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  1. Technically, I win as long as someone else does not post after me. King of a moment!!!
  2. I think should be available: First name + Nickname + Last name Nickname being the ingame name (if chosen) or name plate. First name + Last name being the default requirement (as in EVE), unless a Nickname is chosen. If a Nickname is chosen, first and last names would only be shown in player's description / bio. Example 1: Leonard Paslow - Name plate - Leonard Paslow - Character info - First name: Leonard Last name: Paslow Nickname: n/a Example 2: Leonard "Lion" Paslow - Name plate - Lion - Character info - First name: Leonard Last name: Paslow Ni
  3. No space cookie suffices to itself. A bit like Kanye West.
  4. I guess that makes me a criminal: That being said, I guess we could all acknowledge the fact that the official term should be "colonist" (between humans) or "Arkian" (if other species than humans are met), and a more street name would be "Arkers".
  5. I said it elsewhere, and I really want a Vahine dancing singing doll that give meditation tips for anger management! Nice topic tho
  6. Hi guys, I was reading the devblog, and I also have a few concerns about this RN. As it is going one of the central core mechanic of the game, it has to be done quite right from the start. In this regard, we, as a community, need to think about pretty much every scenarii where it could be abused, unbalanced, etc. Some preliminary thoughts: > if RN provided to new-comers is very expensive to build, and rare to find, this opens a large breach to abuse, scam or bad fortune, namely: - multiple character creation abuse - scam of newcomers by most experienced players either for mone
  7. Well, my idea was more about grounding the nanoformer tool in our present knowledge and technologies, rather than explaining what would it require to be built in-game by players. But now that you mention it, that could definitely be another idea to add
  8. Hi everyone, I am Dociel. Thank you for your attention. Ok, that was the very short and lazy version! For the longer, read below. A bit about me, bullet point and random style: - I love sci-fi (books, movies, games, you name it) - I am getting (too) close to 30 y.o. - I live in Ireland, but am French of birth. - I was a huge fan of CCP Dust514 until the shutdown of its server this year. - I ride a Half-Bike, and that is as cool as it is dangerous. - I am waiting to play No Man's Sky, which will allow me to wait for DU!!! (plus DU is a french developing team f
  9. Hi everyone, Just a few ideas about the nanoformer tool in particular. I figured that this topic would make much more sense in the Builder's Corner than in the Idea Box, as it is specific to the game's building tool. This post is also partly in reaction of the devlogs I've read about it. Its lore, the way it works, etc. So, in short, the nanoformer tool is able to deconstruct, store and reconstruct matter in the desired shape, at will. A few ideas has been thrown on how it could be powered (solar, bio-heating, etc), how it would be explained, etc. Nothing is set in stone of course,
  10. This being my first post, it had to be a very serious one! My wishlist item: - Vahine dancing doll for the control board (which can sing, move her hips, and provide zen meditation advice while flying)
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