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  1. Once again, "majority of those weren't dead". So heres an idea, dont be so bellicose and go back to redit.
  2. Those posts were not dead, i wasnt recruiting, i have no need to recruit, and following arround and posting on a persons every post to shun them after that, even ones with zero relation is uncalled for. I was (as i have said dozens of times) sparking an idea to people. Simply. Sparking. An. Idea. I kept conversations where they belonged and etc. So no.
  3. True, i just really like Ancient architecture ?
  4. So let the spamy rude trolls continue? Reporting posts does little to nothing
  5. It would be a much appreciated addon if we can block others, or choose not to see their content. Even here there are trolls, as many people have seen.
  6. ? maybe there could be an option to do some sort of geothermal drilling too for energy reserves
  7. Stargate Atlantis esk?
  8. I could see maybe a low yield nuke, but not much more then that. Similar reasons they will not allow the destruction of planets.
  9. So im not entirely sure on the game mechanics, but either having a planet rotate, you could establish a geosynchronous orbit, a low orbit station, or if planets do not rotate we could use this almost as a seed ship kinda idea (ship flys in, scans the planet records the data transmits it back to supply ships via subspace and plants a stargate moves on to next planet) kinda like from stargate universe, it would take loads of scripting but it would be amazing. http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Seed_ship Also we should start a Destiny initiative. #DestinyInitiative http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Destiny
  10. Does anyone know anything more about the discord server?
  11. Same error glad to know it's not just me. I'll keep refreshing the page. ?
  12. Simple. take voxel materials and build a spaceship that is planet sized. enough thrust and boom. a massive wrecking ball. you could also build an artificial star killer base.
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