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  1. I was thinking of using an animal farm for resources more than food. I've done it before and I would do it again. Also, imagine the demand you could create. Say, you make this really awesome one person ship, but to get extra profit out of it, you could make a part of it out of the hide from some creature that is theoretically in the game at some point. Then, you have people who get the blueprint, but need this one item that only you really have access to mass quantities of. Regardless of whether it's in the game or not, its fun to think about!
  2. I was just watching the DU AMA video, and a question they answered was that about livestock. Basically it was asking if we would be able to build farms, raise and breed animals for food and what not. I personally only have experience with this in 2 games, minecraft and ark. Minecraft is super simple, you feed a couple of animals a certain food, and they will make babies. After that you are done, you don't have to feed it or anything. In ark on the other hand, you have to mate the dinos, keep the egg a certain temp for it to hatch, then you have to be there while it is in its baby phase
  3. I have an empyrion server already, I can rename it if it is wanted. I'll also have to up the player count. I'll post info in the steam group once I join for who ever might want to play on it. What about Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator??? I have yet to play it, but it loos like fun: http://store.steampowered.com/app/247350
  4. I've heard the term voxel means volumeric-pixel. Yes everything is grid based. To obtain a spherical shape you would fill in the necessary cubes to get a rough shape, then partially fill in others to give it a rounded look. It becomes a perspective thing really. Your diagonal tower is possible. in this drawing, 3 cubes are fully filled, and 8 of them are half filled(or partially in a 3d aspect). It gives the look of a tower, whilst still being part of the grid. It would also allow for flat floors, which is why voxels can only be so small. It would mean a "plane" would fill certain p
  5. I could see them taking a real world approach to skills. You would start off as an apprentice and work your way to master. I've seen many games raise their lvl cap so people can get more skills. Just don't make them dependant on each other and there won't be a problem.
  6. Like Neopolitan said, most people I know are jaded when it comes to talk of games like this. Some won't even talk about it, because they feel it isn't worth their time. I say, just wait for it to come out and say "I told you so".
  7. So, I've actually done the math(while fully awake, don't worry) and a 100 km radius planet(cut these figures by roughly 75% for 50 km radius) at 29% dry land(which is what Earth is) would have about 36,442 kmĀ² of land. It would fit 1 million people with a population density of 27.44 people per square km(110 people per sqr km if 50 km radius) if we spread out evenly. Round this up to 28 people. One square km is roughly 247 acres. That would mean everyone would get around 8.8 acres of land to themselves(or 2.2 acres per person on 50 km radius) Let's say that 100k people is the most at launch
  8. Everything that they want this game to be. I have been wanting a game where the world is built by players. It has been all I have been looking for since seeing Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. I know those game worlds weren't built by players, but Dual Universe is everything I have ever wanted. Also, my buddy showed me a video and described it to me. In terms of how I heard about it, that is what specifically what brought me here.
  9. My apologies guys, I was half asleep this morning writing those posts. I've been dealing with stuff. Everything about that post should have been the opposite. A 30 km radius planet is way too small, was the point I was wanting to get to. Anywho, sorry again for the half asleep ramblings of a mad man lol. Or maybe I am trying to confuse people.... I am a Ninja after all
  10. That's a period not a comma..... yes, I know, I looked it up. It also varies depending on where you are. So 6371 is an average. That's why I was saying from 6 km to 6500 km.
  11. Going to redo this post...... MY BAD, DON'T HATE ME! T.T
  12. You are in the right place for more on the game! Welcome to the community!
  13. Ark has a decent map size for the amount of people the servers support. Yet, on an official server that was full all the time, it wasn't big enough., nor did it have enough resources to support everyone 24/7. We had to wait for things to respawn. Yes, it is a little large in terms of population per square kilometer, but this is a game, and people need that room to distance themselves from the people who are just wanting to kill. also think like this, say 25k people start playing on day one. If the planet isn't big enough to support those people on resources, it will be a bad time.
  14. That planet size tho. So excited for this game now. Hell, I'll take the tech demo as the game!
  15. They also said that there was going to be a vacation for everyone from july into august. So my money is on gameplay footage!
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