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  1. Ore and making quanta has never been easier. Not saying it is particularly fun, but it’s easy. For context, I’m an alpha backer who only seriously started playing again post demeter, and was flat broke when I returned. Only ship I had was a XS core with 2 small containers. The key is finding a good spot. That little ship was enough to haul a TS and XS core to check for ore. Took a few hours, but I found a cluster of 489-504 coal and decided to set up shop. Started with one tile, then three, then seven. Built a single 192kl hauler. Your daily login bonus is enough to fund your first tile in very little time and it snowballs from there. Now, my tiles are paid up 13 weeks and all I have to do is haul a little ore and calibrate every 3-4 days. I never made much at all, and now only playing casually, I’m almost at 100m. Pre Demeter I never had the time to make money like that and now I can do it with almost no effort at all, now that the MUs are up and running. I think the main issue is there are no tutorials for this and no real guidance on what the progression looks like for new players. Someone who at least half knows how the system works and how to benefit from it can be on their feet from scratch in a week or two, tops. I think there needs to be tutorials from having nothing on up to getting your first light hauler and territory scanner, and claiming a profitable tile. Otherwise, you’re flat out flailing in the dark. I also think the daily login bonus should instead be a 1m weekly one, so new players can hit the ground running easier.
  2. So when that goes live, no one can do anything until they literally run to market and everyone has to completely redesign their ships (because size is a restriction in this scenario.)? We already have to run an excessive amount of elements just to make functional crafts, I’m not a fan of having to jam even more of them into ships and bloat builds more than they have to be. Now, if they buffed flight elements and brakes to where you don’t need 20-60 wings and 20-40 brakes to not die in a fiery disaster, it could work. Even then, it’s massively inconvenient because it would turn every design that came before it on its head. All in all, as things are now at least, I would hate to see more size restrictions imposed on builders. Perhaps every ship could have a baseline amount that is reasonable, but you could add generators to boost those numbers. That seems fair, at least.
  3. I see energy as more as a pvp addition, making players favor design choices that are specialized. It kind of reminds me of an FPS called MAG on PS3, where every weapon, attachment, grenade, and even armor had an equip value. You could run heavy armor, but then you had to run more cqc oriented weapons with smaller attachments or less grenades. On the flip side, you could run light armor and have the ability to run a silenced weapon, sensor jammer (add this plz), and motion detectors to be a glass cannon of sorts. DU should be the same. Max energy output could be determined by core size. From there, each combat element would have a set power drain. That way, they could drop the restrictions of having only certain weapons on certain size cores. Maybe you run bigger shields, and fewer weapons. Maybe you run bigger guns, but weaker shields. Do you run a warp core so you can bug out/ambush? You can, but it would lessen available energy for other combat capabilities. They could even introduce CCS restoration lasers that use a lot of energy, so you could have ships that could specialize in healing friendly units. This could work for mining lasers, too! Have a similar mini game to mining units, and when you’ve found the ore, you can engage your laser to blast a tunnel directly to the ore. But make sure you have a friend nearby, because you won’t be able to defend yourself or warp out as quickly. I’d also make it to where efficient designs engage warp more quickly and use fewer warp cores, if you have a surplus of unused energy. That way heavy combat ships have a harder time chasing down and getting the drop on weaker ships and specialized haulers can move about more efficiently. Honestly, if energy is done correctly, it could change the game for the better in so many ways.
  4. Wow… you are going to lose so many players with this one. First of all, nested orgs was not only mentioned by JC, it’s in the damn helper screen. How are you going to seriously say this is an exploit or not intended? That’s a straight up lie. At least be honest and say you’re doing this to cut costs or something. Don’t make it seem like players have done something wrong when they haven’t. There are going to be so many abandoned structures by hard working, creative people, who will have no choice but watch months/years of work just vanish into thin air. You should reward player effort, not penalize it, and yet here we are. Players will only take so much disappointment before they leave for good. This isn’t just disappointing though, it’s demoralizing. Most other decisions you’ve made, people can roll with the punches and adapt, but this one doesn’t have that luxury IMO. It’s going to be catastrophic if the new core counts are implemented.
  5. A wipe right now is an absolutely horrible idea. For launch, possibly. Even still, it’s a catch 22. By the time launch rolls around, you will have had people invest a lot more of their money into subscriptions, and this would definitely sour their feelings toward NQ by doing it later, rather than sooner. However, if you wipe before the pillars of the game are fully realized, the player base may not come close to reaching the needed development to actually test the game properly. You NEED people with the resources to build and manufacture at a large scale, especially with more PVP content on the way. A hard wipe without bots and ways to make money outside of mining is impossible. There’d be no money to even start the economy, let alone sustain it. And even then, you need MANY ways to generate quanta, otherwise it’s just mining 2.0. We’re not even remotely close to that. There was a time when I would have sided with a full wipe. I just returned to DU, having not played since early alpha, so this was a wipe for me, either way. I tend to lean towards not hard wiping - I see more cons than pros. There are too many bugs/optimization issues to even implement all the features (element destruction) properly, so I think there’s a LOT of work to be done before we even consider a wipe. I’m not sure what you gain by doing it, honestly. In short, this is at best a discussion to have 6 months to a year out, and even that may not be enough time. If a wipe comes, it should only occur in preparation for launch, otherwise we may be having the same debate again before then. We need a feature full, highly functioning game, before we can even consider what a wipe should be and how it would work. Wait for the final product, then we’ll see. Regarding people paying subs, I think a fair compromise in the event of a wipe would be to offer them free post-launch game time and some of the other freebies promised to alpha backers (Pets/TUs/etc). That way, everyone who contributed pre-launch with subs didn’t feel like it was all for nothing, and their time and support was appreciated.
  6. Don't forget "Those bastards from (insert org name) did it again. Another freighter down... I need you to hit them where it hurts! Mission: Destroy X enemy ships belonging to (insert org/player name). Now, the key (and problem) is tracking. The game itself has to know when a given missions completion parameters are met, so the more open ended you make it, the more things the system is going to have to be able to account for. There *absolutely* needs to be a text input, not just drop down menus, to personalize them and provide some context/player made lorecrafting.
  7. I don't think removing element damage was necessary - it just needed to scale with the quality/complexity of the element. Something along the lines of: T1 Element - 8 Restorations for collisions T2 Element - 7 Restorations for collisions T3 Element - 6 Restorations for collisions T4 Element - 5 Restorations for collisions T5 Element - 4 Restorations for collisions Perhaps then make it to where weapon damage removes 2 restoration points, instead of 1. Now, core damage? Yeah, that needed to change. I think upping the HPs considerably, and lowering collision damage on them would benefit both PvP and non-PvP. For one, it'll make it harder to lose one in a crash, with the benefit of making ramming a non-option.
  8. This has been somewhat of a puzzle for me, actually. When it comes down to it, will player missions offer genuinely engaging experiences, or will it simply be glorified fetch quests and "kill XXX of YYY" type scenarios that we've seen a million times over? Even the rewards won't be something you can't get yourself, if you think about it. Traditional MMORPG rules are kind of out the window for content with sandbox games. There are no "uniques" or "nodrops" (Old AO player here), or phat lewt incentives like in MMOs of old, that you would get from PvE experiences. There's no fascinating story-driven narrative to get you at least minimally motivated. No XP to gain. It's not at all traditional and incredibly ambitious; this could be either amazing, or as boring as you'd expect. I almost think it's a waste of time, and it should be saved for some kind of PvE incorporation, except with unique rewards like special element variants/blue prints/recipes, etc), so at least some genuine lore can be injected into the game, but I'm probably a minority there. In a lot of ways, it seems destined to be mainly transactional, where you have to consider the cost benefit of what you're doing for another vs you just doing the same thing for yourself (or as you say, them doing it for themselves). In the end, that's just doing the frankly tedious things you already do - but with extra steps. I think the question is how do we as players create fun and interesting things for fellow players to do, and then, how does NQ implement it (hopefully more involved then drop down menus) into some kind of completion > reward type scenario? Is it even worth their time, if it's just going to be things we can request in chat or put a buy order in for? But yes, Lore matters, and right now there really isn't much in that regard. I know they're probably counting on much of that to come from us, the players, and the story we unfold over time as a result of our collective experiences. Those "I was there" type moments you heard about in games like EvE. It makes you wonder if they really put any effort into a story at all, or if the intent is for us to write the whole thing ourselves. Still, for the RPG part of the pillar and the segment of DU players that value that type of game experience, some sort of foundation to build upon is dearly missed.
  9. Uh... clear this up for me - so, how do they know it's ME playing on two accounts, on two different PCs, and not myself and another person in the same household? As long as a different email is used to register each individual account, that is. Also, I never installed or played DU on his laptop (I was honestly surprised it ran so well, when walking him through things, for the first time.), so none on my credentials are on his machine. The reason I ask; I sent my son a beta key to HIS email, because he wanted to play DU with me. He installed the client on his own laptop, using his own login. However, a few minutes after playing, we both got constant disconnects (which stopped when we both tried playing at the same time, and no our internet isn't shit)- I can only assume it's tied to IP or a weird af coincidence, since I never had a single disconnect, before. That's absolute bullshit and a wasted key. They have absolutely NO way to determine who is multi-boxing and who is legitimately two people in the same household - which means it's one account per household, essentially. In fact, a simpler way of saying would just be "One account per household/IP", if this is the case. And if it is, they're losing one, probably two extra subs (counting my other son).
  10. I think SOME kind of wipe needs to occur, but I can see why people don't want it. I've been burnt out by more than one beta wipe. Part of the fun is beginning the game fresh with everyone, so the player base early on is generally on the same level on content and interacts more. Imagine launching and new players login to see the economy at a progressed state and every meaningful territory is already taken. Entire planets mined out, and most of the player base in other systems having already established dominion over valuable space. You basically have to fall in line with established order, or get crushed (we're talking final state, here). The solution has to be somewhere in the middle. For one, I think it's insanely unfair that you'd be able to keep things like territory going into launch. Perhaps rather than getting 1-2 units at launch, you get to KEEP 1-2 units in place, as a territory reservation of sorts. Everything else goes away. You use a consumable while on a hex you own, then get a prompt "Do you want to reserve this tile for Launch? If so, you will have X reservations remaining. [Yes]/[No]." Boom. Done. Regarding constructs, magic BPs is basically making the wipe meaningless, as it's a game about gathering resources and progressing. Keeping BPs, absolutely, but being able to spawn every construct you have a BP for isn't a wipe - it's an ore reset and actually favors EXISTING players more, because they have a leg up in gathering the renewed ores WAY before a standard launch player because all the tools to do so are there day one. (at least if I'm understanding what's implied by "magic"). It's, frankly, just about as hollow a gesture as I can imagine. The very next day, everything would be the same when players re-pop their constructs. Seriously. Now, perhaps "semi-magic" BPs, where once you have the skills to actually MAKE the constructs materials (including industry/assembly pre-reqs, and yes a skill wipe), THEN you can spawn it. That way, you're not shooting off to the races, leaving the noobs behind, with incentive to play the game fresh. And it should probably be limited to only a few "Reserved" BPs. Ex: You get 1-4 BP tokens based on tier (beta players getting just the one), which gives you 1-4 semi-magic BP spawns when you meet the skill reqs. Some people will favor their most prized works, others will use this to hoard expensive and timely elements/materials. (All container content will not make the trip to launch, similar to one of the alpha wipes.) Choose wisely. As for the skills system being too easy, I kind of disagree, but I just started back and the last time I played was well before it's implementation. Some skills take days, and time locking access to content is also a big no-no in this type of game (as someone suggested) - it stifles interactivity and mentor-ship. But I get the desire for specialization meaning something, though! I think the XP should be scaled up considerably, BUT you should be given a stacking XP bonus over the standard 90 or whatever, IF you train skills in a tree consecutively. Once you move from one tree (tab) to another, it resets back to the default queue amount and won't increase until you begin specializing again. Also, you only get the bonus upon COMPLETING a training, not simply for queuing it. That way, you can be a jack of all trades at a much slower pace, or you can specialize and progress in that tree much faster. The overall speed would be the same as now, but only if you take it one job at a time and gain momentum in a particular discipline. Lower level things should open up kind of easy, but the curve should be steeper/more rewarding on the back end and encourage players to take on/perfect various roles. Just some ideas. I dunno.
  11. I literally cannot relax lol... Ever since I pledged silver and put the order in for better hardware, my mind is getting log jammed with idea after idea. Not to mention, those pesky questions I have that extend beyond NDA. You're right, though; while seeing the game's development from alpha on seems nice, the thought of getting burnt out well before launch is something that has happened to me, before. I'll try and explore in moderation.
  12. Thanks, happy to be here! Hopefully, my new components arrive soon, I'm dying to get in there and see what we can do in the game's current state! Sadly, the old 750ti/2500k isn't cutting it, but I knew that going in, since it's below the minimum requirements. ?
  13. discordauth:9nJ4S_guW515KWzc-5mh8LNLdd9EAL_j4eq_Wb_HWuw=
  14. discordauth:9nJ4S_guW515KWzc-5mh8LNLdd9EAL_j4eq_Wb_HWuw=
  15. Hello, here's a little about me. Basic Information: Age: 36 Male Location: Dallas, TX Favorite MMOs: Anarchy Online, The Secret World, Tabula Rasa, CoH, Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Age of Camelot. In that order. I enjoy building games such as Space Engineers and Scrap Mechanic, as well. I have no functional knowledge of programming languages or any professional expertise in design. I do, however, have an eye for aesthetics and consider myself a decent creator of functional constructs in most other games. I look forward to seeing how far our collective creativity can get us, in this brave new frontier of Dual Universe. Thanks, Novi.
  16. discordauth:9nJ4S_guW515KWzc-5mh8LNLdd9EAL_j4eq_Wb_HWuw=
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