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  1. I like the idea of information being a tangible, sell-able resource.
  2. 1. You need less DeltaV to launch from an orbital position, not more. 2. Why waste time, resources, and energy constructing a space elevator when you can much more rapidly land on planet and start with a powered, central hub to civilization? The concern of the arkships is the survival of humanity on fertile worlds, not to make a rapid transition to spacefaring as easy as eating cake. 3. Nuclear reactors powering thrusters are not emitting an appreciable amount of radiation unless they are damaged. There are also none in existence that can approach any reasonable percentage of lightspeed. 3b. The thrusters are unknown (to us) tech, just like how to get kyrium. It's handwaving for story as well as intentionally limiting our tech for gameplay reasons. If you want a space elevator for the sake of a space elevator, fine. I think that could be cool too, even though it's rendered obsolete by the tech level of the game (SSTO craft presumably being the norm). I also think it would be more fun to build one that to just have it sitting there from the beginning. But the way you frame your argument like you are right and the devs are wrong, without accurate or compelling reasoning, makes it hard to take seriously.
  3. And sell it! We already know most people will pay more for a cooler ship, haha.
  4. I'd be content with simply being able to create your own private voice channels for your org or squad. But then imagine if enemies could hack it and listen in? That'd be a bit simpler while still performing the core functions, hehe. Or public ones too. They could be the news radio (I know I already saw an Alioth Media org somewhere on here).
  5. True, but that doesn't mean such systems can't exist. They would simply operate in the terms of the combat system. So at the moment based on what they seem to be planning, having anti-missile turrets would reduce the likelihood of missiles hitting the equipped target and play appropriate animations showing the missiles' destruction.
  6. With regard to your use of DeltaV... The logic you're applying is reverse to reality (which is the basis, however fantasized and gamified) of the game simulation. Also, why are you assuming with no evidence that the arkship's engines are nuclear? Even if they were, unless something went CATASTROPHICALLY wrong, they wouldn't be irradiating anything as long as they are operating correctly.
  7. How exactly would this improve (or even change) the balance of the game?
  8. If there's an NDA to begin with, typically Alpha and Beta (or pre-Alpha) NDAs are not lifted until the game is released, or close to release. It's usually wise to moderate coverage of an unfinished product after all.
  9. I don't even care when the next alpha is, I just want to make sure I can grab a spot in it, haha
  10. Primarily I want to do architectural work and ship/vehicle building, but I also want to do some flying (especially in big ships) and exploring.
  11. With a big enough arena, there could be competitive dogfights, haha. Or hovertank battles.
  12. This is a really cool graphic. Very interesting seeing the interconnections between orgs.
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