice.
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from TrihXeen in Mech Suits   
    Nyzaltar has said they don't have anything against us trying to make mechs, but as for their actual usefulness that is up in the air.
    I would really enjoy if at some point we could have mobile infantry suits, armored exoskeletons / power suits. Even if they didnt have any extra effect just for looks would be nice.
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    Neopolitan reacted to The_War_Doctor in arkification   
    went and found this from another thread
    https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/725-is-it-just-me-that-kinda-fears-it-will-become-a-sci-fi-ark/ on the second page
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    Neopolitan reacted to MasteredRed in What would your in game characters be?   
    Why not join in?
    Anthe "Mastered" Red-Male
    Falina Redmark-Female
    Role: DUA Leader, Economist, Builder/Designer
    Side Jobs: Miner, Bank Manager, Legate, even more stuff
    Basic Info: I'll be managing the DUA and massive player bases in order to sustain my own stability and that of others as well. I am looking at other factions/alliances/guilds/corporations to find a compatibility of interests. From there, I plan to help sustain them and my own Alliance together.
    As well, I hope to be playing a major part in the Cinderfall Syndicate as I have found both of our organizations fall into compatibility of interests and would work well together.
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    Neopolitan reacted to The_War_Doctor in Encouraging PvP   
    my assumption is if you are not someone who is going to go mine or trade then you need to be apart of an organization that will provide you with a ship or the material to build a ship. and I would HOPE that these organizations would be less likely to keep handing out materials or ships if the pvp is just randomly attacking and dying and not aiding the organization
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    Neopolitan reacted to yamamushi in The Hyperspace Mechanics of Stargate Travel   
    I'm posting this in this subforum because it felt like a more appropriate place than the Mechanics subforum, if only because Hyperspace isn't something I've seen mentioned by the devs.
    We know from NQ that (borrowing an old quote Saffi's thread here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/304-scrub-stargate-and-transportation-questions/):
    - FTL Travel will be the hard and slow way to explore other solar systems. It will be difficult because complex logistics will be needed to make the travel worth it. In fact, we expect FTL Travel to be most likely used to go to an adjacent unexplored solar system, and build a Stargate.
    Based on that summary of what we know so far, I'd like to discuss idea of Hyperspace travel between Stargates.
    One can presume, based on that summary, that the expected outcome of using a Stargate would be instantaneous travel between two locations in space. However instead of an instant warp between two locations, I think it would be more intriguing if Stargates operated more as interstellar highways where travel between two points was faster than simply using FTL but still not instantaneous.
    Similar to how it took several minutes for the crew to travel through the wormhole in Interstellar:

    The ingame reasoning for this could be that there is simply not a way to completely bend space to have two points touch each other, that space could only be bent so far. Or that there is just not way to produce that much negative energy. I think this can be best illustrated with this diagram of a wormhole:

    Wherein point A and B do not explicitly touch each other, but there is a "throat" distance between the two points. 
    This "throat" could be described as "hyperspace".
    I'm imagining the hyperspace gates from Cowboy Bebop, specifically from the "Gateway Shuffle" episode. Where entering a gate would put you on a narrow fast lane through space, but leaving that fast lane safely and accurately (explained below) requires the existence of an exit gate. 
    Flying through hyperspace wouldn't make you immune to attack, and you would have to navigate carefully through the path, as leaving it could cause massive damage to your ship and leave you stranded in unexplored space, millions of lightyears from the nearest inhabited solar system.
    A journey through hyperspace between two gates would only be a few minutes, as opposed to the hours/days of travel with FTL. 
    This clip from Star Trek Into Darkness visually illustrates what I think leaving hyperspace would look like, although I know they're not travelling in hyperspace in Star Trek but I don't want to get into the semantics of the Star Trek universe:

    That clip also brings up another detail that I'd like to see if this were implemented, combat while in hyperspace. 
    I think that ships should still be able to fire on one another while in hyperspace. Although perhaps the mechanics of combat while in hyperspace should be modified to account for the different type of combat environment vs real space. ie, laser shots being bent because of the immense pull of gravity? 
    Stargates would probably be incredibly difficult to destroy, so there wouldn't be a very big chance of getting stuck in hyperspace because of a group of pirates shooting at your exit gate. But they shouldn't be impossible destroy, so that a sufficiently large fleet could take one on. 
    There could also be a mechanic that allows for different sized stargates, or stargates that prohibit specific ship types or sizes from passing through. The diameter of a stargate could also determine the size of its hyperspace lane.
    I have more to say about the topic of stargates, but I'd like to see what others think about this first. 
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    Neopolitan reacted to Traceur in Food and Water   
    Come to think of it, what would be the cheapest food to grow in space?
    Here on earth it's often wheat, but I've heard wheat has difficulties when it comes to hydroponics. Maybe rice?
    I'd suggest potato's but I don't want Matt Damon to sue DU...
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    Neopolitan reacted to The_War_Doctor in E3 ships not made in engine? (debunked)   
    no worries. only trying to help lol
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from Seraph in Thoughts on Stargates and FTL   
    I'm hoping they will be open to evolving the system as players preferences put pressure on certain modules to develop.
    As Klatu pointed out the Nyza quote.
    a whole range of things that would be good that people want. Maybe they will create multiple modules with different styles of warp/FTL jumps and just let the gamers and the market sort out what they like to use for different purposes and have varrying drawbacks for using different types of drives.
    I like the stargates for a player made interstate/ fast travel systm between developed places.
    Warp drives are good, Im sure theyll balance out how fast they are though.
     Also Ill be interested in how we may link coordinates or conduct fleet warps.
    for FTL Ive been waiting for a time to ask if they've considered permanent and semi permanent Warp Buoy's to provide coordinates for those with FTL drives
    A permanent one for say, your outpost/ station
    deploy able beacon / buoys for helping to move your battle fleet around
    Or if they intend to be extremely clever and provide the basic functionality but leave it all in a unready state. make us assemble the pieces of a puzzle to get over each stage.
    Make us literally research things through script development, tinkering, exploring, trial and error with fuel types, ect ect to get whatever it is that will work.
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    Neopolitan reacted to Darius Sanguna in Marriage and Relationships   
    Yes you don't care and i don't care, i would simply say here you pay 1% less tax, just to be nice.
    But that doesn't mean there aren't people out there who would reglement marriage.
    For example take the RP character Ser Aison Ironfist Bold, him i would guess could punish married people just to satisfy his diabolic pleasure to see people suffer.
    (this is no attack against the person behind Ser Ironfist, i don't want to get trouble because someone missunderstood this statement as insult against him. And yes this must be said, because this is the Internet )
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    Neopolitan reacted to MasteredRed in Diverse Unified Accord(DUA)   
    Welcome to the Diverse Unified Accord
    Building You Up, Creating New Opportunity
    Our Promise To you
    We are the Diverse Unified Accord, an organization dedicated to creating a sustainable environment that allows organizations to be built into professional organizations that are worthy of success.
    We are aimed at giving you the safety, time, and assistance required to create your own assets, plan your own structure, and gain your own members. Our large governmental team ensures that you have the ability to survive the instability and problems that are present in Dual Universe.
    We are an organization that plans to provide you and the members of the Diverse Unified Accord, who you will be working with, a chance to become organized and powerful. We aim to give all our member a chance at becoming a worthy organization with power to make a real change, solve problem, and establish a firm basis in for success in the community.
    A note for your power
    We provide you with the services you need in order to be made sure of your safety in this unsafe world. There are many things uncertain, so we try and make predictions about your future a little easier. Our goal is to allow you to do something proactively in order to ensure that you aren't wasting your time.
    Our system handles you as complicated, sophisticated, and powerful items and assets. Your abilities are an asset that every person wants, and we highlight that. You can be of use to any organization in the DUA you like, or you can assist us in our endeavor to provide better services. Your choices are meant to be wide and expansive. We want to ensure that whatever you do, whatever path you choose, there are no options that are sub-adequate.
    Our endeavor to provide you with amazing and expansive services is nowhere near complete. It never will be, for as long as we can try to improve ourselves for your benefit, we are never done.
    Our promise to you is that you will always be a person who can do something in our organization. Never limited in a way that makes you less than what you truly are.
    A letter for your prosperity
    As organizations that may be looking to join the Diverse Unified Accord, you are given the opportunity to expand your influence into new realms. We don't limit you to a structure for a purpose, and that purpose is to create situations where you can reveal what you are capable of. Your ingenuity is a key to your success, so we allow you to go after that success with no limit.
    Our systems provide safety, security, and assurance that you can continue on without having to worry about building a fleet, using untrustworthy third parties, or have to look for information in unreliable sources. We are meant to help you handle that. In order to ensure you are stable, we make sure we provide stable and reliable systems.
    Your success is less of a gamble. Your success is high. We provide better services, systems, and options than any other organization around. in order to make sure you have the ability to become something greater, we specialize in that area of expertise. This isn't a simple idea. This is a expertise of ours that we offer to you.
    Our promise to you is that we will always serve to help you in your endeavors with our expertise. Giving you the best options as we should.

    Cyrule is the system that will be helping you and your organization directly. It is built to handle requests, manage our systems, and provide improvements that allow us to handle large quantities of data in order to ensure correct supervision.
    As apart of our government, Cyrule manages crucial parts such as organization management, member registration, organization pairing, information requests, organization applications, and so on. This branch of the DUA is meant to handle large quantities of data in a quick manner. This branch is meant to ensure that things run in an orderly and sophisticated manner that can not normally be matched.
    Selected Executives of Cyrule are directly responsible for giving assistance to organizations. Going into this, you must be prepared for the tests of your abilities. Are you prepared is the question. Will you succeed is your choice.

    Thyrule is the system responsible for managing external affairs, The long negotiations, the trade deals, the intelligence, and all sorts of matters.
    This is split into many different departments in order to ensure that there is the capacity to handle all external matters that come it's way. As such, there is plenty of positions avaliable for those who have high ambitions. You are giving service to the DUA in order to provide options for our members and for those in the external systems to become ailed with us.
    You are giving intelligence to the DUA in order to make more matters possible.

    Kyrule is an asset that expects to keep the citizens of the DUA in line and in order. Split into three departments responsible for Tax Collection, Justice, and Policing, it is truly responsible for keeping the DUA in line.
    The ability of you to perform in this branch of the DUA means you have the ability to keep people in check, for better or worse. This branch is in place to make sure the quota is fulfilled and that no person can call that it hasn't been filled.
    As a collections officer, you make sure everyone who is responsible has paid their part, As part of the justice system, you make sure that people are held to their responsibilities and can be tried on them. As a officer, you ensure that the places held important in the cities, towns, and important areas are protected.

    The Military Corps is a Category of organizations that work for the strength of Military. They are given the approval to be classified as military only once they are tested well enough. These organizations are not truly the DUA Military, but rather those that are certified by the Diverse Unified Accord to have the ability to operate well as a Military Force. The Certifications of these organizations are crucial.
    From mercenaries to certain types of pirates, these groups are given the certification that they can be a fulfilling part of military endevors.

    Under the Military Corps, operate the Military Core. The certified DUA Military Forces that operate in accordance with he Director of the Military Core. This group serves in order to maintain borders, give forces to expansion, and operate in the best interests of ourselves.
    The Military Core is specialized, trained, and given certifications that allow it to become a large force to be reckoned with. With ideals defined right from the start, there is no doubt that the people invested in Military will always find a place where the Military Core can bring them in.
    A use for the greater good of the Diverse Unified Accord, and order for the highest of standards, you will not be dissipointed if you look for the tur quality of protection of the DUA's assets. The quality we assure will always be put at the highest standards when it comes to our forces.

    Trade Syndicate
    The Trade Syndicate operates for the organizations. Under the control of an elected Director by the organizations categorized in the Trade Syndicate. For the service of being in the Trade Syndicate, you are given opportunity that doesn't befall organizations outside of it.
    Under the Trade Syndicate, we wish to give you opportune ability to earn profit, become successful, and form new strengths.

    Research Union
    The Research Union operates for the organizations. Under the control of an elected Director by the organizations categorized in the Research Union. Given opportunity to share endeavors and discoveries with one another via a quick and optimized network is vital for discoveries to be made.
    We aim to provide you with sufficient networks for the greater good of your endeavors. Your research will expand the boundries of this world.

    Resource Institution
    The Resource institution operates to ensure the resources are sold at a fair price, that rights to mine are given fairly, and that overview of such matters is not neglected. We want to provide you with a way to ensure your resources are being bought at fair prices, that you can source directly to those who need it, and that your business doesn't fall under because you can't advertise your resources to all people.
    In the terms of ability, we are the insurance that you are not neglected when dealing with this market.
    Our Services
    Made to work for you
    Our services range extensively and we are constantly working to add new ones. In order to ensure that you are given the ability to live and work in a way that suits you. If we ever leave you out, we are not doing our jobs correctly. We never will abandon you in times of need or in doubt of mind, as you are our most priority, Our systems only get better the more people we have to work on them. Either way you contribute, you are wanting to help us treat a better organization for you, your organization, your peers, and anyone else who may decide to enter into the Diverse Unified Accord.
    Join Us
    If you are interested in following us, or want to learn more, you can click the link bellow.
    Follow our social media and join our discord below.
    Thank you for reading about the Diverse Unified Accord
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    Neopolitan reacted to Ser_Aison -currently gone- in Encouraging PvP   
    I made a sarcastic remark regarding his answer, could you please explain why my post is trash?
    Yes it wasnt a good one (by far) but i was/am tired and annoyed and people assuming something out of vague posts arent helping
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    Neopolitan reacted to Code24 in Encouraging PvP   
    I have seen some talk lately of how exactly to make sure that there is consistent and balanced PvP within the Dual universe.
    One suggestion I have is seen is "PvP battlegrounds" or pre-determined areas that will create balanced matches between factions. I am not a fan of this idea because I think there are better ways of achieving this.
    One of the great things about this game that is that it has the potential to offer something for everyone. A large amount of those people will be looking to play this game for the PvP and will not want to spend all their time mining/designing/building guilds etc. Ideally, a player should be able to get in the game, buy a decent player-made ship, and head out to do some PvP without worrying about spending the entire day trying to find one.
    I think "battlegrounds" should be determined by scarcity of valuable resources, not a preset, static area. 
    If you have ever played Space Engineers you know that PvP is rare and frustrating in survival servers. Why?
    1. There aren't enough players in a single server
    2. It quickly becomes extremely hard to actually find other players
    3. All the resources are fairly abundant, meaning there is no need to fight over them
    4. "Territory" is non-existent, beyond setting up a beacon on antenna saying "this here is mine" your faction wont have territory
    I believe that there are possible solutions to each of these problems:
    1. As a single shard universe there will be as many players in the universe as are online which will (hopefully) be a lot!
    2. Dual may need a galaxy map or some other system to show where the largest volume of players actually are. If you are a large organization of players you should not be able to hide it very well unless you are using stealth tech.
    Once you get to a system or planet, you should be able to detect ships that are relatively close by and intercept them similar to Elite Dangerous. Whether you will be able to intercept them depends on the capabilities of your ship. This will allow for piracy, bounty hunting, and mercenary work.
    3. While some materials, like the ones that allow you to create a functioning ship, should be fairly accessible all across the universe, others should be very scarce.
    For example: the material used to refine fuel for FTL (assuming FTL is a thing), only exists in a handful of locations within a system.
    These will be the strategic locations that eventually become battlegrounds for factions to struggle over. So if you want to participate in more cooperative PvP, you join a warring organization of your choice and head to one of these contested locations.
    Will these locations always have balanced and fair fights? Of course not. It is the responsibility of factions as a whole to gain the unperhand strategically, not individual players.
    4. Dual Universe already has a very solid territory system that makes it clear who owns land on planets. I don't know about Space/Asteroids ownership yet though.
    Let me know what you guys think!
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    You can thank me for that idea   To expand on what was just said I will add to it that this could make galactic E-Sports a thing WITHIN a game. Virtual reality can also serve the function of any other wacky mini game that just wouldn't make sense in the main universe. The game itself is one giant story that every player gets to take part in. The more it feels like a second life the better.
    I think bounty would make a great mechanic to counter people who like to be mean for no reason. 
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    Organization: Military Corporation.
    Objective Driveyards is a leading security and industrial corporation-state providing innovative spacecraft, solutions in autonomous systems, command, surveillance, strike, and logistics to government and private customers on Alioth and beyond.
    We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, both in the products we deliver and in the way we conduct ourselves from fleet operations to customer service. We are in the business of securing a great deal more than just our place in the market, we are here to secure our customers future in Dual Universe.
    Our mission is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability in tandem with maximized cost efficiencies. The security solutions we provide help secure freedoms for our Corporation as well as those of our allies within the Cinderfall Syndicate. Squarely meeting our obligations, fiscally and technologically, isn't just a business goal, but a moral imperative. To that end, as we evolve as a corporation, the responsibility we feel for our customers and our members grows with us.

    O.D.Y. focuses:
         -Organized PvP/ Fleet Ops
         -Ship/Weapon Contracting
         -Security Contracting
    O.D.Y. Provides:
         -Organization and cooperation
         -Command structure
         -Voice comms
    The Corporation relies on organization to succeed, and is thus a strict meritocracy. The corporation is controlled by the CEO and a Council of three directors. Corporate assets are divided into three main branches; each responsible for a major aspect of Corporate operations, and manned by specialists with appropriate skills. Each branch is independent to a degree as each is controlled by one of the three directors, but ultimately answer to the CEO.
    The branches are:
    Objective Navy:
    As the military branch, the Navy is responsible for protecting Corporate interests from external threats. The Navy is lead by the Strategos, one of the members of the Corporate Council and the highest ranking officer within the fleet. The Navy controls the majority of the Corporate Fleet, and draws from Corporate personnel with skills particular to any and all aspects of combat. These roles can include:
         Pilot - Pilot specializing in either strike craft or larger warships.
         Commander - Officer in command of a large, crewed warship.
         Crew - Entry level warship crew, manning the critical stations on larger vessels.
         Security - Infantry unit skilled in ground combat.
        Combat Engineer - Field engineer skilled in building/repairing constructs in combat situations.
         Intelligence Agent - *REDACTED*
    Objective Industries:
    The circulatory and digestive system of the Corporation, controlled by a Director who is part of the Corporate Council. This branch is responsible for mining and refining raw materials, manufacturing components and equipment, and ultimately constructing ships. While the Navy controls most of the Corporate fleet, Indi Ops controls most of the Corporate shipyards. Ships and equipment produced by this branch are first researched and designed by the R&D branch. Indi Ops can also manufacture hulls and equipment to be sold on contract to other factions. Indi
    Ops personnel fill the follow roles:
         Miner - Raw resource extraction.
         Technician - Refining and manufacturing.
         Engineer - Industrial construction/development.
         Shipwright - Shipyard operation, starship construction.
    Objective Dynamics (R&D:
    The scientific branch of the Corporation, lead by a head Technocrat who is part of the Corporate Council. This branch develops tech and designs blueprints, conducts exploration, and tech mining. Blueprints can be designed on contract to be sold to other factions, or strictly for corporate use.
    Roles include:
         Researcher - Develops new designs and blueprints to be tested and refined.
         Explorer - Lone wolf pilots looking to explore under a Corporate Charter.
         Tech Agent - Specialist skilled in capturing and reverse-engineering tech and blueprints.
    O.D.Y. is currently recruiting players interested in flying under a Corporate Charter, and eventually becoming full members. The lucky few who prove yourselves in the early days of the game will go on to shape the organization that Objective Driveyards will come to be!
    If you are interested in one or more of the roles described above, and feel you have the vigor and ambition to forge this path, contact one of the Corporate Council members:
         CEO: Code24
         Strategos: SgtToothpaste
         Director of Industry: BliitzTheFox
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    Neopolitan got a reaction from TranquilClaws in DevBlog - Rights & Duty Management System (RDMS)   
    Congratulations on blowing my mind,
    There is much more offered here than what I thought would be available, I can clearly see you all aren't just smart, but genius.
    I believe when it comes to tag's they are a type of hard-code. Just like if I put a padlock on a door and only tell my best friend the combination. If we lived in a world without bolt cutters, nobody would be able to break the the lock. It all depends on if there will be a mechanic to bust into something, bypass the law, or even 'hack' a terminal.
    I will also need to spend some time wrapping my mind around whats here and using some predictive analysis to write a post to help people structure their organisations.
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