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  1. Yeah, straight lines and circles are a pain to draw(looks like you got the rectangles down though); I can't do hand drawn animation to save my life. I get bored a lot Hence why the prospect of Dual Universe is so tantalizing. The building side of the game is already looking soooo awesome Thank you
  2. Thanks! Everything is from scratch, except of course the desert/forest backgrounds are from the december update video. Glad you like them!
  3. Hey everybody! so I'm new around these parts... Thought i'd share some animated forum signature banners that I threw together (in other words I was extremely bored and am impatiently waiting for the alpha ) Edit: Had some people asking if they need to credit me if they use these banners... the answer is no since most of the content in the banners is already novaquark copyright... so just handle it how you would if it was from novaquark.
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