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  1. Hi, As the topic says, are there plans for linux users? I currently use debian, but i have also ubuntu en devuan on my system. Grtz, Dirk.
  2. Hello, If we have to make long travels in space will there be some fun stuff we can do while we do the traveling? Like for example input of music-files or video-files? Reading manuals, communicating with other users, etc? Just an idea. ;-) Grtz, Dirk.
  3. Upgraded from Gold to Sapphire. 8,918 backers €649,383 pledged so far... Grtz, Dirk.
  4. As home-planet i would like the different altitude planet. Gives me the impression that i am on vacation. ;-) Grtz.
  5. Makes me think, if we would go under the ground, it would be nice to have a little 3d-map of the shafts we have digged.
  6. It is for that that the big groups will advance faster because they can for example put 100 miners out. If you want to advance quick then join a large group if you want to do it slow then you could do it alone or with a few.
  7. I think it is not so bad to dig by hand, it gives the game the time to send and receive the data. Maybe there are hidden shortcuts in the tools that you have to master. Or maybe you can buy extra things with DACs. I will start it slow to understand and master the tools.
  8. This will be an awesome game. I am very interested in this mining and scanning thing. I am planning to start a group to learn about mining and scanning. For now it is reading and then starting from zero. I am curious where this will bring us. Thanks to the dev-team of DUAL Universe and all people who are helping a hand. Grtz, Baeyens.
  9. Dirk Baeyens


    Hi, Are there mining residues like stones and sand, or are there going to appear new meteors and planets all the time.
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