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  1. Yep. I have noticed some things they changed quietly as well. First off, I remember when I got the gold founder package (there were 2 gold packages but one was a little more expensive but only added a t shirt and some other physical item), it said that I would get beta keys to give to friends. Then later it was clarified in 2017 that gold members would be getting 2 beta keys each. Beta comes around and I only get one. I ask NQ why I only got one and supposedly the gold package I got was the wrong one and I only got one. Meanwhile I've seen others with the same package get 2 keys. Another thing NQ has swept under the rug is new solar systems. According to one of the original roadmaps, we were supposed to have a galaxy to explore in beta. Later on in alpha, NQ said new solar systems would be added at release. That makes sense because that seems like a huge thing to put into the game. But later on they said it would be added after release, and now, there is no mention of it at all from them. These are the only things I can remember off the top of my head, but it would be nice if NQ was a little more transparent and didn't change things without telling us.
  2. That's exactly how I feel. If possible, I want to not have to touch the market at all and just make everything from scratch. But from what I've been seeing, doing it this way will be much grindier than it already is.
  3. I second this. I wanted to play this game to build up cool ships and buildings and to play with friends, but even doing simple things in this game requires so much grinding that it sucks all the fun right out. And this update will just make it even worse. It really seems like NQ is trying to make players play a specific way. Either you're in the top group of orgs/players or you have to play it by their rules. How fun.
  4. 1) How is interstellar travel going to work? I remember a couple years ago reading about choices between having warp drives or something on your ship (which would take very long to get to the next system), or a community-run stargate which would make interstellar travel much quicker but also insanely expensive to upkeep. Also, I'm curious on how planet generation will be. Are all the solar systems going to be hand-crafted or will the be procedurally generated? 2) When will there be ship manufacturing machines added to the game? I think this is important in order for orgs to make their own manufacturing plants to sell their specific ship models and create competition in the economy. 3) I'm pretty sure this is in the game already, but how does placing a blueprint for a massive ship work? If you can't fit all the materials in your inventory, is it even possible to create the ship using a blueprint? EDIT: Just thought of another question. When will we be able to have smaller ships inside larger ships? I really like the idea of having a speeder inside my spaceship ready to go whenever I land somewhere. As of now, they glitch out and escape outside the larger ship so this isn't doable.
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