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  1. that drm is not a bad idea, but like all your recent implemented ideas they lack on previous mechanics that let your implementations unbalanced and unfair for some players. in this case of drm you lack on the posibility on not being able to copy paste voxel.... and what happen if you purchased the ship and it get attacked and you want to repair the hole. or in case of the pirate they succesfully destroy ship core and want to bring their trophy home and want to repair that holes? yeah, is so easy to answer: use the voxel tools but if they want to keep the shape of the ship? yeah, you gonna answer: use the repair unit... but you need a blue print stored into it to repair ships... and if the ship is key purchased? what happen later? my solution opinion is already done by other game: starbase, they have a manual repair tool that can be implemented for voxel destruction to not need a bp to repair the destroyed hull https://youtu.be/GuZGcVkdiww?t=134 PD: if you are not NQ-staff and don't like my opinions just give yours and don't replay my post with your smartness plz im fed up of that smart people that think they know all and only their opinions are the good ones. ty and salut!
  2. im not agreed with all you said in your post but yes in most of it. anyway im not arguing and answering your post cos im not agree. the thread was open to add our ideas and agre with Nq not betwen us plz this is not your post, i don't think is a good idea to you to asnwer everyone debating or making their ideas bad or a joke cos you think yours is the better pd: i love your analoge of zorg cherrie
  3. all changes will be great but they don't be balanced and can create a very wide clift into mining and economy. without a continuous renewal of ore source prices will grow up and gonna keep new and solo/duo players away from markets, obligating them again to join a bigger org. that bring again the controversial "safe zone moons" that "run out of rare ores" i know that all this renewal resources are in roadmap and they are coming but release your changes without releasing renewals ore resources mechanic is a non sense. another thing in consideration is with the ability to bring the reduced durability items to the inventory... give a new use for the recycler. dismantel: capable to split the damaged element into crafting parts depending on the durability loss and always less than the cost of craft it. or just making a new industry unit and reuse the recycler as placeholder for don't "charge" too much to art devs. anyway the changes will be good only if the renewal of resources mechanic release at same time. pd: we will apreciate if you inform and show some of the conceps you have for the energy system and all new things you are working on, transparency, movable parts and on foot pvp is all starbase have to win you in future if you don't rush them, transparency over all.
  4. the problem: @NQ Devteam all moons in safe zone im visiting are empty of rare ores... the surface of all plots are like this: what should we do? what is planned in short term to gather higer tier ores? and for new players that they pay you some sub? it is an important issue that we need to solve in max of weeks not months. smaller orgs actually can't compete with bigger ones for the mining competition in safe zone. in other words, big orgs are exploiting the safe zone resources (already having military power) and make smaller orgs or solo players can't do nothing else than basic stuff or sell basic ore they gather making the trouble worst. in my opinion is not fair and need some kind of balance "quick". keep the resources in balance will make the comunity safe and mild. if this balance is broke, well i think very well that you know the concecuences and don't need that me a nonamer gold backer to tells you about. didn't you? or this is a social experiment and you want to learn about the patient and consecunces of the people when run out of resources and you split the comunity in 2: the bigger powerfull empire and the resistance... probably thats why is call "dual": the good and evil, the red vs blue, the light vs dark, the bigger alliance vs the rest of the server. that things ruin sandbox mmos comunity behavior (the best example is life is feudal mmo). plz do something quick or the wars will explode in your discord, forums, social media and everywhere else than the ingame before the full pvp is turned on. my ideas: (for newbies and pve sheeps) -short term: (easy for you to acomplish) asteroid rains over the moons that refill the resources from time to time (making dangerously deadly to build constructs there or simply negate the TS placing on moons) not need to be visual in short term. just keep the players informed when it happens. (this idea is from a zellcore memeber called: Vitari) diferent tiers of quests to gather resources, quanta and talent points from renewable resource moons or especific renewable ore veins near arch plots (im sure you are working on something similar) -long term: (im quite sure you are working on it... didn't you?) asteroid belts (can be a good oportunity to test physics and/with volxel entities apart from the core construct system you have now) expand the open space with more systems ***the idea of this thread is to have an answer from "NQ Team" for a public information.*** if someone want to discuss or add more ideas for short and long term plz help and support this thread. salut!
  5. i can't understand why any body els like this idea. and i dubt its too dificult to achieve. mine also errase all inserted components, resources and elements inside so... im fckd
  6. thrustmaster hotas axis's don't work properly within the key mapping
  7. I'm with KlatuSatori. for me, improving perks doing certain actions like build, craft and gather to learn better tiers or/and side perks, sounds very addictive. as all it sounds a finite system too, but with a nice balanced experience needed could be not too op vs new players. Stop NWO! Salut!
  8. fully support. the implementation of discord would improve a lot the social reach of the game. nice idea dude! feed the beast. Stop the NWO! Salut!
  9. i have played it too. its very big crap that they stop servers and project.... they abandon us... i've test the "only build and gather" version and the "combat dungeon raids" version (don't remember version numbers). it really had a good future feeling. the most exciting thing was the revolutionary mini-voxel-based construction system that is similar to de DU. i fell in love with that system. i haven't search too much but the only games that have similar type of system are: planet explorers, space engineers, "7days2die" and some mods of minecraft (i own a copy all of them). correct me if i'm wrong or missing any please. i couldn't test it as i wanted, because in the basic acces you stay at the floor with gravity, basic tools and i doesn't thought about in that moment to build scaffolding to work on big projects. the better founder packs have fly and pro tools/weapons. the "pay for terrain" was something strange for me and if you aren't playing for a while you lose it all, i hate that and made me stop playing until the "end of all" announce. I try to talk to some players but none of them wants social interaction. the thing was "everquest next - landmark" is a side game you could use your creations in the base game mmorpg "everquest next" as free or sell them. it is like a building system for your establishment in a mmorpg. maybe not to make everquest too heavy. it does not matter now xD nice to meet some landmark players here we will see us in game guys . stop the NWO! salut!
  10. Hi guys the post its for spanish people so i go in spanish first. ¡Que tal gente? Soy Neo_O, compre el pac de oro y estoy buscando gente española (por zona horaria mas que nada) o de habla hispana que resida en europa que haya comprado plata, oro o superior. Tengo un pequeño canal de youtube que por varias razones, sobretodo por trabajo y problemas familiares/economicos, no he podido arrancar en condiciones. Ahora estoy en una situación mas estable, comenzare a editar y subir contenido en breve como preparacion para este gran lanzamiento. El juego de mis sueños y el que mas eh esperado en mi vida (gracias al deplorable multijugador y bajo rendimiento de SpaceEngineers. KEEN lo esta haciendo mal ) Lo dicho, busco gente española la cual haya backeado y quiera unirse para montar una faccion española/europea. podeis contactar conmigo en mi canal de youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvcibjp3S7AiIFRRnTylCkQ ,por twitter: @Neopentas o por este foro de DU. asi podremos conocrenos y hablar sobre temas importantes como nombres, historia de la faccion y roleplays. Los que esteis interesados pero no hayais backeado, tambien sois bienvenidos y se tendran en cuenta vuestros aportes antes y despues de la alpha, beta, release. eh visto mas de un youtuber español hablando de que han backeado DU pero no veo ninguna faccion española (hay alguna hispanohablante pero la etiqueta es "americanos"). Animaros gente! el juego pinta genial y nos lo podremos pasar mejor hablando nuestro idioma materno. Dual Universe podria ser el bombazo y la chispa que le falta al mundo de los videojuegos. Ya lo se... StarCitizen es de lo mejorcito y mas o menos el release sera a las mismas fechas que DU pinta graficamente expectacular y no me lo estoy perdiendo para nada tengo el pack de nave + campaña. el unico problema que le veo es la falta de construccion (la construccion me chifla) si alguno mas se apuntó a la inversion nos veremos tmb alli Pues nada la traduccion de google para los racistas de habla internacional. (los recibes en españa en ingles, frances, aleman para que se sientan a gusto, luego vas alli y te insultan o pasan de tu cara los muy ingratos). english trad:
  11. you really must hate spanish people because you put portugal but not spain. no words... gl & hf Salut!
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