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  1. Yes, Just pledged the Digital Ruby Founder Pack (Early Bird) I am so happy you guys made the goal. edit: so... How does this work now? Do I link the forum account to the kickstarter account somehow?
  2. I think this is natural in sandbox MMOs, though not quite the same as IRL, because there's no permadeath or bloodlines, but there are some similarities. Initially you have small groups of friends that all get to know each other, there's usually a natural leadership but it's anything but absolute and easily challenged. Then a few of those start growing and have "inner spheres" where the original founders go and "outer spheres" where the new recruits go, which is kind of equivalent of nobility, though often it's separated by titles like officers or executives or whatnot, and it's a lot easier to dismiss anyone who doesn't like the leadership. Those who do change leadership, communism and shared pools of resources become rather common. Democratic systems are rare, but I have seen elections happen when the alternative was breaking a large faction apart.
  3. One of the things I think SE screwed itself over was by integrating the physics all too deeply under the skin, instead of setting it up as an attribute. This is one of the reasons they had such a huge difficulty with pistons and rotors, the reasons wheels are so buggy and why they gave up so early on rails (Even though they had the basic models for them). Contrast this to the rather smooth implantation of moving parts into StarMade, where physics isn't much of a concern. Which reminds me... If DU has any videos demonstrating mechanical parts, even early prototypes, I'd love to see that. I don't care if it's just a mechanic at this point and your only model to stick it on is a spinning squirrel, it would still be awesome to see.
  4. I realize it might be too early, but if it all possible, I think showing us a working multicrew situation could be a huge kick to the kickstarter, since even in the current space sim flood that is something which still stands out as rather rare.
  5. This is somewhat embarrassing and petty but for those of us who have the money for the 200-400 range but also have years of spending it on food... How large can you get the T-shirt in?
  6. What about 3D print tokens? You could use them on creations you later make in-game to have a 3D model printed and sent to you. It could also help with the marketing by showing the creative emphasis. What about 3D print tokens? You could use them on any creation you make to have a 3d model printed and sent to you.
  7. What are the chances it would be abated by Wednesday?
  8. About warp bubbles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKTgNCGhq9Y
  9. I am hoping I can just plant an alien tree and throw a big cube on it.
  10. I am currently a bit in love with the interior design of Palisade Property Bank from Deus EX, might try to recreate that as a building in someone else's city.
  11. I request that all my donations go towards @NQ-Nyzaltar paycheck for actually answering my dozen multi-part questions (Thank you). TBH I am a bit worried after the Planet Nomad kickstarter having so few backers, and people might currently be a little bit turned off from space games because of the No Man's Sky backlash (IGN constantly comparing the two certainly doesn't help). I will make my pledge, but I hope they have a plan B, or at least an early access strategy as a low bar minimum goal in case they wont get enough for the full development cycle.
  12. I am not sure what you mean by "finally", between Mass Effect, the Star Wars & Star Trek franchises they seem to be a staple, and one that is very difficult to do with any level of justice. My personal preference is a world of gods and beasts: Almost anything we'd find out there would either be millions of years ahead or millions behind, so you could see alien drones harvesting materials from suns while completely ignoring you, and you could see alien animals roaming on other planets and feeding of vegetation guarding their nests or wondering whether you are edible, but nothing in between, nobody that is going to fit right within the human range and relate to you as an individual.
  13. @NQ-Nyzaltar First off, Thank you for answering the first part of my question. Just to make sure it's still on the list, I would still like an answer to the second half: Will there be a way to hold or pull on a block of metal? Would we be able to place something like a handle or attach any elements to the avatar?
  14. Or you can leave it at the hands of players. If you make the initial breakthrough a finding that you can either share or not, an innovation can become globally spread, exclusive to an organization or a trade secret in the hands of very few players depending on the choices the player makes. If players are able to research an unknown element or resource if they find it (Possibly with related skill requirements), then it provides both a way for introducing new technologies and spreading them around, and a motivation for conflict when trying to prevent or delay it from spreading.
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