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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in no AVX = no go ?   
    Hi everyone,
    @Kirth Gersen
    AVX instructions have been implemented in intel processors in 2011 and AMD processors in 2012 (for processors oriented to gaming activity, which generally does not include Xeon processors made before 2013 and Celeron processors). These instructions give a substantial improvement performance-wise. While a lot of games rely mostly on GPU Power, this is not the case for some games, using voxel technology. Voxel calculation is, for the moment, mostly handled on CPU side (at least for the moment, as no current GPU is optimized to calculate Voxels). That's why having AVX instructions is required.
    For some games, it could make sense to make a "No AVX required" version. For others, like Dual Universe, it's not worth it: the performances would be so bad without AVX, that it's not worth it to spend a fair amount of time (re)developping a "No AVX required" version. So no, there is no short term plan to remove AVX requirements.
    "Minimal" requirements are the minimal specs to be able to launch the game, not to have a decent game experience.
    That's what "Recommanded" specs are for: to have a decent game experience.
    That being said, if you want to ask for a refund for this reason, please contact the Customer Support at support@novaquark.com
    Best Regards,
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to NQ-Nomad in More Shipbuilding Contest Entries!   
    Dear DUdes and DUdettes, 
    As announced yesterday, the winners of our Winter Holidays Shipbuilding Contest are now known. 
    Of course, you wanted to see more than just the three winners. We knew it as well and that's why today, you'll find below numerous other entries that caught our attention (without any particular order) ?
    We thank you again for your time and dedication, we were really amazed! Congratulations! 
    There was a lot of talking here at NQ to decide the winners, sure, but also around the many other ships received. About how you understood or twisted the tools we give you to craft beautiful and impossible things ?
    We keep working hard to give you the means to push the boundaries of voxelmancy.
    We hope you'll like these ships!
    The Novaquark Team
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Lord_Void in Do you play EVE Online?   
    I play EVE and I love EVE, but I don't want this to be an EVE clone. 
    That being said, EVE is also fairly similar to what this game looks to be (single shard, revolving around spaceships, sandbox game, player driven economy) so a lot of people use EVE as a reference point for how systems should/would work. EVE has also solved a lot of issues/ideas already, so there isn't a huge need to reinvent the wheel for some areas. In addition, many systems are being taken directly from EVE (skill system, market system, combat system, account structure).
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Space-weather elements   
    Hi enjoyvirtuallife!
    Welcome on the official Dual Universe forum.
    What you have mentioned above is not planned for Dual Universe official release (except asteroid fields).
    Maybe in an expansion after the official release, but we can't guarantee anything at the moment.
    Best Regards, 
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Single Player?   
    Hi RadFallout100 and welcome on the official Dual Universe forum.
    No, there won't be any single player or LAN Mode, because it's not the vision of the game. The goal is to gather the whole community in the same game universe.
    There are already many games enabling players to host their own server and build what they want (Minecraft, Space Engineers, Empyrion...) and Dual Universe aims to provide a different game experience. Private investors and backers have supported the game for the original vision, so no development time will be spent to deviate from this vision. This is one of the few topics that aren't opened to discussion.

    Best Regards,
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Croomar in JeuxOnLine article about new investors   
    It is relatively sure just some kind of misconception because earlier in a press release, NQ stated 

    "This news comes as the company is preparing to launch their Alpha version; currently expected by the end of Q4 2017."

    In a different topic I read, @RightBigToe mentioned they likely refered to the fiscal quartal Q4, which ends in september. The alpha being pushed back to december would make that just the interpretation of NQ's statement by JeuxOnLine.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Lord_Void in Does Community Content Belong on the Wiki?   
    Perhaps we need some sort of of specialised group of players who are interested in working on a separate record of the games history and the orgs within it ... Some sort of Historical Society ...
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Vorengard in Does Community Content Belong on the Wiki?   
    So far it seems like the two sides are pretty close together on the issue. We all agree that obviously some player content will have to be on the wiki, like major cities and space stations, trade hubs, star gates, and so on; and even those most strongly in favor of adding orgs to the wiki can agree that it shouldn't be for advertising or propaganda purposes. So, to refocus the discussion, it seems like the largest issue is whether or not there should be biographies for individual organizations and players.
    In relation to that issue, first I'd like to say that arguing for or against having multiple websites is a serious waste of time. There will be multiple websites, no matter what we say about it. That's not a bad thing at all. If you can't handle searching multiple websites for information, then you probably can't handle playing a game like DU, where virtually all of the game world is a PvP zone. What's most important here is that each website be clear and useful, and it's hard to accomplish either of those goals when you're attempting to do everything. So, the wiki should be focused on accomplishing a specific goal: being a central location for people to go to get a basic understanding of topics essential to playing the game.
    So, to go back to the EVE example: If I were to write an EVE wiki, I would definitely include a page just about Jita, because it's the most important system in the game. I'd also probably include a page on suicide ganking and smartbombing on gates, because those are important things to look out for. These are player created activities and content, but they're essential parts of playing the game, so they would belong in a wiki. However, I wouldn't write an article about specific alliances, like Pandemic Legion for example, because you don't have to know who PL is to have fun in EVE. I wouldn't bother with keeping track of who's flying where, how many pilots they have, what systems they hold, their current tactics, and so on, because those things change all the time and aren't really essential to playing EVE. Furthermore, websites like Evewho and Dotlan do those jobs much better than I could with a wiki. So, players would come to my wiki to find out about how to play the game, but they'd go someplace else to find out about the other people playing the game.  
    Similarly, a DU wiki should focus on explaining things like the building mechanics, how to set up a Territory Control Unit, how to find the best ores, or where the most important cities and space stations are. Leave the tracking of organizations to other websites that will do so more effectively. If new players want to figure out which organizations to join, they should be going to the community portal, or some other website dedicated to detailing orgs, and not the wiki. 
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Hextaku in Does Community Content Belong on the Wiki?   
    I join the others ^^

    This isn't the place for them, at least now!
    And if there are articles on the forum, they should be marked with a red header or smt. like this.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Comrademoco in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Today I am the bearer of good news.
    Today at 17:18 GMT-7hrs, a 3 year long issue, has been finally set down and resolved without any hiccups. r/DualUniverse subreddit has been successfully transferred over to the community with full permissions and ownership. 
    This message is to inform you all off such, and that as per the agreement, r/dualthegame will be archived (has now been archived) and be redirecting everyone to r/DualUniverse.
    I would like to welcome you all back to r/DualUniverse, it shall now serve as the official subreddit for Dual Universe from here on forth!
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Comrademoco in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    This right here above is what happens when you make assumptions on a situation based on a few posts without knowing the entire history and know in detail of what has been going on these past 2 years. 
    Afaik, selling subreddits is against Reddit's terms of service.
    Please let the people currently involved in the situation resolve this, both moderation teams of both subreddits have been in contact for the past several days.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    Hi everyone,
    Please remain polite on the forum toward everyone, even if you are in conflict with some participant(s) in this thread.
    As this topic starts to be recurrent, it seems there is a need to clarify publicly our stance regarding subReddit channels.
    1) Please do not bash Reddit and Subreddit communities. 
    Yes, there are drama, conflicts, rants and many other negative things that can be found on some subreddit channels, like on any platform. It’s the Internet. However there are also a lot of positive discussions and nice people on many channels. So please refrain to condemn redditors as the whole, without exception. Also, as mentioned before, Reddit is an efficient way of giving more visibility to Dual Universe. Not all Reddit readers are bad people (far from it) and it would be nice if we can show them that Dual Universe exists and might be a game they were waiting for.
    2) Reddit insists to avoid having company staff in charge of the subreddit(s) talking about game(s) of the said company and we understand that. 
    While it might seem as a poor excuse to get a non-qualified person in charge, but it's not: even if it's not the case of the majority, there are some companies that don't behave professionally when it comes to communication by silencing dissenting without exception. That’s sad to say but even it’s a minority of devs, some don’t act ethically when they get moderation rights. We are a few at Novaquark to have already witnessed that. Is the current subreddit management mode perfect? Probably not, as other abuses can be made, but we have to deal with it. For the same reason, we also understand that Novaquark has no right to put in charge any community member on a specific subreddit. The request must come from the community member alone.
    3) In case of subreddit Moderator abuses.
    The Reddit policy invites anyone targeted by an abusive moderation on a subreddit channel to contact directly the official Reddit staff (contact@reddit.com). You can tell us for informative purpose if you have been the target of an abusive ban by a subreddit moderator, but we won’t be able to help on that matter. To be more precise, here is an official (and understandable) stance of Reddit Staff:
    4) The current situation between both subreddits talking about Dual Universe.
    - On one side we have the oldest subreddit and the biggest number of followers, but with an erratic activity (nearly no activity during one year after its creation, then highly variable activity afterward) and not tightly connected to the existing Dual Universe Community.
    - On the other side, we have a younger subreddit, created due to the inactivity of the first one, with less followers, but with a stronger activity and well connected with Dual Universe Community as it is managed by active members of the existing Dual Universe Community.

    Both parties have reasons to claim their legitimacy. 
    5) Which factor(s) we value as the most important to work with a subreddit channel.
    Reddit seems to give more importance/legitimacy to the following factors:
    - The seniority of a subreddit channel 
    - The number of people who follow
    While we respect their choice, we have however a different approach regarding the factors we value the most for a possible partnership, especially:
    - The most regular / highest activity of a subreddit channel
    - Regular members of the subreddit are already informed on all basic questions, being able to answer to newcomer questions without difficulties.
    Why we chose these factors over those chosen by Reddit:
    - We favor organic growth: in our opinion, a young but active subreddit is going to attract more naturally and efficiently new followers than an old but less active subreddit.
    - Interesting discussions/debates can emerge on Reddit only if a large part of the readers are already well informed about the basic knowledge on the game.
    In the case where the two subreddit channels talking about Dual Universe don’t merge peacefully, we see two scenarios:
    a ) No subreddit merge but at least a gesture of goodwill from both sides to gather the whole group of Dual Universe fans on Reddit.
    Considering the other subreddit channel as a “subreddit” sibling and inserting a link pointing towards it (which would mean that there is a link on /r/dualuniverse pointing to /r/dualthegame and another link on /r/dualthegame to /r/dualuniverse. Maybe even share the activities between both subreddits (like all basic questions would be posted on /r/dualuniverse and all the more complex discussions on /r/dualthegame. That’s just a suggestion based on how both subreddits have evolved until now and absolutely not an order). If such agreement is reached, there will be no problem to partner with both subreddits. However, it will be up to subreddit moderators to submit to Novaquark possible events they would like to do on their subreddit (not the other way around). Then we will discuss how much time we can allocate to such events.

    b ) No subreddit merge and no agreement reached.
    In that case, we will partner only with the subreddit that has the highest activity and connectivity with the community, for the reasons stated above.
    As the moderator of /r/dualuniverse seems to be someone else than AidenAiden now, the new moderator will be contacted to inform him about our stance toward subreddit channels and we'll see what comes from the discussion. 
    Best Regards,
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to yamamushi in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    Several of us considered giving him a pledge (I know I considered a Ruby pledge) as a show of good faith at the time. 
    I know some people here won't look too kindly on that, but the point was that we wanted him to be part of the community.
    I went with open arms and was turned away almost immediately, so I didn't bother bringing up the pledges and so it ended up not mattering anyway.
    I'm still open to the idea of giving away a Ruby pledge, as I would love it if they were here with the rest of us on a day to day basis - and were effectively locked into a lifetime of being able to be part of the community. 
    So Aiden, if Tablazu is indeed not your alt, you can tell them there's a lifetime subscription waiting for when they want to open things up for a new head mod and join us instead of trying to fight us for no discernable reason. 
    And that's the last thing I have to say on this thread.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to yamamushi in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    Says they care about the community, yet gave moderator status to a brand new Reddit account that nobody in the community has ever heard of

    Which was also suspiciously created at the same time their account was removed from Reddit.
    And we're really supposed to believe this isn't an alt account? 
    It's fairly obvious what's going on here.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to ATMLVE in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    There is something wrong with r/DualUniverse; it is intentionally separating parts of the community. Neo is right, not a single person from that subreddit is actually here, because none of them are part of any other part of the community. Meanwhile, those active here on the forums are also active on the real subreddit, r/dualthegame, as are people who are found only there. There's a connection.
    So please don't say there's nothing wrong with. It is trying to separate the community, that is what's wrong with it. 
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Neopolitan in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    What is the deal with all of this reddit stuff, if not you then who is in charge of r/du . I don't go anywhere near reddit and it seems I'm quite justified in that decision.
    Whoever is in charge of r/dualuniverse should give it to Yamamushi, for crying out loud, I'm so tired of hearing about this. The people that put the time and resources into it are aligned with yama and his faction. I have only ever heard of you Aiden and r/dualunvierse through hearsay, where are your active community members. To be blunt, who gives a shit about a reddit that has no practical connections to anyone active in the community?
    If you're done with managing it can you use your influence to persuade the one in charge to relinquish it to someone that we know from the community, Yama, Cybrex, Comrade, Twerkmotor, or any number of people that someone would recognize.
    I'm not involved with all this fiasco but one can see from afar that you have one great thing going for it and that must be that you captured the DualUniverse name before anyone else could. Just swallow the pride and help get it to someone proper. Youll probably even get respect points and be ushered as a hero if you do help, but until things start making sense I'm going to have to say r/dualthegame is the affirmed reddit outlet for those who wanna do the reddit thing.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    I wish you a wonderful day, AidenAiden.
    I like that comment. It says a lot. Now, can we say the same thing the other way round: is anything stopping people from participating in r/dualthegame? The answer is a clear 'yes'. Freedom works both ways, let's keep it that way.
    I don't know what kind of moderators there are in r/DualUniverse, but the very fact that they continue to cling onto r/DualUniverse - and that without being active on the Dual Universe Forums, tells me a lot. What kind of subsidiary company strikes its own path, disregarding the big picture? None: the leadership of such a company would be removed. In the case of Reddit, NQ clearly doesn't want to get involved, and I support that action. While I would be very inclined to follow the rule of Omerta, this case is something best dealt with publicly and with sufficient pressure - seeing as the mods have no interest in listening to the actual community. 
    For once, I must state that I thought the drama about the Reddit was overrated. Your comments above prove me wrong. It is irrelevant who those mods are; if they truly did care about the big picture here: the success and positive publicity of Dual Universe, they would cease this nonsense immediately. As they haven't, we can only assume that they have their ulterior motives.
    Above, you stated that you are no longer a mod. Very interesting. So, AidenAiden, what did you do to resolve this issue while you were a mod, other than clamping down on any mention of r/dualthegame? (something the previous mods are doing quite efficiently. Peculiar, isn't it?) So far, you haven't convinced anyone here that r/DualUniverse is the better option, other than having the 'Dual Universe' name. Kindly stop this rhetoric about this drama and that drama. It takes two to tango, and so far, you're quite the dancer in here. 
    A small group of people are instigating this drama? How many people provided the game in the first place? The entire population of Paris? You make me laugh! Firstly, the potential to hurt the community isn't this - it isn't even close. Secondly, the fact that you made that statement shows either of two things - or even both: 
    You clearly don't know this community.  You are being the Drama King here. Seeing as you are the de facto public speaker for the mods, I suggest you spend more time with this community and you'll learn a few things. We don't bite that often, but when you have these many people of the same opinion, your side should do the smart thing and discuss. So far, there hasn't been much progress in that direction, has there? Stormy seas, I get it. 
    Everyone should go there and have a look around for themselves.  Thank you, I did that. You know what would be better? Having both the current mods and actual members from this side of the Dual Universe Community work together on it. Two heads are better than one, and a three fold cord isn't easily broken. Sounds good for the greater Dual Universe Community, no? Obviously, to the mods, it doesn't.
    The Dual Universe Community has spoken: open up r/DualUniverse and grant more power to the those actively participating in Dual Universe, or give it over completely. As every other means of diplomacy has clearly failed, I see no other reason to pay attention to these mods, whoever they are. With time, we'll see which sub-Reddit takes the trophy home.
    In the meantime, vox populi, vox Dei: if you want the Dual Universe Reddit to be actually useful and you want the community in harmony over this issue, do your part in convincing the mods to bring in more of the active members of Dual Universe, or watch in silence if you can't. Defending them over what cannot and should not be justified is - quite frankly - shallow. 
    Once again, I wish you a wonderful day. 
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Vorengard in No more rings in videos   
    These are very much work in progress, and not representative  of the final product. That's been said several times in the videos, and if people don't get that there's really nothing NQ can do.
    Besides, without them, you wouldn't be able to tell if you were moving in open space. I agree that they're not at all pretty, but that's ok, it's a pre-alpha game, it's not going to be pretty.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Anaximander in Planetary defenses?   
    First thing's first :
    I was once like you, typing in 24 font, then I took a barrage of hateful comments, PMs and pleas to stop it.
    Second. Setting up turrets around the planet would be quite difficult if wireless energy transmission is impossible. Perhaps on Space Statios acting as Watchtowers, with a huge enough supply of power to keep a large cannon going.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Anaximander in Planetary defenses?   
    Sure. It would be the same missile launch system used on board ships, or a B.F.C (Big .... "Funky" Cannon). that can only be placed on planets because there's no ship that can support its power needs and/or massive size. It's not something out of the realm of possibility, just not something that would be herpa-derp commonplace. It would take a lot of resources to build the B.F.C. but it would be something large Empires would use to defend against enemy forces.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to Comrademoco in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    I normally don't reply with harsh words but I'm gonna call the amount of edit: wrong in that response...
    Aiden, you sat on the Reddit for nearly over a year, ignoring requests from us to merge...
    Not only that, you also sat on 45+ reddits, when we tried to reason with you to at least add a mutal friend between us to run it, you started to mute, censor and even ban people... This, hasn't stopped either... Several other users that are not even mods of either subreddit have been censored out during the past few days, just because they asked what was going on...
    And we all know you're still mod of the reddit as well, the new moderator you so call "mod team" is no one the community knows or has heard of, a part from showing up a few days ago and being added to the mod list the same day the account was created... 
    And the pictures in this thread are not fake, those are being directly taken from the Reddit to show the amount of censorship you've done and caused...
    If you got to the Reddit you can see that you and your mod team have only showed up when the issue is made public
    So please, "edit out", we asked you to help solve this but you declined, and censored us out...
    So now, well let NQ handle it again.
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    [AE] Ravenna got a reaction from Shockeray in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    The only options that I personally see that are on the table are either have the dev's talk to the reddit admins in order to remove the mod staff of dualuniverse due to their "harmful" acts towards the DU community, (Note: Which so far from what I read has not be successful for with talking to the admins.), or simply have a public statement from the NQ of what is the official subreddit of the game along with linking it in vids, newsletters and other PR items which will in turn bring people to that subreddit instead of the other.
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    [AE] Ravenna got a reaction from Comrademoco in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    Don't get me wrong. I understand the fact that the boards are a great place for conversation as I learnt from my time on world of warships. But, by saying the reddit community doesn't influence the games popularity is a horrible misconception. Reddit is very, very popular and people will find out about the game from that website and decide if they want it without ever coming to the fourms.
    Now if beta comes out and in the trending subreddit the dualuniverse subreddit gets it first, there will be little to no hope of getting the correctly moderated sub off the ground.
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to yamamushi in Dual Universe on Reddit   
    I don't know how many Redditors we have on here, but I want to take the opportunity invite people to subscribe to the -actual- Dual Universe subreddit (as the DualUniverse name was squatted by someone somewhat hostile towards the community).
    I don't want to get into all the specifics of -why- there are two subreddit, suffice to say that /r/dualthegame is the one that the Devs said they would use. 
    The guy running the other one has been banning anyone who mentions /r/dualthegame, which kind of goes to show how he really feels about the Devs and the community. 
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    [AE] Ravenna reacted to yamamushi in Once Again.... The Reddit Community   
    The last time I brought this up, the person in question was quick to show up here to try and defend themselves for leaving the subreddit in such a poor shape, but as of now that person has been suspended from Reddit and the subreddit has once again become neglected (could have predicted that...)
    So, again, I am posting this to point people towards the better subreddit -> https://www.reddit.com/r/dualthegame/  (I'm not a mod there)
    The other one was seemingly completely abandoned, with a 10-day old Reddit account currently "in charge" of it and a bot account put in to keep people from trying to request it from /r/redditrequest. 
    Why am I bringing this up, again?
    Because the success of Dual Universe depends entirely on the community and the way that it is reflected in various forms around the gaming world. It's hard to argue that Reddit doesn't have an impact on games, and there are plenty of vibrant Reddit Gaming communities out there that interact back and forth with devs and give the impression that their games are healthy (full of players) and still active.
    If a random user were to come across /r/dualuniverse, they'd see months old posts sitting around, a completely unresponsive mod team, and a sidebar that to this day is full of incorrect information (the old mod refused to remove No Man's Sky as a related subreddit, for example). 
    That's a disappointment because of the work that the /r/dualthegame mods put into making their subreddit active and accurate, yet because one person buried their head in the sand and refused to lift a finger for their subreddit, /r/dualuniverse is going to continue to get more traffic and subscribers regardless of how bad it is. 
    So why post this? 
    Because if we want DU to survive into the future, and to continue growing and be seen as an active community, we should do our part to continue directing people to what is the best reflection on it (and /r/dualuniverse is not it).
    So if you're on Reddit, or you know Redditors who are into Dual Universe, point them towards /r/dualthegame. 
    And to the person responsible for the mess that is /r/dualuniverse, you should feel ashamed of yourself for leaving this stain on the community. Plenty of people reached out to you asking you to fix the subreddit, instead you wanted to feel this imaginary power over the community, refused to do anything about the mess you left, spread a bunch of misinformation about me on the subreddit and discord, and then got yourself suspended from Reddit leaving the subreddit in the condition that it's in now. 
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