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  3. This reminds me of that Black Mirror episode
  4. Any ship that's design is worth being stolen should be easily identified. Your work should speak for itself, otherwise I doubt anyone is going to waste their time hocking your space cube.
  5. If anything, structures should start to gather a layer of grime over them if the owner hasn't spawned in and interacted with it for awhile. This could also be part of the upkeep of a construct. It shouldn't cause degrading as quickly as direct damage obviously, but over a span of time it would make sense for the structure to weaken naturally.
  6. Let's just split the difference and either be called Arkonists or Colonkers. Should we start another poll to decide?
  7. So make a long hovercraft and drive it on a path with barriers on either side to contain the direction it travels.
  8. Any Halo (more specifically, Halo: ODST) fans going to install a "Virgil" superintendent on their ship?
  9. I'm still in favor of "Meat Popsicles" being stuck in cryosleep for so long.
  10. I do like Arker the most but it sounds like something you'd be called by someone not from the Arkship. Haters be hatin.
  11. Looks like the Musty Rag is gonna have some competition.
  12. If your ship is simple enough to reverse engineer it probably wasn't a great design to begin with.
  13. My only copy of ARK is on the xbone Just a naked hobo alone on a raft.
  14. Yeah, from what I remember each tile was about 1-km across. That seems like a more reasonable sized area to claim.
  15. If someone can somehow bring Galaga into the game I'd gladly pay them to install it on my ship for those long boring jumps.
  16. Ah I miss the potential of the Stomping Land. Where you could capture someone in a cage and force feed them to harvest their precious feces to use in a garden to grow veggies to force feed your prisoner to harvest their feces.
  17. The first war of Dual Universe looks to be between the Arkers and the Colonists with a small band of Dualists playing turncoat.
  18. talk good i not can. i got body language
  19. I'm guessing the Dynamic Core Unit dictates the gravity flow for a specific construct.
  20. I'm thinking that for storage containers we should be able to move the containers and not have them be static pieces on our ships/constructs. Perhaps they could be on hover-capable pallets or dollys allowing the player to move them one at a time with our nano-former. I feel like it would make storage more practical than the more common style of static storage containers. With static containers you would essentially be unloading the cargo into your inventory and then walking the items to the next storage unit. Non-static containers would allow the loading of a cargo bay/warehouse and give off a more immersive feel. Any thoughts?
  21. Sounds more like a cat burglar. Enjoy being blasted to smithereens all by your lonesome
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