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  1. discordauth:lWM2-wb8ypJcQxlg2gZ-jjbiTjQgBM49G9NAcyj05sI=

  2. This is a good question. Resource management will be up to the community, I also believe that the major organizations are not going to just abandon the starting planet. It will be a major recruitment hub and a good place to show people how to get the most out of the game. Like DevisDevine says it could take an enormous amount of time to deplete the resources. I feel like the areas close to the starting zone will likely be mined and then turned into headquarter areas for the major organizations. Most organizations though are going to focus on getting out into space, and exploring other
  3. Welcome to the DU Forums Scarecrowbro! I find that a good place to start with the forums is Cybrex's Frequently Asked Questions topic https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1122-dual-universe-faqsources/
  4. Like Code24 said, It would make sense that we can cover most of the engine while leaving the exhaust exposed. I have a feeling though that it wont really matter and you'll be able to cover the entire engine.
  5. Back from a long nap

  6. I think having agriculture and woodcutting is a good idea. I think food is a good idea. Not the "if you don't eat, you die" kind of food. More of the "if you eat, you get a buff or bonus temporarily" type. I don't think this game needs survival aspects, but anything that adds extra play styles or jobs to the game is something I like.
  7. So it looks like someone dropped a turd in the Hot Tub. I'll be staying out until it goes away.

  8. Just gonna take a quick nap.

  9. Having fun? I'm having fun.

  10. After rereading the article, we won't know how space bubble territories actually work until they release a Devblog on it. I was also previously under the impression that space was not going to be 1 kilometer from the ground, but reading the phrase "partitioning the sphere completely" shows my impression was incorrect. So I say to my previous statement, "nevermind"
  11. Just make sure to build them less than 1 kilometer off the ground because territory control won't help you protect it any higher than that. DevBlog: Territory Control https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/296-devblog-territory-control/?hl=territory
  12. "Good news!! It's a suppository." -Professor Farnsworth

  13. No mistakes here I've played Eve, not much, but enough to know that, in my opinion, it is a point-n-click bore-fest. Some of the concepts in that game are good, but I look at only one thing when I play a game; is it fun? My answer to Eve on this question is Nope. Yes, Eve is complex, but to me it is uninspiring. Watching 3 videos from Novaquark about DU has my mind spinning about the possibilities. Maybe in 5 or 6 years DU may have large overarching Powerblocks, but the resources in this game are theoretically infinite, the ability to go somewhere else and build amazing things is kind
  14. Super freaking excited right now! I know it's a tech demo, but I hope mining isn't going to be that easy.
  15. Yes in real life you can't really escape wage slavery easily, but that's one of many, many reasons for playing a game. In Game, unless the entire planet is claimed there will be places to go to make your own way. I don't absolutely have to rely on anyone else for anything, sure it may be faster as a team, but it would need to be a mutually beneficial team. At least for those of us that start playing in the beginning. People that start playing later may end up working for shit pay on the starting planet, until they find a way off to another planet.
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